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So…It’s Been A While

…So it’s been a little while since I’ve been back. I can tell because my notifications are MASSIVE in number. lol First of all, I wanna thank everyone for their support, and their care. I also want to apologize for being gone for so long. I know of at least a couple of people who were concerned for my well-being, and I’m sorry about that. I never wanted to worry anyone.

With that said, let’s talk about where I’ve been. Basically, I had a tooth that had some decay under one of the fillings I had put in a while back. It was so bad, I was getting pains even while being pretty effectively medicated. The cold air itself was enough to cause me intense pain, meaning I was pretty much unable to leave my apartment. I had to have the tooth removed, which only just happened a couple of days ago. I’m actually recovering quite well now…at least I was, until I somehow managed to bite that side of my mouth in my sleep…because of course I did. Bet’cha all thought I was kidding when I would talk about how accident prone I was, huh? lol The good news is, when they removed my tooth, they gave me some kickass painkillers. They seem to be helping a lot.

Beyond that, though…recently, I had a bad falling out with a dear friend of mine. I don’t wanna go into it too much, but let’s say that it hasn’t made this past month any easier. That’s really all I want to say on the matter, and I would appreciate it if no one asked any further.

In the meantime, while recovering, I treated myself a bit and got Steam. I’ve recently also learned that Windows 10 comes complete with a means of recording video game footage as I play. So, while I’m hesitant to put anything on YouTube because of certain…*ahem*, broken and exploitable functions on there, I WILL be posting video game footage on Facebook and Dailymotion. I WOULD do so on Vidme, but, wouldn’t you know it, they shut down. In fact, I’ve already begun going through the tutorial mode in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist, for the sake of those who would like to play Yu-Gi-Oh! but don’t know how, and have begun plans to start my own wrestling e-fed via Fire Pro Wrestling World. All three parts of the first episode will be posted on the 20th, and will have links shared on here.

I’ve also found a website that more or less works similarly to Photoshop in a few ways. It’s allowed me to make some…improved work. I might be posting some of what I’ve made while experimenting with it on Deviant Art soon, so keep an eye out for it. As for my writing…I don’t know. I think that, for now, I’d like to focus on getting Starslip looked over and critiqued before moving forward, though I do have a fair bit of Green Defender written. When it’ll be finished, I don’t know. Please just bear with me.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Thanks again for all of your support and care. Ja né!

My Thoughts On Paris And The Refugees (WARNING – SOAPBOX SPEECH AHEAD)

…So, I thought I should go ahead and talk about what happened yesterday, the senseless violence, the terror spread to millions, and the resulting backlash. I’m not gonna go into detail about what happened, but if you’re online, you probably know that, yesterday, there were a number of coordinated attacks on Paris. Last I heard, 129 people were left dead as a result. The current word is that these attacks were orchestrated by ISIS, but I should note that I don’t know that for a fact or if they’ve even claimed responsibility. Maybe they have and I just missed it, or maybe it’s just people looking for someone to blame, but that’s the word making the rounds.

Regardless, I want everyone to know that I feel absolutely horrible for the people of Paris who have had to go through this terrifying event. I’d also like to point out how impressed and proud I am of the worldwide out-pour of support for Paris and France. Several locations had their lights changed to resemble the French flag, including the Sydney Opera House, the One World Trade Center, the Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square, and Mexico’s Senado de la República. Myself and SEVERAL others have had our icons and profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter changed to add a filter coloured like the French flag (although, on a dare, I put it over the LGBT filter I’d already had on my Twitter icon, lol). Also, I actually couldn’t help but notice that the song “Do You Hear The People Sing?” from Les Misérables was trending on Twitter. And obviously, I understand why. “It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again”. I think that applies to fear as well, and the desire to not be slaves to fear, to not surrender to it.

