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Updated Dream Remake For Pokémon Yellow

So, a couple of years ago, I posted an article about how I would personally remake Pokémon Yellow, detailing all the ways it could be done easily using Generation V mechanics… … …and then, the very next day, Pokémon X & Y were revealed. How this happened, I have no idea. My only guess is that Nintendo has a camera set up in my brain to keep a constant track of my thoughts. It would certainly explain how the trailer for Pokémon GO clearly resembled dreams I used to have of how Pokémon would look in real life. But yeah, because next year is the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon, I’ve decided to update how I’d remake Yellow Version, AKA the Special Pikachu Edition, in the current generation. As such, some of these are gonna be repeated from last time, so just bear with me…

#1 – Generation VI Mechanics

Basically, this includes the current type charts, movepools, battle styles and mechanics, and, of course, Mega Evolution. In other words, this version of Pokémon Yellow would take place in the same universe as XYORAS. And speaking of stuff you can do in this generation, especially as it pertains to the mascot of this game…

Include Cosplay Pikachu

#2 – Include Cosplay Pikachu

Because why not? Hell, you could even build on the concept by including more costumes it can wear with more moves it can learn, making it so it can be either gender, and having the costumes become available to you in different towns and cities. You could even bring back Surfing Pikachu and Balloon Pikachu by making them costumes. And hey, since we brought up the costumes…

#3 – Include Pokémon Contests

Again, why not? The anime already put Contest Halls in the Kanto Region, so why not include them in this game? After all, we already brought Contests back for ORAS. Might as well take advantage of that.

#4 – Use HGSS’ System For Pokémon Following You

As I stated before, Pikachu being outside the ball for the duration of the journey is a must. As such, what I’d do is tweak the system from HeartGold/SoulSilver so that the one that follows you is always Pikachu… … …unless you box it, of course. I’d also bring back the little pictures from Pokémon Yellow, and include a few more, like maybe it making its elastic faces from the show. Lastly, I’d make a special change to the bicycle in case Pikachu is in the party: A little basket in the front for it to ride in. XD

#5 – Update the Regional Dex

Again, the Pokémon found would obviously include all the original 151, that’s a given. However, rather than force you to gain the National Dex, I think I’d toss in the other Pokémon that evolve to and from the original batch. Speaking of evolving, though…

#6 – New Mega Evolutions

It just seems like the time to make a couple more Gen 1 Pokémon Mega Evolve. Specifically, I’d like to see Butterfree get one so it can keep up with Beedrill. I just find it odd that it didn’t get it in the first place.

#7 – Side-quests Galore, In Particular With Misty and Brock

Seriously, I would include tons of side-quests. Stuff you don’t HAVE to do, but are fun, rewarding, and add to the experience of the game. Stuff like the Contests Halls I mentioned earlier, or perhaps new ways to include Move Tutors, by having the new moves be rewards for helping people out. I also think that some would involve Brock and Misty, since they follow Ash in the original series. Maybe even a series of events where you can actually date Misty or Brock, depending on which gender you play as. And speaking of…

#8 – Remodel Female Protagonist To Look Like Ashley

… … …Because it’d be too damned funny, okay? XD With that said, if you don’t like that idea…

#9 – Bring Back The Clothing Options From X & Y

I don’t understand why this was left out of ORAS. It really makes me worry that it was an XY thing only, and I don’t want it to be. And, of course, since a lot of Yellow is based off the anime, I’m thinking there could be new clothing options based on clothes and costumes worn throughout it.

