Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

Pokémon Anime TV Petition!

Do you watch Pokémon? If so, I ask the following question: Are you tired of the series continuing to be the same plot season after season, never edging outside the status quo because the producers are clearly too scared to attempt it? Does it annoy you seeing Ash start off each journey as a 10 year old despite the clear passage of time and most of his previous experience forgotten (okay, this is moreso for Best Wishes than any other, but you get my drift)? Do you want to see Ash finally become the Master he first sought out to be so he can make room for a new protagonist and possibly a more mature toned show? Well, if so, you are NOT alone.

ZephyrSonic of YouTube has begun a petition that, once it reaches a certain number of signatures, will be sent straight to the head honcho himself, Satoshi Tajiri. So to get the word out, please do the following (and yes, this is loosely edited from ZS’ instructions, so don’t even bother pointing that out, XD):

1. Like and Favorite the video I just shared.
2. Spread the video around to everyone you know, so that they can spread it to everyone THEY know. Share on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, makes no difference.
3. Sign the following Petition and tell others to sign it as well and you can leave a comment on the Petition itself telling them why you want these changes. Please only sign once as ZS doesn’t want 1 person signing more then that. He doesn’t wanna present Tajiri, Pokémon Company International, and/or anyone else that sees the completed list with people that signed it multiple times, so please keep it to one signature per person.


Do this, and I truly believe that, if nothing else, they will realise that people are dissatisfied with the current series and consider making changes. You really do have nothing to lose by letting your voice be heard here, and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?