All of that is great… … …and then came the people pointing fingers at Muslim refugees in Paris, and I thought “Here we go again”…Well, I thought THAT first. Then I brought up the idea for a picture of Ms. Marvel hugging Asterix (which, if anyone wants to steal that idea, go right ahead), and then I started thinking of The Drumhead, and then finally I decided to spend the rest of the night off of social media. To everyone who has been suggesting that all nations need to close their borders or more attacks like these will happen, I have a couple of things to say. First off, it’s easy for us to point fingers at these people until you actually stop and think for a second and realize that most of them fled their old homes to get away from this exact kind of bullshit. Secondly, speaking of The Drumhead…

As well as…

One of the advantages of being a honking nerd is having access to so many relatable quotes. And he’s not even my favourite Captain in Star Trek. 😛 But yeah, ultimately, that’s the price of freedom. When you give freedom to everyone, you run this risk, that someone with bad intentions could slip through the cracks. However, when you limit freedom to a certain group of people….well, then it’s not really freedom anymore, is it? It’s called being careful and cautious. You can do that and still have freedom, it’s just a matter of finding the right balance. Is this easy? God help us, no. Really, it just comes down to a simple question: Is it worth finding that balance? Me personally, I would say yes. In fact, if I may make an assumption and thus risk making an ass out of myself, I’d say that a lot of people would. Just know that it won’t be an easy endeavour, but that just because it won’t be easy doesn’t mean you should be willing to give up at the first sign of trouble.

…The last thing I wanna say…well, okay, not exactly say, but touch on, is the current situation right now with ISIS, and whether or not this will lead to war. I don’t really have the words to deal with that right now. Fortunately, as I’ve indicated earlier, I know plenty of people who do, one in particular. And, keep in mind, this is not directed at either side of the conflict any more than the other.

Some people ask why I indulge in escapist and speculative fiction. I-I just don’t know what to tell them. lol Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. Lemme know your own thoughts, although please try to avoid starting a political argument. Above all, however, I hope that you all at least consider my thoughts and opinions on this going forward from here on out. Ja né!

My Thoughts On Convergence (WARNING – SPOILERS) + #PoisonIvyLeague

…So, I’ve gone back and read some of Convergence. Specifically, I bought the issues of Convergence: Superman (because like hell if I’m not gonna buy a story involving Lois and Clark having a baby) and Convergence: Detective Comics (because recent events have led to me wanting very badly to read pre-Crisis Helena Wayne), and read what happened in a lot of the other two-part tie-ins and main story. I might also go back and check out Convergence: Titans and Convergence: Batgirl, but honestly, from what I’ve read, it kinda retreads some character development we had with her long beforehand. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, what are my thoughts on the event overall? Well, I think the tie-ins are a LOT better than the main story, and that’s not the first time that’s happened. I think the main reason this time is because the tie-ins focused on pre-Flashpoint versions of beloved characters and were written by people who did their research on the characters so they knew what they were doing and how these characters would behave. And, as a result of that, the tie-ins come off as GREAT for the most part. Conversely, the main story seemed to focus a lot on the New 52 Earth 2 cast, who… … …Okay, here’s the thing. I fucking HATE what has been done with Earth 2 and its cast as of late. Really, from the moment I dropped the book with the reveal that Superman was working for Darkseid (who admittedly turned out to be Bizarro, but let’s not go there). Thomas Wayne being brought back to be Batman was a terrible idea. Likewise, having Dick Grayson take his place when Thomas died (which we all knew was coming) when that version of Earth 2 Dick Grayson had no connection to the Bat Family prior was a terrible idea. It supplants Huntress’ position as Bruce’s successor. Instead, poor Helena has been subjected to character assassination, body horror, and now, following Convergence, is apparently turning heel. NOT FUN READING. Whereas, in Convergence: Detective Comics, Dick becoming Batman made a ton of sense, and even with him in such a position, Hel isn’t taken down at all in terms of importance. Also, for better or worse, the New 52 Earth 0 cast don’t even become active in the story until long after the bulk of the story. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s worse, because that’s the world we’re still primarily following post-Convergence.

However, with all of that said, and more (fuck whoever’s idea it was to have pre-Flashpoint Helena Bertinelli turn heel and die), there is one MASSIVE silver lining that I all but got on my knees and begged, nay, PLEADED for. I said going into this that I wasn’t gonna buy any of Convergence if it turned out the pre-Flashpoint worlds were all just going to vanish and that everyone would die. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, something that is ultimately kind of a messy situation, but one I am more than willing to let them try to sort out, happened: Crisis On Infinite Earths was averted. The Multiverse has been restored to its original format, consisting of an infinite number of worlds, but most likely with the New 52 Multiverse at the center of it. That means that every single version of the worlds seen in DC Comics throughout its LONG history is now a canonical world again, every story you’ve ever read that got pushed aside in reboots (Crisis On Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, and Flashpoint) means something again, and the door is open to tell new stories about those worlds, and others if someone wants. That is EXCELLENT, and upon learning that, that’s when I realized, they could technically say that the great, GREAT digital first books like Sensation Comics feat. Wonder Woman ARE canon now, just taking place in different worlds in the expanded Multiverse, which people have already referred to as the Omniverse…which I approve of. lol