#10 – Cameos from the Characters Of the Day

I know that a few Trainers you run into have had their dialogue and teams altered in Yellow Version to better resemble the characters of the day from the original series, but making their appearances a bit closer and just including a lot more of them would be sweet. And speaking of trainers from the show…

#11 – Adjusted Teams For Gym Leaders And Other Important Characters

For those that have always wondered about this, allow me to explain: Pokémon Yellow was released before the original run of the series, AKA the Kanto League, was finished. As such, not everyone in the games that were also in the anime have the same teams. In particular, Blaine’s team in the game bears little to no resemblance to his anime team. Granted, I have no idea what Rhydon was doing on the team in the anime anyway, but no reason to leave out Magmar. Also, what is going on with Gary’s team in the game? And yes, I call him Gary in the Yellow Version, since he’s very clearly supposed to be Gary and not Blue. Just saying, a few modifications are probably necessary. Perhaps Gary’s Eevee could become Umbreon, and then he could also catch a Starter Pokémon based on the same pre-requisites as was necessary to determine what Eevee would evolve into (so if you lost/skipped both of the first battles with him, he’d get Squirtle, if you won one and then lost/skipped the other, he’d get Charmander, and if you beat him both times, he’d get Bulbasaur).

#12 – The Sevii Islands & The Orange Crew

Getting back to stuff you don’t have to do but make for neat additions, since the Sevii Islands were already in FRLG, I’d just go with them instead of the Orange Islands from the anime. Still, I would also include the Orange Crew as boss trainers you can battle. Though, I might wanna change Drake’s name since there’s already a Drake in the games. Maybe something like Arthur or Ryu, or his Japanese name, Yuji.

#13 – More Battles With Jessie and James

Seriously, these two appeared in damned near every episode of the original series. You know how many times you battled them in the game? Four. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. lol Also, Meowth could be fully fleshed out as a character, Team Rocket could be battled in Double Battles instead of Single, and a few more of their Pokémon that they caught could be added to their in-game roster.

#14 – Include The Pokémon World Tournament

Because this mode was FREAKING AWESOME. Being able to battle against other Gym Leaders and Champions from other games is a sweet idea. Plus, you could include other characters that have appeared in the anime since the original series, like Paul, Tyson, Tobias, Virgil, Harrison, and more. Also, just to be cute (and to troll people), I’d replace Red with Ritchie. XD

Remember me, assholes? >:)

And that’s all I have in mind for now. Leave your comments and any ideas of what you’d do with the game or any other Pokémon games you’d remake. Ja né!

Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Favourite Joker Quotes

…You saw the title. These are my 5 Favourite Quotes of The Joker. Keep in mind, these aren’t in any specific order, and come from many different interpretations of the character, including the comics, the TV shows, the movies, and the video games, which inevitably means this includes spoilers for anything they come from. So, let’s not wait any longer and send in the clowns with the first up to bat (no pun intended)…

#1 – “What the heck, I’ll laugh anyway” from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

This is the scene where Joker reveals exactly what he did to Robin, in horrific detail, via a home movie style video. But the great quote for me is what comes near the end of it, when he finally presses one of the last buttons Batman has…

“You would’ve been proud to see him so strong – but all too soon, the serums and the shocks took their toll…and the dear lad began to share such secrets with me. Secrets that are mine alone to know… Bruce. It’s true, Batsy! I know everything. And kinda like the kid who peeks at his Christmas presents, I must admit, it’s sadly anti-climactic. Behind all the sturm and batarang, you’re just a little boy in a playsuit, crying for mommy and daddy! It’d be funny if it weren’t so pathetic…Oh, what the heck, I’ll laugh anyway! HA HA HA HA HA HAA!”

#2 – “Madness is the emergency exit” from Batman: The Killing Joke

This quote comes from when Joker has Commissioner Gordon held captive on a ride with photos of Barbara Gordon displayed from when she was shot and stripped naked, all just to try to break the Commish, and…Well, I’m gonna let Troy Baker field this one.

#3 – “It’s not even breakfast” from Batman: Arkham City

In the climax of Arkham City…Well, Joker will explain in a bit, but he’s done a shit-ton of horrible stuff. But what caps it all off is this one exchange between him and Batman over the cure for Joker’s fatal ailment, where they pretty much spell out the nature of their encounters…

“Quick, the cure! What are you waiting for? Come on! I killed your girlfriend, poisoned Gotham, and hell, it’s not even breakfast! But so what? We all know you’ll save me.” “…Every decision you’ve ever made ends in death and misery. People die. I stop you…You’ll just break out and do it again.” “Heheheh…Think of it as a running gag!”

