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Who Is Really To Blame For The Divas Revolution Failing? + The Difference Between NXT and RAW

So, something that had the online wrestling community buzzing was the fact that, following a match last week on RAW involving the Divas, several of them went online and posted rather angry tweets at the fans who basically dumped all over the match. They talked about how they didn’t care about the Divas Revolution, how they’re trying to do be stars and no one cares, etc. Now, I know for a fact that at least one of them, Paige, almost immediately took her tweet down. One theory as to why that is is because she realized that antagonizing the fans right back would just encourage that to happen again in the next city they wrestled in. However, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and suggest that maybe she realized that she was just yelling out of anger and didn’t think what she was writing out all that well when she did it.

If you don’t know what I mean, allow me to explain: RAW last week was filmed from the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York. Why is that relevant? Because that’s where they filmed SummerSlam, and more importantly to this case, NXT TakeOver, and it was the same crowd at all three shows. And, at NXT TakeOver, there was a match between Sasha Banks and Bayley that was arguably one of the best matches all weekend. Personally, I think it was the best in terms of action, drama, build-up, resolution, and so on, but I’m willing to say that others MIGHT be better, but that it was at least in the Top 3 or 5. Regardless, it was built like a Goddamn main event, and the crowd appreciated and responded to it as such. So to say that the crowd doesn’t care for the women in WWE is bullcrap, because they LOVED that match.

So, if that’s the case, why did they seem to not care about the match on RAW? Because it wasn’t very good. The action wasn’t that good, there was little to no build-up, and in the promo that took place beforehand, we were basically told that wins and losses don’t mean anything, so the crowd didn’t care who won. So why would you be surprised that the crowd didn’t care? They weren’t given any reason to care. If they don’t have a reason to care, they’re gonna dump on a match, and especially when you’re in a ruckus crowd like they had in Brooklyn. That’s just how it is.

In the wake of this, it’s been brought up on a number of different wrestling podcasts and news articles that the reason the Divas Revolution is failing on RAW has nothing to do with the women involved, and it has nothing to do with the fans. And frankly, I tend to agree with what they’ve determined based on my own recollections and opinions. The problem is what it’s always been, and with the popularity that NXT has gotten, and a lot of people watching that show and comparing it to RAW, and seeing the same talent appear on both shows and taking note of what’s different with the exact same people on the two different shows, it’s more clear than it’s ever been what the problem is: The problem is Vince McMahon. And I’m aware of the fact that we wouldn’t even have a WWE if it weren’t for Vince, I am not taking anything away from his success, but the man needs to stop. He needs to stop coming to every RAW and personally mandating how it goes every single night. He needs to let Triple H and Stephanie run the show, and honestly, the fact that I can say that and mean it says a lot about how things are different nowadays. lol But regardless, one thing is clear: Triple H and Stephanie know how to run a wrestling show in 2015. Vince McMahon doesn’t. And if you don’t understand how that is, allow me to demonstrate, and remember that Vince has the final say of everything on RAW, and rarely if ever even watches NXT:

  • On NXT, women are given actual time to wrestle, are built like athletes, and have their own unique stories that are told. On RAW, the Divas Revolution is the story, not the individuals in it, they aren’t given time to wrestle, they don’t have their own stories, and we’re constantly told how we’re in the middle of a revolution of women in sports, even though women in sports have been awesome for a LONG time now.
  • On NXT, titles mean something. They are prizes with an incredible honour attached to them that are not passed around to anyone on the roster from any given point in time. When you win one, it shows you busted your ass to obtain it and have an important role in the brand’s history. On RAW, damned near everyone on the roster has won a title. The championships no longer hold value because they’ve been passed around like a game of hot potato, and in fact, there has existed for a decade now a method of gaining a title shot anytime you want, making the list of people that have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (and the two belts merged to create it) even larger. And speaking of the titles, the NXT Women’s Title looks like something you’d be proud to display in your living room (although I don’t know why it’s silver. Title belts should really be gold in my opinion), and the WWE Divas’ Title looks like something you’d display in your room as a trophy you won as a child (it’s a frigging BUTTERFLY!!!).
  • On NXT, everyone working the show has their own story that’s being told with as much care as can be given. On RAW, the only people that are given any REAL care are John Cena and whoever the next person is to wrestle him. And that’s not even a knock against John Cena. Hell, I actually feel BAD for him sometimes, because he’s the one that gets knocked on for that, when it’s Vince that ultimately decides to keep pushing him as the top guy, whether he has the belt or not. I guess Brock gets some care too, but not nearly as much, which is a shame, because, let’s be honest, for better or worse, he’s the most over guy on RAW right now. Him and Paul Heyman, who seriously needs to be put in the Hall of Fame one of these days.
  • This is probably the most bizarre of all, and continues to baffle the frak outta me, but in a way that actually makes me laugh. On RAW, Triple H and Stephanie are the top villains. You would THINK that Seth Rollins is the top villain, because he’s the champion, but because those two are running the show and constantly helping him, all the while talking down all the good guys and saying that they don’t need them to survive, they’re the top heels. On NXT, they could not possibly get more over as good guys. They give the fans what they want, they help build up the big match-ups, Stephanie is always putting over the women on the show, they can pretty much do no wrong.

