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‘Batman: Zero Year’ 31: Scott Snyder on Riddler, Alfred, Frank Miller

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“Batman: Zero Year” is writer Scott Snyder’s and artist Greg Capullo’s ambitious 12-part comics event exploring Bruce Wayne’s beginnings as the Caped Crusader in DC Comics’ New 52. Snyder is joining Hero Complex each month for an exclusive preview of the next issue and conversation about the story so far. Part 10 of the saga arrives Wednesday with “Batman” No. 31.

The Riddler is playing high-stakes games with Gotham City, and he’s winning.

But Batman, just recovered from injuries sustained when Edward Nygma took over the city, is preparing to rise to the challenge, even with just a T-shirt instead of his normal Batsuit for protection. Indeed, he was seen with a cowl and street clothes at the end of “Batman” No. 30.

“This is Bruce ready for war,” writer Scott Snyder said. “He doesn’t even need a costume. He is Batman, with or without his gadgets, with…

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25 reasons why growing up with YTV was awesome

Much like its earliest fans, YTV is all grown up.

The Canadian children’s television station turns 25 this weekend, having launched on Sept. 1, 1988.

For the millennial generation that grew up with the station, YTV is a source of childhood ’90s nostalgia and fond memories of after-school cartoons.

Take a walk down memory lane with our list of 25 awesome things about growing up with YTV.

1. The Zone with PJ Phil


Although The Zone, YTV’s after-school programming, has had many hosts (known as PJs or program jockeys) throughout the years, millennials will best remember PJ Phil — clearly the coolest PJ around.

Phil Guerrero is still working in television and, according to his Twitter bio, is well aware he’s still known as PJ Phil to Canadian kids.

2. The weird co-hosts


When you’re a kid and see a talking blog of gum with a screenful of human teeth…

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