#4 – “Why so serious?” from The Dark Knight

…Because how could I not include this? The thing is, you gotta figure this quote plus the completely contradictory quote later on indicates one of two things: Either The Joker is completely insane and doesn’t remember how he got his scars, referencing back to The Killing Joke and how he remembered his origins slightly different from day-to-day, or he’s a liar and his explanations are mere parody at such simplistic reasons for what he does.

“Do you wanna know how I got these scars? My father was a drinker…and a fiend. And one night, he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn’t like that. Not…one…bit. So, me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. He turns to me, and he says, ‘Why so serious?’ He comes at me with the knife — ‘Why so serious?!’ Sticks the blade in my mouth — ‘Let’s put a smile on that face!’ And… why so serious?”

#5 – “April fools!” from Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

…Again, I think I’m gonna let someone else take this one. Here’s a 3D animation done by jwhit3d to the voice acting of Pgirts, with a little bit of Mark Hamill and Arleen Sorkin at the end from Batman: The Animated Series for flavour. 😀

So, those are my 5 Favourite Joker Quotes. Got one that’s not on here? Feel free to post it below in the comments, and let’s see about doing this again soon for more comic book characters. Ja né!

What I Bought Yesterday – Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure for the Nintendo 3DS (WARNING – SPOILERS)

Well, despite the fact that there were no comics that I wanted to check out this week, I am still here to talk about…

What I Bought Yesterday

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget this time. I just wanted to wait a day before I gave my thoughts, since this is not a comic or movie, it’s a video game. Let’s take a look at Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure for the Nintendo 3DS!

So the game begins with two siblings, Maxwell and Lily, who are the main protagonists of the game. They’re currently engaged in a dispute comic book fans always seem to have at one point or another: Who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman? Well, they decide to find out, as both have very unique powers that can find the answer: Maxwell has a sketchbook that can make whatever he sketches real, and Lily has a globe that lets her and whoever she wants travel wherever she wants. So, Maxwell tears a page from his sketchbook, writes ‘Gotham City‘ on it, and slaps it onto the globe, thus making the DC Universe real. However, in his excitement, Maxwell made a terrible mistake, as it seems the page he tore had something on the back: Doppelgänger, his evil twin, who aligns himself with the villains of the Justice League and goes on a rampage in Gotham, Metropolis, Oa, Atlantis, and more. Thus, the goal is to try to undo the chaos that Doppelgänger and the Injustice League creates.

The game works as many Scribblenauts games do: You control Maxwell and use his powers to solve different puzzles and scenarios, only this time, they’re spread across several iconic locations in the DC Universe. There are a lot of ways to go about solving these, by creating items, summoning heroes, adjusting pre-existing objects and people, and more. Sometimes you’ll have to do something very specific, while others can have multiple options with varying levels of reward. Many puzzles are non-mandatory, for the most part, but the only way to move on to new levels is to complete these puzzles and earn reward points. Fortunately, the non-mandatory ones are randomized, so if you don’t like the ones presented, you can just leave the level and come back. Also, Superman villain Mister Mxyzptlk will occasionally present optional challenges when you enter a level that will limit what you can and can’t do while there for that trip, but if you take him up on his challenges and succeed at solving the scenarios, they’ll grant you additional reward.

So, given that this is a crossover game with DC heroes, who all shows up? Just about EVERYBODY. Not only are there the major A List superheroes, like Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern, with multiple variations for many (although usually defaulted to their New 52 versions), but there are so many others in the game as well, and each with summaries of who these characters are for anyone who isn’t familiar with them. And yes, the roster includes Stephanie Brown as Spoiler, Robin and Batgirl. Yes, it includes Wally West, Donna Troy, Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain, Renée Montoya, both Aqualads, and so many more. Everyone should have at least one favourite hero in this game. Heck, even Linkara’s favourite superhero of all time, Danny Chase, is in here. And that’s just the heroes! You can summon villains too (although why you would ever want or need to, I have yet to discover), and yes, there are a crap ton of them too, with their own bios! This isn’t just a game, it’s a freaking encyclopaedia! I think there was only one or two moments where I searched a character and couldn’t find them, and even then, the number that are in with their own unique assets kinda makes me forgive that pretty easily.

