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Jyger’s Rant – DOUBLE FEATURE!!!

First off, watch as the action between Ash and Paul heats up in A Real Rival Rouser, plus a little something extra at the end in celebration of my EXTREME incompetence. lol

Next, check out the newest installation of Jyger Watches, as I take a look at Pinkie Pie In Skyrim.

Music is “Roar” by Treat, “The Gonk” from Dawn of the Dead, “Ready To Die” by Andrew W.K., “Intermezzo” from Dragon Quest VIII, “We Will Carry On” from Pokémon, and “Smile Smile Smile” from My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic. Video clips and images from Pokémon, Scrubs, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, WWE Monday Night RAW, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, and Robot Chicken.

Jyger’s Semi-Final Frontier Facebook Poll

Yep, once again you guys get the chance to tell an internet reviewer what to do. Awesome, eh? lol

Images are from the Pokémon “The Semi-Final Frontier”, music is from Mass Effect 3, and no I have not played that game…yet. But I hear it’ll be on the Wii U, so…who knows? Might play it someday, if they fix the ending that is. Also, and I’m just gonna say this once, Femshep for Smash Bros. PERIOD. lol

Pokémon: Black Ideals, White Truths – Team Plasma Trailer

Another trailer for my ongoing fic, this one centring around Team Plasma.

Images and clips are from Pokémon, audio is Organization XIII’s theme from Kingdom Hearts. I dunno why, I keep thinking the Organization’s theme suits Team Plasma. Probably because both are led by the biggest lying douche-bags in their respective games (Ghetsis for Team Plasma, Xemnas for Organization XIII).

Jyger’s Rant – Familiarity Breeds Strategy Review

The newest episode of my show!…Hmm, much quicker than usual. Anyway, this is the first of a three-parter that features one of the best bouts in the Pokémon anime’s history: Ash vs Paul. Thankfully, still plenty to have fun with.

Music belongs to Treat, Downstait, and John Cena. Images and clips are from Pokémon and The Dark Knight. And yes, when I’m doing the introductions, I’m channelling Tony Chimel. Not sure why I went with that.

Anyway, A Real Rival Rouser in two weeks.

Pokémon Anime TV Petition!

Do you watch Pokémon? If so, I ask the following question: Are you tired of the series continuing to be the same plot season after season, never edging outside the status quo because the producers are clearly too scared to attempt it? Does it annoy you seeing Ash start off each journey as a 10 year old despite the clear passage of time and most of his previous experience forgotten (okay, this is moreso for Best Wishes than any other, but you get my drift)? Do you want to see Ash finally become the Master he first sought out to be so he can make room for a new protagonist and possibly a more mature toned show? Well, if so, you are NOT alone.

ZephyrSonic of YouTube has begun a petition that, once it reaches a certain number of signatures, will be sent straight to the head honcho himself, Satoshi Tajiri. So to get the word out, please do the following (and yes, this is loosely edited from ZS’ instructions, so don’t even bother pointing that out, XD):

1. Like and Favorite the video I just shared.
2. Spread the video around to everyone you know, so that they can spread it to everyone THEY know. Share on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, makes no difference.
3. Sign the following Petition and tell others to sign it as well and you can leave a comment on the Petition itself telling them why you want these changes. Please only sign once as ZS doesn’t want 1 person signing more then that. He doesn’t wanna present Tajiri, Pokémon Company International, and/or anyone else that sees the completed list with people that signed it multiple times, so please keep it to one signature per person.

Do this, and I truly believe that, if nothing else, they will realise that people are dissatisfied with the current series and consider making changes. You really do have nothing to lose by letting your voice be heard here, and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?

What’s A Paladin Rant

…You’ve all seen it. You all know what this is about. This is about quite possibly the dumbest line ever uttered in a video game EVER.

Y’know, I should make something clear: I haven’t played the Ultima games. I suppose I’d have never even heard of them if not for Spoony. However, having watched the Ultima Retrospect and then read up on some of the backstory, I can see why someone would be VERY upset by the sheer dumbassery of statements like this (though honestly the Avatar asking what the Codex of Infinite Wisdom is actually ticks me off worse).

Now, I get it. I get why those lines are in there, because EA wanted to have the Avatar ask these questions for the benefit of those that are just jumping into the series and might not know these things. Problem is that logic falls apart when you realise this is the NINTH entry into the main series (tenth if you count Ultima 7 Part 2). Who is gonna play this game that hasn’t either A) Played the previous games, or B) Read up on the other games so that they aren’t completely lost on the backstory? But just on the off-chance that there was someone playing that didn’t do either of those, there are better ways. Take for example Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts 3D, there is a section of the game that is updated at times to continuously feed you additional information on what happened in the previous games so that you know what happened in case you didn’t play them. Now what’s so hard with doing that? Oh, but that’s right, not only does Ultima IX force feed you info with stupidly written dialogue, sometimes the information is plain old WRONG!

Now again, I don’t play the Ultima games, so maybe it’s odd that I come across as ticked off as I am. Well, it’s basically because this is not the ONLY series of games EA has screwed over, and with it becoming an alarming trend, I’m worried it’ll eventually affect games I DO play. Again, take Kingdom Hearts. What if Kingdom Hearts 3 came out and at every turn it contradicted everything to ever happen in the series? Like it turned out Sora and Riku were brothers (or boyfriends if you ship that, :P), or Sora DID become a Keyblade Master at the end of 3D, or Master Xehanort was Sora’s father. I’d have a similar reaction to Spoony’s over Ultima IX if that happened.

So yeah, that’s my take on all this, and EA, you officially fail.

Jyger’s Rant – Ash vs Paul Trailer

Well, the people voted, and I listened. But since I like to mess with expectations, you get not one episode of Pokémon, but a three-parter over a span of three separate reviews.

Music is from The Dark Knight, images are from Pokémon.