So, that’s my take on the difference between RAW and NXT, and why the Divas Revolution is failing. Agree or disagree? Lemme know in the comments, and we’ll see if anything changes in the near future. Ja né!

Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Pokémon That STILL Do Not Evolve

Y’know, we’re nearing the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon, and in that time, there’s been over 700 different kinds of Pokémon that have appeared in these games. And, of them, I think it was stated once that 90% of all Pokémon evolve in some way, shape, or form, although I think that number is in major dispute and may have been ignoring Legendaries. However, for some reason, there are still some that have been around even as early as Generation 1, the original games, that do not evolve, nor do they have access to Mega Evolution. Now, in some cases, these Pokémon are just badass enough that they don’t need them. Others, and I think you know exactly who I’m talking about, could SERIOUSLY use an Evolution to make themselves relevant, and aren’t getting them. So, in no particular order, let’s look at 5 Pokémon that I cannot believe, after all these years, STILL do not evolve for one reason or another. Just for the record, these are Pokémon from absolutely no later than Gold and Silver, so nothing from Hoenn and beyond. And, I guess we might as well get this outta the way right now…

#1 – Farfetch’d

What did this poor Normal/Flying-type do to someone that caused it to gain such repeated disgrace? Every generation, it has had to sit and watch as nearly every other Pokémon from the original games get new evolutions, pre-evolutions, types, or just anything new and exclusive to themselves that makes them unique and able to do things no one else can. Farfetch’d, however, while it obtained a hold item usable only by itself and is able to use a lot of attacks that most Pokémon of its type combination can’t, I really and truly feel doesn’t have enough to make itself competent. One cool thing they did with it was make it a Pokémon you can get in a trade early in X & Y, and thus would give you a big advantage over the first Gym Leader, who uses Bug-types. But honestly, even if you did that, can you really say that you kept it on the team for an extended amount of time past that? It just feels like the poor thing has gone long enough without an evolution of some kind… …With that said, it’s not like it’s the ONLY Pokémon from Red and Blue that hasn’t evolved…

#2 – Tauros

Yup, turns out that, when a lot of older Pokémon that had been passed over for years in terms of getting new stuff were let into the Mega Evolution scene, Farfetch’d wasn’t the only one that got left out. Now, I wouldn’t say that Tauros is in the same league of being pitiable as Farfetch’d, but at the same time, the Wild Bull has not exactly had a lot new going for him. He has Sheer Force, which is pretty awesome, but at the same time, plenty of others have that ability and superior stats, albeit not quite as superior as you might think. So yeah, I guess it’s not really a matter of thinking Tauros NEEDS to evolve to be usable. Rather…just think of what a Mega Tauros would be like. Admit it, you’d want that badass bull on your team. XD Also, I really want them to do a pre-evolution that can evolve into Tauros or Miltank, just to finally put that theory to rest. lol