Now, I do have one complaint about the game, and it centres around the version I got. This game is also available for the PC and Wii U, and one of the features of the game that was promoted pretty heavily was the Hero Creator, where you can create your own heroes by mixing and matching parts of other heroes, colouring them to your liking, giving them their own unique powers, etc. And as you’ve probably guessed by now…yeah, it’s not in the 3DS version. That was a MAJOR let-down for me, as I was planning to create versions of my own superheroes, The Hexagon, in the game.

I do understand what is the likely reason it wasn’t put in the 3DS version, though: Putting in as many characters and variations of characters with their own unique powers that can be used for battles or puzzle solving, on top of a lot of the different stuff already in a standard Scribblenauts game, and even making copies of their weapons, gadgets, and costumes that Maxwell can create for himself, was pushing on the game’s memory too much. Plus, you can make adjustments to heroes by summoning them and adding adjectives to them, like Fast, Flying, a different colour, stuff like that. And, the 3DS DOES have something unique to it, in that it has Streetpass support, here you can unlock hero costumes for your Mii. HOWEVER, all of that said, if it wasn’t going to be in the 3DS version, they should have made that explicitly clear from the beginning. And I checked, I checked the crap outta news sites, and other than speculation, there was NOTHING solid either way.

Overall, though, while I feel disappointed in missing out on the Hero Creator, I am still enjoying the heck out of this game. If you’re a fan of the Scribblenauts series, I think you’ll really like this installment. Also, if you’re like me and are a comic book fan that was curious about getting into Scribblenauts, I think this is the way to go. But hey, feel free to let me know what you think of the game in the comments section below.

Anyway, next week is October, which means my regularly scheduled comics can start coming out again! So, be sure to check in as we venture to Earth 2 to see how the future JSA is getting along, and we check in on The Movement. Ja né!

New Pokémon Revealed: Pyroar – It’s Evaluating Time!

So, another new Pokémon has been revealed…That didn’t take long. lol Also, plenty of info is available right from the get-go, so let’s go ahead and check it out! Here’s Pyroar!

…Yeah, I know, not much to see from the trailer, but nonetheless…

It’s Ruining-The-Mental-Image-You-Perverts-Have-Of-Elesa-Forever Evaluating Time! ROFL

First off, let’s get a look at its artwork…

Awesome. Second, LOVE the name. Something about it just sounds awesome. Anyway, from what we know, Pyroar is the evolved form of another of the Kalos Region Pokémon, Litleo, and shares its typing of Fire/Normal. Not sure how it evolves yet. The aptly named ‘Royal Pokémon’ can have either the Abilities Unnerve or Rivalry. Thus far, its only known moves are Flamethrower, Take Down, Work Up, Headbutt, Echoed Voice, and the new move Litleo demonstrated, Noble Roar, which decreases the opponent’s Attack and Special Attack. Still, it looks awesome and has some cool tricks, so I suspect to see plenty of Trainers with it on their teams…Though now, I’m stuck as to which is the most awesometastic: Talonflame or Pyroar. lol

Lemme know what you think of Pyroar, and we’ll see what other kinds of new Pokémon are revealed as we are now at exactly one month until the release date of Pokémon X & Y. Ja né!

E3 Info Pouring Out My Ears!!! (Mario, KH3, Pokémon, Smash Bros., Scribblenauts, and More!)

Holy crap, has there been a TON of info released at E3. First off…well, first off, let’s just get this outta the way, STEPHANIE BROWN IS IN SCRIBBLENAUTS!!!


