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The Semi-Final Frontier Commentary + Thanks Doug Vlog

My first review commentary as I talk about the behind-the-scenes crap that went down in the making of this review and some additional thoughts I had on the episode itself and just why it angered me so.

Also, and I don’t know how I forgot to post this here, but here is a vlog containing my immediate thoughts following the official statement regarding the Nostalgia Critic and the future of TGWTG. I apologise if I come off as a bit over-dramatic here. lol

Jyger’s Rant – The Semi-Final Frontier Review

Well, it took forever, but I finally got around to reviewing the Pokémon anime‘s equivalent to One More Day, not on a level of how bad it is, but on the level of how much it pissed me off as a long-time fan. Also, I feel the need to warn viewers this is rated TV-14 for the use of some more colourful four-lettered metaphors, so to speak. ^_^

Images are from Pokémon, music is from Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and as always, Heads Up Hearts Down by I Fight Dragons. And a very special thanks to for the awesome title card. ^_^

Jyger’s Rant on Indefinite Hold

Okay guys, I know that what few of you that actually watch my show are probably wondering where the review of The Semi-Final Frontier is. The answer? Well, it’s not coming. Not any time soon anyway.

As anybody close to me can tell you, I’ve kinda been going through a rough time lately. And before anyone asks, NO, it’s NOT because of my recent breakup. It’s more than that. I really am beginning to consider that I have clinical depression or something at this point, given the way my mind seems to go out of its way to under-mind and sabotage me. No really, the other day my group at Key Industries was going to Jungle Jims (a restaurant) for lunch, and I had to drag myself out of bed, all the while my brain was asking me stuff like “Do you REALLY wanna go to work? Do you REALLY wanna go to Jungle Jims? Do you REALLY wanna be stuck in that restaurant and be forced to socialise with your coworkers?” Short answer, YES DAMMIT! But that’s just how my brain has been lately.

Lately I’ve taken to writing fanfiction, tribute and parody videos, and blogging. That seems to be keeping me in a better mood. So for now, Jyger’s Rant – The YouTube Series is on indefinite hold. Will I ever go back to it? I should sure as hell hope so, I had some great ideas for upcoming episodes. But for now, this is me saying not to expect a new review any time soon. Ja ne!

Delays, delays, delays…+ Kingdom Hearts 3D

Yeah, looks like the review of The Semi-Final Frontier is gonna be delayed a bit more, partly due to an issue in my personal life that’s making it hard for me to will myself to work on it (which if you know about it, please don’t comment, and if you don’t, I’d rather not talk about it at this time), and partly because I’m waiting on so-shipsahoy to do up a title card. Which is in no way a knock against her btw, she is SUPER busy because she does a lot of title cards for a lot of different people, and I knew that was a risk when I asked her, so there’s the reason why.

Also, I recently got Kingdom Hearts 3D, and OMFG it is AWESOME! Not even ten minutes in, this insanely fun, pulse pounding action starts up, and I am loving every minute of it. Yeah, the first world you visit is Traverse Town and I swear I’ve been there like a bajillion times in these games, but they make it unique this time by adding new areas and having the cast of The World Ends With You as the people you encounter. Also, love that there’s a glossary that explains everything that happened in the older games for newcomers. THAT’s how you welcome new gamers to a series, not “What’s A Paladin”. lol

Jyger’s Semi-Final Frontier Facebook Poll

Yep, once again you guys get the chance to tell an internet reviewer what to do. Awesome, eh? lol

Images are from the Pokémon “The Semi-Final Frontier”, music is from Mass Effect 3, and no I have not played that game…yet. But I hear it’ll be on the Wii U, so…who knows? Might play it someday, if they fix the ending that is. Also, and I’m just gonna say this once, Femshep for Smash Bros. PERIOD. lol