Monthly Archives: August 2011

The $2000 Watch

I know I’m being kinda lazy with this one, but I did this up real quick for my job’s newsletter today, so I decided to add it to my official list of rants.

Recently, “somebody” lost a watch at work that cost $2000, and I very calmly and sincerely asked them “Why in the blue heck would you pay $2000 for a WATCH?!” I have a Nintendo Wii at home that cost a tenth of that amount. Unless that watch picks up YouTube while also doubling as one of the communicator/teleporters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, it’s NOT worth it.

Seriously, I WANT one of these. lol

And I wanna know who the heck it is that sells watches for $2000 so I can ask them how on Earth they sleep at night. That should be downright criminal in my opinion.