Cried tears of joy when I saw that. I mean, I was already contemplating buying this game, but this sealed the deal for Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure. And speaking of tears of joy, that brings me to another major announcement: Kingdom Hearts III is now officially under development, FINALLY! lol

According to Square-Enix, “Believing light and darkness must remain in balance, Master Xehanort seeks to spark war against the ‘tyranny of light’ to restore equilibrium. In an effort to undermine Xehanort’s plot, Sora, Donald and Goofy search for seven guardians of light and the ‘Key to Return Hearts,’ while King Mickey and Riku search for previous Keyblade wielders.” So apparently, this is the one that’ll finally wrap up the Xehanort storyline. Also, it is set to be released on the PS4 and Xbox One, no word on the Nintendo Wii U, but I remain hopeful nonetheless.

One game trailer that caught my attention was, surprisingly, Super Mario 3D World, where four players can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad all at the same time.

So yeah, for anybody that says that Super Mario Bros. 2 doesn’t count toward Luigi and Peach being useful since it was a dream, guess what? lol And speaking of Mario, he appeared in a trailer for another game that I’ve been looking forward to…

I’m guess these are tentative titles, by the way. Oh, and if THAT wasn’t enough to get you hyped about the game, then there was the BIG announcement regarding a certain new challenger…

So yes, the current confirmed roster for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consists of Mario, Donkey Kong, Fox, Samus, Pikachu, Link, Kirby, Bowser, Villager, Pit, and Mega Man. Also, looking like there will most definitely be a story mode of some sort, much to my immense joy.

Moving on, there was also a trailer for Pokémon, which confirmed a few things and revealed some new stuff…

Well, I think most of us called the Fairy-type, though a couple of the Pokémon that received it are kind of a surprise. Also, just gonna say it here, I am gonna have SO much fun with Pokémon-Amie. ^_^

And because I feel I should be generous and give credit where credit is due…Halo 5! 🙂

And that’s all for now. If there’s anything I forgot or just wanted to save for later, don’t freak, it’ll be up when it’s up. Ja ne!

How Would I Do A Sequel To Injustice: Gods Among Us?

So as you all know, Injustice: Gods Among Us actually turned out to be a great game, even including a story mode that helps me forgive some of the decisions made regarding some of the characters. So then I thought to myself, how would I do a sequel after that story, that honestly seems to resolve itself pretty well. And that’s when it hit me, the answer is two words: Blackest Night. So, THIS is what I would do…

1 – Adapt Blackest Night

So for the story, here’s what I have in mind: It turns out that Scarecrow was working with the Sinestro Corps when Joker murdered him and took his fear toxins (remember that Scarecrow has been a member in the past). As a result, when Superman was under the effects of his fear toxin, he was also infected by Parallax, thus explaining his radical change in personality. It would later be revealed that Parallax was actually making long-term plans to deal with Nekron, should the Black Lanterns ever emerge. Flash forward a couple of years after Injustice, where Black Hand returns to Earth and the people who were killed in the past events are resurrected as Black Lanterns. Now it’s up to a united front of heroes and villains to try to stop Black Hand. This would also serve to analyse the events of Injustice and the choices the characters made, to see if some of them can ever come back from what they did.

2 – New Playable Characters

Obviously, as a sequel to a fighting game, the game would likely require new characters. As you can see above, one of the unlockable concept arts you can get in the game for Green Lantern suggests that John Stewart was to be playable, and I think he would be a good addition, especially given what happens to Hal Jordan in Injustice. Also, given what I have in mind for the story, I think I’d wanna include Red Arrow, Batgirl, Black Hand, Saint Walker, Atroticus, Starfire, Beast Boy, Donna Troy, Black Canary, and Scarecrow. Naturally, bringing back the characters who died in the first game (Shazam, Joker, and Lex Luthor) and in its back-story (Green Arrow and the Titans who were killed when Metropolis was destroyed) as Black Lanterns would work.

3 – Include Tag Team Mode

This didn’t actually occur to me until I’d seen Angry Joe‘s review of Injustice, but it did leave me asking the same question: Where the heck WAS Tag Team Mode? Especially considering what happened in the Story Mode. We constantly had characters taking each other on in pairs, but we could only control one character. It got kinda repetitive, y’know? Teaming some characters up to brawl in pairs would be awesome. Or heck, how about teams of 3? Like, who wouldn’t wanna play this game with the holy Trinity themselves, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman? Or heck, how about putting the Teen Titans together?