Now, obviously, this is something that not everyone is gonna agree with, but personally, I love this decision. And frankly, it’s a decision that offers plenty of great storytelling opportunities in the future. While the new DC YOU branding continues to follow the universe established in the New 52, the door is open for anyone in DC to tell stories about any of the other versions of the characters we love. We can see Superman married with Lois Lane again. We can see Stephanie Brown as Batgirl again. We can see Lian Harper ALIVE again. And while I wasn’t a big fan of how Mera came off in the all-female Convergence: Justice League titles, I’d LOVE to see more of that team in the future. And DC Comics can make a ton of money from all of this. Now, I refuse that bringing all of the old universes back and having Lois and Clark back together with a baby and all of that was Dan Didio’s idea. In fact, it wouldn’t shock me if he only conceded to let that happen because everyone else at the office told him he should do it. I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of Dan Didio’s usual ideas and story plans. This is the man who wanted to break up Lois and Clark at LEAST as early as Infinite Crisis. BUT, I will say this: If nothing else, Dan Didio has proven to the world that, if enough people ask for something, he will put his ego and what he personally believes is right and wrong in comics aside to make people happy and, probably more importantly to him, make money.

So, let’s switch tracks a bit to something that people will think is unrelated to Convergence, but comes around back to it. Anyone who follows me on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr knows that I am part of a group/movement known as the Poison Ivy League. In a nutshell, we are trying to convince DC Comics to publish a Poison Ivy solo title. Personally, I would prefer one written by Gail Simone (who proved to have a great handle on the character in Batgirl Annual #2) and drawn by Stjepan Sejic (who did Ivy’s story in Secret Origins, and you can look at more of here). Recently, we actually gained endorsement by MTV, which we consider a big victory for us. So, the word is now officially out that people want an Ivy solo, meaning anyone who wants such a thing but was maybe a bit nervous about jumping onboard with the movement should feel more than welcome to do so now. In fact, I think this is now the time where anyone who felt it was pointless to voice their opinions and ideas over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other form of social media on stuff that DC Comics could do in the future should feel entitled to do so now. And I say that because Convergence is proof that Dan Didio WILL eventually listen to people if they get loud and numerous enough that they can’t be drowned out. And while we don’t have a Poison Ivy solo title in the works just yet, what we DO have is her being part of an expanded Justice League United that is investigating anomalies and incidents caused by the changes to the Multiverse at the end of Convergence, and will even be leading a mission in the near future with the team. Thank you, Jeff Parker. I haven’t read any of your work prior to this, but it looks like we’re gonna get along just fine. XD

Anyway, those are my thoughts regarding Convergence, and the possibility for future changes to DC Comics. Of course, I may be way off base regarding the majority of fans who read it and their opinions of things going into DC YOU (which I do understand, since we’re going into a universe where Superman is losing his powers, Lois Lane outed him as Clark Kent to the entire world, and Jim Gordon is running around in a Batman mech suit). As such, feel free to leave your own thoughts and opinions below, and we’ll see what becomes of the DC Universe following all of this. Ja né!

A Few Things I Would Add To Or Change About Marvel Avengers Alliance

So, like a lot of comic fans, or just fans of the Marvel movies, I play Avengers Alliance on Facebook… and on. Yeah, I tend to have a love/hate relationship with it. I mean, I like it, I think it’s one of the better Facebook games out there, but there are also things about it that I wish were different. To be honest, I actually far preferred Avengers Alliance Tactics, and was more than a little disappointed when the game was discontinued. Regardless, here’s a list of things I think the game could stand to change or add, and as always, you’re free to add your own ideas at the end. Let’s start with what’s probably a fairly obvious one…

More Options For The Player Character

Granted, it IS kinda cool to create arguably the most badass S.H.I.E.L.D. agent of all, second only to Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury or heroes like Black Widow. Thing is, though, what if I don’t wanna be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent? I’m just saying, if you’re gonna give us the option to make our own character, I’d like more… … …y’know, OPTIONS. What if I wanna be an actual superhero, an Avenger? Or heck, how about an X-Man, or an Inhuman? Surely they coulda worked that in. Oh, and for the love of God, while I like having my created character and building them up, why am I being forced to play as them all the time? Other than in daily missions, you always need to take them into combat. I’d love to be able to do teams like the big three of Cap, Iron Man, and Thor, or my own contingent of the A-Force with She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Woman.

