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Channel Awesome Year 5 Idea

So yeah, as you know, PinkRangerWannabe and I are gigantic fans of Channel Awesome. Well, with Year 4’s motif having been announced, a lot of people have wondered what Year 5 will be like, and so she and I have come up with a great idea for it.

Picture this: Instead of everyone being together in one place though, circumstances keep them apart, only able to communicate over various social networking sites and whatnot…all except for the Nostalgia Critic, who has disappeared. As they search for him, they find clues and recordings left by him suggesting that he went into hiding because someone or something is trying to kill him. As they search the internet for more clues, they discover that Critic’s been discovered by whatever is trying to kill him and it becomes a race against time to find him before it’s too late.

The best part of this idea is that no one would have to be excluded since they could all film their own scenes independently and then send the footage in to be put all together, there could be more or less equal on-screen time for everybody involved, and it would be cheap and easy to do. Plus, having the characters apart would create a sense of dread, as just when they need each other the most they’re split up. Finally, and possibly most importantly, while Critic would technically still be the centre of attention, his lack of actually being on-screen would make more room for everybody else involved.

So there’s our thoughts on the subject. Let me know what you think and what your own ideas for what could work for Year 5 are.

Vlog – Apparently I Suck lol

So yeah, just keeping my viewers up to date on what’s going on for this next week and also referencing just how much my ability to proof my content sucks.

Channel Awesome In Space + Everyone Reacts To Man of Steel Being Described As “Edgy”

Just a couple of videos I did up in my spare time. Video clips are from Nostalgia Critic, Scrubs, Atop The Fourth Wall, Star Wars, Suburban Knights, Power Rangers In Space, Nostalgia Chick, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Kickassia. Songs are “Power Rangers In Space Opening Theme” by Ron Wasserman and “Combine Harvester” by The Wurzels.

…$10 Million??? How can Saban Brands possibly afford that?!

Vlog – Has Saban Bought Yugioh?!

Yeah, was cruising through Twitter when I saw LinearRanger mention this, and I could not help but record a vlog.!-quot-or-something&p=3991876#post3991876

So yeah, feel free to discuss.

Jyger’s Rant – Turbo A Power Rangers Movie Review Part 02 + New Schedule

Well, it’s a touch later than initially planned, but part 02 is finished. Oh, and special thanks to Linkara for allowing me to use a certain joke in this review. You’ll know it when you see it.

Speaking of which, I have decided that from now on, the episodes of Jyger’s Rant will be weekly, every Wednesday. It’s just easier if I keep myself to a schedule, I think. Now there will be stuff in the in-between, but the actual episodes of the primary series will be every Wednesday.

Jyger’s Rant – Turbo A Power Rangers Movie Review Part 01 + HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

WHOO-HOO!!! First anniversary, baby! FIRST ANNIVERSARY! And because on anniversaries we’re allowed to do whatever we want, I have begun my Turbo review by talking about the backstory leading up to it which, as you’ll see in later instalments of this review, will in turn lead into some of the biggest plot holes you’ve EVER seen. I know, most people would consider this a prologue or intro, but I’m just different like that.

So yeah, one year…Wow. Doesn’t feel like it. Although maybe that’s because for a long while I kinda forgot about it, which I regret A LOT. I wish that I could go back and fill that time with content, but I can’t. Instead, I can only hope to not make that mistake again.

…Yes, that’s right. I have ultimately made my decision regarding a question I’ve been asking myself for weeks, and the answer is yes, I am sticking around. For how long? Well, I don’t really know yet. I guess for as long as I can do this without it getting TOO awful. lol

That said, I need to give some big thanks to my friends and family who have helped me through all this and encouraged me to keep at it. I have a need to thank JewWario and Linkara for being huge inspirations and for giving me encouragement when I most needed it. I have a need to thank my girlfriend PinkRangerWannabe and my occasional co-star N. Harmonik for sticking with me and giving me their support. Most of all, I have a need to thank each and every one of you that have checked me out over the past year, because it’s all been SO worth everything negative that ever occurred. So thank you all for making this a great year, and let’s hope to make the year to come even greater.

Welcome to Jyger’s Rant.

Vlog – Cheap Plugging FTW

Just a short vlog letting everyone know what I’m up to while also letting you in on some cool stuff. Speaking of which, here are the links to said stuff.

Oh, and the footage I used belongs to LittleKuriboh.

…WTF&W?!?! O_O

So I was going over the site stats last night for my blog, and learned something kinda odd: Total viewcount for March was 1,081, thus beating out February’s 1,042. HUH?

Pretty close re-enactment of my face when I read the stats. And for some odd reason, PinkRangerWannabe wants to wake up to THIS every morning...o_O

At first I thought I was being punk’d, like it was an April Fools prank, but after being reassured that couldn’t happen, I began to analyse how this could’ve possibly happened, since February was without question my best month. And that’s when it hit me what must’ve happened, and in that case, I feel I owe a few apologies.

Last Sunday, I released a blog entry stating my intentions to end Jyger’s Rant as both a video series and a blog. Now people started to check that out right away, but not the flood of people who came in after what I did next: I told my friend Morgan Meryl on Twitter about what was going on, all the while forgetting to take out Linkara’s tag in the tweets as I kinda brought it up in response to something they were talking about. As a result, Lewis and EVERYONE that was following him at that exact moment saw it, and thus the floodgates were opened. Whoops.

So yeah, sorry about that folks. And for anyone that might be wondering this, I did not mean to do that as a publicity stunt, honest. And to be still perfectly honest, I STILL don’t know if I plan to continue this after my Turbo review. I have some ideas of what I’d like to do if I do continue, N. Harmonik has some ideas of stuff we could do, but nothing’s concrete as of yet. So yeah, while it might not necessarily be the case, I’m going into my Turbo review like it’s my last.

That said, it won’t just be ONE vid, obviously since it’s a movie review and I have YouTube size restrictions to work around. But unlike with previous situations where I’ve had to do that, I’ll likely be stretching the review out a bit to give myself and the people watching a breather. Also, in addition to talking about the Turbo movie on its own, I’ll also be taking some time to fill in the backstory for anyone going into this review that isn’t as big a PR fan as I am. So yeah, I’ll be going over a few details that some might consider trivial, but honestly, I think you kinda need to know ’em in order to get just what a massive fail this movie is.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all from me for right now. With the date just 10 days away, I gotta get collecting screencaps. Ja ne!