4 – New Special Moves and Intros/Outros

Speaking of repetitive, while this didn’t bother me personally, I hear that some were a little annoyed that characters only had one special move and one intro and outro, except for rare occasions where they received new ones due to different costumes. It would be nice to mix it up a bit by adding new special moves. Maybe ones that further show off their various powers and skills. Like Superman using his freeze breath to encase an opponent in ice before giving them his best “I AM A MAN!” punch?…By the way, not kidding here, there was a point near the end of the final battle of Injustice’s story mode where I was playing as Superman taking on Evil Superman, and we had a Wager battle, and when we swung our fists at each other I just stood up and yelled out “I AM A MAN!!!” XD

Anyway, that’s all for now. If I ever think of anything more, I’ll post it later on. Feel free to add your own thoughts on what you’d do for a sequel, and I will see you guys next time. Ja né!

What I Bought Today – Injustice: Gods Among Us…The Game, Not The Comic (WARNING – SPOILERS)

Well, a certain game that I promised everyone I’d take a look at is out, which means it’s time to check out…

What I Bought Today

So, even though I don’t have an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii U, I got the game for the Wii U anyway since N. Harmonik DOES have one, and we generally try to hang out at least once a week. This means I have plenty of time to play the game regardless. So, with that said, let’s take a look at Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Now you’ve heard me rant and rave about this game, in particular how Lois Lane is murdered, how Superman kills Joker and becomes a tyrant, and how Damian Wayne murders Dick Grayson, takes his place as Nightwing, and joins Superman’s side. Also, one thing I forgot to mention, in addition to all of that, how Wonder Woman is completely for his actions and decides to try and get into a relationship with him (WHY do we keep seeing these two as a couple?!). However, here’s where NetherRealm Studios has thrown the mother of all curve balls at us. This is actually an alternate-realities-colliding story, where the heroes of a more traditional modern DC world are pulled between dimensions to help save this world where all this badness has happened. In other words, the mischaracterization was intentional. Now granted, this does have a level of lameness to it, since this plot has been done a number of times in comics and in the Justice League animated series, but my opinion is that if you feel you have something new to add, then go ahead and try it. Really, at this point, I’m more amazed they kept this a secret, although admittedly the clues have been there for a while now.

For a pacifist, Raven can seriously knock the snot outta ya.

So how are the characters handled otherwise? Pretty well. Certain elements of both the pre and post-Flashpoint universes are utilized to the point where it almost feels like a hybrid of the two. For example, Wonder Woman is still a demigod, but the Amazons’ back-stories seem unaltered. Her and Superman are just close friends as Superman is married to Lois. Also, Superman wears what appears to be a modified version of his New 52 Kryptonian Armour that’s had its belt changed to yellow, like his old tights had. Personality wise, everyone acts as you would expect: Aquaman is the badass king of Atlantis, Superman is the gentle giant who will alter plans to keep as many people out of harm’s way as possible, Wonder Woman is compassionate and strong of mind and body, Green Arrow is snarky and full of himself, and Flash…well, Barry Allen continues to make me wish Wally West was here instead. lol Also, for anybody bothered by the fact that Superman is the main villain, I should also note that it’s good Superman who takes him down.

Y’know, much as Mister Freeze would be awesome in this game, for the sake of keeping things fresh, I’m glad we got Killer Frost instead.

As far as the actual gameplay goes? Well, I never doubted it would be a good fighting game, considering the people who made it, and I was right not to. This game is as solid a fighter as you can expect nowadays. All the characters feel unique, each having their own superpowers, abilities, special moves, and whatnot. The playable characters are Aquaman, Ares, Bane, Batman, Black Adam, Catwoman, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Doomsday, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl, The Joker, Killer Frost, Lex Luthor, Nightwing, Raven, Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel), Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Superman, and Wonder Woman. While I mostly played story mode and a couple of single battles (since we only had one controller and had to alternate between us), I will say that, thus far, my favourite characters to play as are Aquaman, Batman, and Nightwing.