More Recruitable Heroes

To be fair, it actually says a lot about the Marvel Universe that there can be 119 recruitable heroes in this game and yet still be missing some fan favourites. Most of the bigger name heroes are in, of course, like the original founding members of the X-Men and the Avengers, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Storm, and Carol Danvers (AKA Captain Marvel, or Ms. Marvel as she’s still referred to by default in this game, sadly). Still, there’s been plenty of characters that have made big impacts in recent memory that could be on there, like my personal favourite, Kamala Khan, Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, Jane Foster as the new Thor, or Inferno, or even characters that have been around for a while, like Jubilee, Lockjaw, Scott Lang, Misty Knight, Scarlet Spider, Thunderstrike, or Dazzler (and yes, I know I’m probably the only person to ever personally request Dazzler be added to a game, leave me alone, lol). Or hell, Coulson, Hill, and Fury are in the game as advisers, why not make them playable too?

More Alternate Costumes

A lot of characters have alternate costumes that come complete with new abilities and attacks. And while I appreciate the heck outta them, I also feel like there should probably be more. How about the most recent incarnation of mohawk Storm? Or Age of Ultron Vision? Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Wasp? Netflix Daredevil? The new Cyclops costume with the x-shaped visor? The newest version of Spider-Woman that lacks a giant yellow arrow pointed at her groin? (I know I’ve said this before, but aside from the sweet colour scheme, that costume is a touch on the tasteless side, which is why I’m eager to eventually get Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel costume). Or heck, I mentioned bringing in Jubilee, maybe she could have her 90’s costume where she has her mutant powers, or her modern one where she has her vampire abilities?

Option To Turn Down The Volume

This one actually legit bothers me a lot. The sound effects are freaking loud as shit, and there’s no way to adjust them without turning them off completely. Oh sure, I can always change the overall volume on the computer, but what if I’m listening to music while playing? Y’know, what if I’ve got tracks from the movies playing while I play the game? I’m just saying, a volume control for the game would be nice is all.

More Energy

Look, I get it, a lot of Facebook games use this formula…and it annoys me. A lot. Granted, it allows for multitasking, in that you can play a little of this game, send your party on Quinjet missions for some silver while you wait for your energy to recharge, and then go do whatever in the meantime. But I’d like a little more play time in between. And granted, there are ways to recharge your energy, but they’re short in supply unless you stock up. I’m not even asking for much more. I personally think 100 would be better than 60. It’s a nice, even, and big number without being too big.

The Ability To Start A New Game

Yeah, not gonna lie, this bugs me. There are times I wish I could start over from square one with this game. Problem is, you can’t. Even if you remove the app from your Facebook, it saves your progress for if you put it back on. So, say you start your game with a few…mistakes in judgement? Like, spending gold and points on stuff that, while not necessarily bad, kinda pale in comparison for something you could’ve saved up for and gotten early? That decision will haunt you until you’re able to build it back up. And yes, I know you can spend real life money to get more gold and silver, but not all of us have that ability. If I could purchase stuff online, I’d use it to support Emmybomber, Morgan Meryl, and all my other artist friends online… … …Also, I’d pay Greg Capullo to draw my superheroes. lol

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now. Lemme know if there’s anything you wanna add, and hey, if you’re like me and irritated by the lack of info on the games on GameFAQs, be sure to check out the unofficial database for the game, the Marvel Avengers Alliance wiki, by clicking on the link below. Ja né!


