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A collection of vlogs discussing various things going on with the site, with my life, and other such things I wanna talk about, plus the occasional odd video I feel like doing.

My Niece Has A YouTube Channel

…My 10-year-old niece has a YouTube account where she’ll be talking about games and doing vlogs… … …Kill me, I’m ancient. XD

And why does her phone record so much better than mine?! ROFL

Jyger and N. Harmonik Watch Steven Universe: Tiger Philanthropist

Jyger and N. Harmonik Watch Steven Universe: Rocknaldo

Jyger and N. Harmonik Watch Steven Universe: Storm In The Room

The Weather In Saint John Today

Jyger and N. Harmonik Watch Logan And Power Rangers Trailers

OMG, I just now realized I was wearing my Superman hat and Heroes Beacon (local comic shop) t-shirt while watching two superhero movie trailers. lol Anyway, if you haven’t seen them, here’re the trailers we watched today…

…and here’s our reaction to them. Enjoy!

Jyger and N. Harmonik Watch Steven Universe: Three Gems And A Baby

Sorry it’s a few days late, but here’s our blind reactions to the newest Steven Universe episode, Three Gems And A Baby!

Jyger and N. Harmonik Watch Steven Universe: Gem Harvest

And STEVEN! XD If you haven’t watched the full episode, please do so before watching this reaction. ^_^

Jyger and N. Harmonik Watch Death Battle: Hulk vs Doomsday

It’s time for a Death Battllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle! First, if you haven’t seen it already, the official release…

And now, our reactions. ^_^

My Attempt To Calm The Nerves Of All Americans This Election Day (w/ Sincere Apologies, lol)

So, I know everybody I’ve talked to today that live in the United States are stressed as all heck when it comes to this election. My deepest sympathies with you all, frankly, since…well, I know who I’D vote for if I were in your situation, but honestly, said person is really just the lesser of two evils. Still, I can’t help but feel, in situations like these, like I should be able to do something to make people feel a little more calm, maybe even smile a bit. I legitimately like bringing happiness to people, and I hate seeing so many people so bothered. So… … …yeah, I wasn’t ever gonna share this, but in light of everything that’s going on, here’s a video I recorded back in April (hence why my hair’s a LOT longer, lol). Please enjoy, and I am DEEPLY sorry in advance to anyone disturbed by this…