Does anybody else wonder what would happen if Kratos was in this game too? lol

Can’t complain about the sound at all. The music and sound effects are all great, and having a lot of my favourite voice actors for various characters makes this all to easy to feel comfortable with. The graphics are fine, except in the very first cutscene with some VERY derpy looking police officers. One admittedly small thing I kinda have to bring up, though: We had captions turned on, basically out of habit since we never wanna miss important details in the dialogue and like to keep our bases covered, and for some reason, the captions never seemed in sync with what was going on in the cutscenes. Lines would appear several seconds after people started talking, and some lines of dialogue would be left out entirely. Not sure what that was all about.

Green Lantern’s light VS Sinestro’s might

So, with all this said, I’m sure this brings up a question: Does this change my opinion on the comics?……..No, not even a little. In fact, this actually opens up whole new issues. For example, if this was an alternate universe story and the characters’ alternate costumes were to differentiate them, then why are the characters of the universe where everything turns to crap wearing the costumes from the universe where everything turns out okay? Why does Superman say nothing to Joker when he kills him and Batman is seen doing nothing to stop him in the comics, when in the game, Superman yells at Joker for a long while and Batman has to be thrown away to keep him from stopping Clark? I get the feeling there was a lack of communication somewhere, or it was done to keep people in the dark. Either way, though, I am not a fan of the comics at all, aside from the one where Harley Quinn and Green Arrow hang out. THAT was adorably hilarious.

Superman = NOT A VILLAIN

So that’s my thoughts on the game. Does it have problems? Yes. Are elements of the story clichéd? Sure. But overall, I still liked it. It’s still a good game that I think a lot of people, be they comic book fans or fans of fighting games, would enjoy. Though here’s hoping that the next DC game is a little less dark and dire. That’s all from me for today, and I will see y’all tomorrow with my haul of comics…I am gonna be so broke by the end of the week. Ja né!

Who I’d Like To See In Smash Bros. 4

So, seeing as I am a big fan of the Super Smash Bros. series of games, and because I’m sure a lot of people are probably making their own guesses as to who will be in the upcoming Wii U/3DS game, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about who I’d like to see in the new game. First off, I’d like to say that I’d like to see all the fighters in Brawl return, albeit with modifications to some fighters. For example, Ganondorf needs to be changed up so that he’s not a carbon copy of Captain Falcon except made super slow. I don’t know of a single person whose best fighter is Ganondorf. With that said, here’s the new fighters I’d like to see show up…

Playable or Summonable Characters

Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog

The Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow is far more than just a dark version of Sonic. Technically, he’s already appeared in Brawl, but he was an Assist Trophy that slowed down enemies with Chaos Control. Instead, I’d like to see him be a fully playable character whose moves are more based off his moves in Sonic Battle.

Loid from Mother/Earthbound Zero

Well, we had one character from Mother 2/Earthbound and one character from Mother 3, so why not a character from Mother/Earthbound Zero? So why Loid instead of Ninten? Because Ness and Lucas are alike enough, and Ninten would likely be the same way. Loid, on the other hand, would use guns and gadgets to fight with instead of PSI, making him unique among his crew.

Poliwhirl from Pokémon

Yeah, I know, I’m kinda biased here, but I personally feel that Poliwhirl would make for an awesome playable character, or at least a callable Pokémon in a Poké Ball, that attacks with various Water attacks and maybe even an Ice Punch. For his Final Smash, I see him temporarily evolving into either Poliwrath or Politoed (decided by the player) to do different attacks.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

I don’t care what they gotta do to make this happen someday, I wanna see Sora in Super Smash Bros. And considering that this next Smash Bros. game will be for the 3DS, it’d only make sense to have him appear as he did there. Obviously, his attacks would resemble his various signature techniques from Kingdom Hearts games,  and for his Final Smash, I’m thinking he’d call in Riku to do an imitation of Eternal Session from Kingdom Hearts II.