Okay, what am I doing wrong? Honestly? Why do people care less about my writing that I put actual creative effort into, and more about the most basic frakking thing I can make: Taking a screen capture of an internet show and using a demotivational poster generator to make a poster out of it, like THESE:

In their first day up on DeviantArt, these get anywhere from 3-4 times the number of views a chapter of my story gets. On top of that, I hardly ever ask for comments with those and get ’em easy enough, yet when I ask for comments on my writing (usually my stories, though oftentimes with my blog), asking people what they think or if there’s anything I can do to improve my work, I’m EXTREMELY lucky if I get a comment from anybody outside of my personal circle.  And it doesn’t matter what I do, how I pander, who I ask for RTs on Twitter, or who actually goes out and advertises my stuff (and yes, this HAS happened on occasion without me having to ask), I can’t get people to give a damn. Nothing changes.

Do people not understand that this is the only thing I’m good at? Just writing? And by the way, without a job (having Asperger’s Syndrome and a GED as my best achievement in school doesn’t exactly inspire people to hire me), this is basically what I do for a living, and I don’t even get paid for it? It’s a hobby, plain and simple, but while I wait to join a course run at a place that has failed to help me in every conceivable way for EIGHT YEARS, it’s all I have to do everyday so I don’t go crazy! And even then, I find myself not wanting to do it because apparently it equates to jack shit!

So please, I am begging every person that reads this, tell me what I can do to improve my work. Tell me what I’m lacking, what I need to be better, why people might not care about the work I’m actually passionate about. Because if nobody is gonna care, then I pretty much have no reason to have anybody follow me on here, on Twitter, on Tumblr, or on Facebook.

What I’d Do With New 52 – Part 01: The Gang’s All Here

A while ago, a poll was posted by DC Comics on their Facebook page asking fans what they would do/what they wanted seen done with the New 52. One of the options was to reset back to the old DCU in a Crisis on Infinite Earths-type storyline. Now, I personally didn’t vote for that, but I’m unsurprised that most fans did. In fact, it was kinda overwhelming just how many voted for it.

Shortly afterwards, like MAYBE a day after it was opened, the poll was closed, like it never existed. My own theory on that is that DC didn’t like how the poll was going and decided to axe it. Kind of a dick move, DC. And frankly, if you didn’t wanna undo the DCnU, you shouldn’t have made that an option. Then this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the DCnU undone. Sure, there’s been a bit of bad, at times REALLY bad, but with the bad came the good. The Court of Owls storyline emerged in the DCnU. Hal Jordan and Sinestro‘s badass war emerged. Talon is becoming a new book. And yeah, while I wish Stephanie Brown‘s book was still around, I love Gail Simone‘s Batgirl title too. So I don’t want the DCnU undone, and that’s why I didn’t vote for that option. What I want is for some of the bad to be fixed.

So for the next little while, I’m gonna be discussing some of the changes that I would make to the DCnU if I had the chance. And to start off, following up on my rant regarding Stephanie Brown, let’s talk about some of the old heroes I would bring back.

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Wally West, AKA The Flash

Why: Now, I don’t personally take issue with Barry Allen, but I know of a lot of people that do in that they find him to be boring, and I do have a personal preference to Wally West. He was wisecracking, intelligent, and often-times represented heart of whatever team he was on, be it the Titans of the Justice League, and for a time both simultaneously.

How: This one would be tricky since he obtained his powers when was introduced to Barry by his aunt Iris, who was romantically linked to Barry and would later marry, except that in the DCnU they were never involved. They are still friends though, so that would be a means to bring him in. If he did get his powers again, that would create a new issue of what to call him since Kid Flash is taken by Bart Allen (weird that he exists since originally he was Barry and Iris’ grandson, but whatev), but then that does leave the alias of Impulse unclaimed.

Stephanie Brown, AKA Batgirl

Why: Read my previous posts regarding the character. Otherwise, she would especially be a welcome addition to the Bat Family now, given all the really horrific, bleak, and dire storylines that have gone on as of late.

How: I’m thinking she would have to be Spoiler again, though I think I’d want to redesign her costume a bit. Maybe as a hybrid of her Spoiler, Robin, and Batgirl costumes. Aside from that, I’d have her be either a Titan, a supporting character in Batman Inc., or a partner to Batgirl.

Donna Troy

Why: Donna Troy was one of the original members of the Titans, she was at one point a stand-in as Wonder Woman, and she even later became a member of the Justice League. She was kind, compassionate, sisterly, and even motherly, although if you ever got on her bad side she knocked the shit out of you.