Geno from Super Mario RPG

This would be one of the most awesome things to ever happen in Smash Bros. if Geno showed up. Geno is one of the most awesome characters of Super Mario RPG, and other than him being a trademarked character of Square Enix, I have no idea why his only other appearance was a mini-game cameo in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. This is a guy with a move that could obliterate any non-boss in one hit if performed correctly.

Waluigi from Mario Tennis

Again, another former Assist Trophy I’d like to see fleshed out into a full character. After all, Mario has Luigi to team up with in Smash Bros., I’m sure Wario would appreciate the same. Since he’s only ever appeared in spin-off games for Mario, Waluigi’s moves would probably be based off of the various spin-off games he’s been in, like hurling dice, smashing people with golf clubs and tennis rackets, driving into people with go karts, etc.

Bosses In Story Mode

Egg Dragoon (Ultra-Hyper Prototype 2) from Sonic Generations

Seeing Dr. Eggman as a boss would be glorious, and what better mechanised horror has he ever unleashed than the Egg Dragoon’s form in Sonic Generations. With enough speed to rival Sonic’s and enough to strength to stand up to Bowser, the Egg Dragoon would make for an awesome boss.

Mewtwo from Pokémon

I feel bad for poor Mewtwo. It got totally got shafted when Lucario came in and did everything it could do but better. However, I never really felt Mewtwo had a very good moveset in the games anyway and would work far better as a boss. Something approximate to Tabuu’s size, though not quite as powerful.

Smithy from Super Mario RPG

Again, as a big fan of Super Mario RPG, I would LOVE to see the appearance of characters from there, and who better to act as a boss than Smithy? That giant hammer, his mechanized minions, the multiple forms that change at random, he would be an excellent boss. Hell, you could build an entire story around him and Eggman teaming up.

…And that’s all for now. If I think of any more, I will post them later. Remember, we’ll be getting our first looks at the new game in both versions at E3 this June, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Ja né!

RIP Atari + Atari Celebrity Roast? o.O

Well, word went public today that Atari, one of the longest lasting names in video game history, has filed for bankruptcy. And I feel really sad about that, I remember my first video game console was an Atari. And yes, I had E.T., and no, I didn’t have it mailed away to be buried in some landfill that we’re gonna see this summer if it existed or not in the Angry Video Game Nerd movie. Point is, I know a lot of people are likely grieving over the loss of Atari after so many years of it managing to stay in the game, so to help tide over the feeling of sadness and despair, here are some of my Atari jokes that will likely stop being as funny (though still as corny) when Atari does go all the way bankrupt.

How do you know you need to toss out an electronic device in your house? If it’s an Atari Jaguar.

What would one call a port of Jumping Jack to the Atari Jaguar CD? Jumping Jack Flush.

How many good games were there for the Lynx? No one knows, we were all playing the Gameboy…or in some cases the Game Gear, ‘cuz let’s face it, Sonic the Hedgehog in the palm of your hand, know what I mean?

How do you know with 100% certainty your car needs to go to the shop? The Atari Jaguar CD started working before the car did.

If you and your significant other aren’t connecting well, what have you become? The wires in the Atari Jaguar CD.

How did Atari think the world would end last year? Asteroids.

How many technicians does it take to fix an Atari Jaguar CD? None, they tried and then they quit and turned to drugs and alcohol.

…Okay, I’m done. Hope my horrible jokes helped ease the pain of Atari’s passing. Ja né!

1972 – 2013

Everyone Reacts To “THAT’S A Paladin”

The sequel to my somewhat well known video, Everyone Reacts To “What’s A Paladin?”. Once I saw the ending to the Ultima 9 Review, I HAD to do this. Let this forever serve as a message to anyone who dares ask the question “What’s A Paladin?”. 😛

Footage belongs to The Spoony Experiment, Nostalgia Critic, Kickassia, Ring of Honor, Angel, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.