How: Here’s the thing, I’m guessing that Donna Troy was dropped because her backstory had become so freaking complicated that no one knew how to make it work in the newest reboot. However, there is one comic where she would work and be a welcome addition: Earth 2. Have her appear as the sister to Earth 2’s Wonder Woman who was hidden away and then have her join the JSA as the new Wonder Woman.

Cassandra Cain, AKA Black Bat

Why: First off, I’d just like to point out how much it’s bothering me that a lot of these are women. Just sayin’. Anyway, Cassandra Cain was probably the most unique and, dare I say it, most badass of the Batgirls. She’s not my favourite, but I still like her. Her character kinda got put through the ringer with the heel turn from hell that made NO sense when you actually think about it, but they did manage to restore some dignity to her by making her Hong Kong’s representative for Batman Inc. as Black Bat.

How: This is actually the easiest one, and that’s showing her doing pretty much what she was just prior to the relaunch: Operating as Batman Inc.’s representative in Hong Kong. Heck, I think they’re kinda hinting that at some point we’re gonna see a massive all out brawl involving Batman Inc. vs Leviathan, so even just showing in a few panels being badass would be sweet. The other option I had in mind is that World’s Finest are currently hanging out in Japan, which ain’t that far from her. She could cameo.

Ralph Dibny, AKA The Elongated Man

Why: Ralph Dibny was a prominent member of the Justice League that clearly everyone on the team had a lot of care for, along with his wife Sue. They were both killed off and essentially made into ghost detectives (which is actually kinda awesome sounding now that I think about it). However, given that Identity Crisis is no longer canon, it would be safe to assume that both could still be considered as alive and active in the DCnU.

How: Well, the Justice League is currently down a member (possibly two, I’m not sure), so why not bring Ralph in to fill the empty slot? Or heck, have him and Sue exist on Earth 2 and join the JSA.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Next time, I’m gonna talk about the actual line-up of comics currently in the New 52 and what changes I would make, either as far as changing some titles, or swapping out current titles for new ones.

Jyger’s Semi-Final Frontier Facebook Poll

Yep, once again you guys get the chance to tell an internet reviewer what to do. Awesome, eh? lol

Images are from the Pokémon “The Semi-Final Frontier”, music is from Mass Effect 3, and no I have not played that game…yet. But I hear it’ll be on the Wii U, so…who knows? Might play it someday, if they fix the ending that is. Also, and I’m just gonna say this once, Femshep for Smash Bros. PERIOD. lol

Pokémon Anime TV Petition!

Do you watch Pokémon? If so, I ask the following question: Are you tired of the series continuing to be the same plot season after season, never edging outside the status quo because the producers are clearly too scared to attempt it? Does it annoy you seeing Ash start off each journey as a 10 year old despite the clear passage of time and most of his previous experience forgotten (okay, this is moreso for Best Wishes than any other, but you get my drift)? Do you want to see Ash finally become the Master he first sought out to be so he can make room for a new protagonist and possibly a more mature toned show? Well, if so, you are NOT alone.

ZephyrSonic of YouTube has begun a petition that, once it reaches a certain number of signatures, will be sent straight to the head honcho himself, Satoshi Tajiri. So to get the word out, please do the following (and yes, this is loosely edited from ZS’ instructions, so don’t even bother pointing that out, XD):

1. Like and Favorite the video I just shared.
2. Spread the video around to everyone you know, so that they can spread it to everyone THEY know. Share on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, makes no difference.
3. Sign the following Petition and tell others to sign it as well and you can leave a comment on the Petition itself telling them why you want these changes. Please only sign once as ZS doesn’t want 1 person signing more then that. He doesn’t wanna present Tajiri, Pokémon Company International, and/or anyone else that sees the completed list with people that signed it multiple times, so please keep it to one signature per person.

Do this, and I truly believe that, if nothing else, they will realise that people are dissatisfied with the current series and consider making changes. You really do have nothing to lose by letting your voice be heard here, and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?

Jyger’s Rant Facebook Poll

Ever wanted to tell an internet reviewer what to do? Now’s your chance! XD If you neither have nor want a Facebook account or to join my group, merely cast the vote in the comments section of this post.

Music is “Frontline” by Pillar, images are from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kamen Rider W, and Pokémon.