#3 – Delibird

To loosely quote an internet reviewer who, last I heard, is actually retiring from the biz, Confused Matthew, “Will someone please explain to me what is the quantifiable difference between Vital Spirit and Insomnia“?! Whose bright idea was it to give it a Hidden Ability that does the exact same thing as one of its primary Abilities? Now, to be fair to this Pokémon, it DID come out as part of doubling the number of Ice-types from 5 to 10 in Gold and Silver, and was seen as the non-legendary Ice/Flying-type for those that couldn’t get or use Articuno, kinda like how Emolga is now the non-legendary counterpart to Zapdos. The problem is, it still sucks. It knows ONE attack, the results of which are completely random, without the use of any kind of TMs, breeding, or Move Tutors to teach it anything else. It’s a gimmick Pokémon, end of story, and I really think that of all gimmick Pokémon, it’s the single most lame, and I don’t really think that’s fair. Especially when you consider that its gimmick is being Santa, and I just feel like Santa should be more awesome than that.

#4 – Dunsparce

Again, this is a Pokémon that a LOT of people want to see rise to bigger and better things, to the point where Mega Dunsparce was created for fan games. And you would think with some of its moves that have special effects attached to them, and an Ability like Serene Grace that doubles the odds of those effects happening, that Dunsparce would be a Pokémon who would have an expanded evolutionary line. Nope! Once again, a Pokémon with tons of potential gets no love from the developers, and I really don’t understand why that is. But hey, as it is, Dunsparce does work great as the team annoyer, meaning that it’ll drive your opponent nuts with some of its attacks.

#5 – Skarmory

…Okay, like Tauros, Skarmory is a Pokémon that doesn’t NEED an evolution, but my God, just imagine what Mega Skarmory would be like, and the terror that would overcome opponents when they see it on the field blocking against them. For those unaware, Skarmory is a freaking MONSTER of a physical blocker. Granted, some of that got taken down a peg or two this newest generation, since it’s no longer resistant to Ghosts or Dark-types, but it IS resistant and does super-effective damage to the new type on the block: Fairies. Still, what I think would actually be a bit more reasonable a request would be a pre-evolved form. A mini-Skarmory that can be used in competitions for smaller and weaker Pokémon, and can learn new attacks. It’d be like the cutest little nightmare EVER. lol

Anyway, those are five Pokémon from the first couple of generations that have never evolved, have pre-evolutions, or Mega Evolutions. Got any that I missed, or perhaps ones from later generations? Lemme know, and we’ll see what happens when the inevitable Generation VII games come out. Ja né!

Batgirl #43 – Move aside, ‘Jumping The Shark’, here’s ‘Suplexing The Tiger’

…Y’know what, I could give my full review and thoughts on this…or, I could just geek the fuck out over the most insane thing that happened. Show the image.

… … … … …Batgirl just suplexed a tiger…She got behind, wrenched her arms around, and tossed a mother fucking TIGER over her head to the floor. Feels like there should be an appropriate one-liner she should’ve said there. What could it be… … …?

Thanks, Paul E! XD Anyway, so yeah, we have Jumping The Shark, Nuking The Fridge, Frying The Coke, and now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Suplexing The Tiger. Thank you, Babs Tarr, for that. All you need at this point is a microphone to drop. LOL

The Joker’s Origin: Why He Doesn’t Need One

By W.T. Bane

In recent weeks, rumors have surfaced about the potential origin of the new Joker in the DC Cinematic Universe. More specifically, (Potential Spoiler Warning! if rumors are true) that he is none other than one of the former Robins, most likely Jason Todd.

You can read the extensive fan theory that originated from Reddit in this link.

I’m not here to debate the merits of this yet to be proven fan theory. Honestly I hope it isn’t true. Because quite simply, the Joker works best when given as little background as possible and if this theory does pan out, it just nicks away at another great piece of the puzzle that is the Joker, and takes away from the mystique of the this great character.

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Superman #43 Review: Just when Lois and Clark were getting close again…


superman 43 review

Superman #43 showed us the events that lead up to Superman’s secret identity being revealed to the world, and is the penultimate issue of the “Truth” story arc. So let’s dive into Superman #43!

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Gaming Inspirations I: Personal Party Composition

Final Fantasy IX Blog

Another great FFIX Fanart – this one’s by Do0dlebugdebz on Deviantart (

In games, and RPGs in particular, balance is important.  It can certainly be fun to have a party of four raging barbarians in D&D, smashing everything in your path, but if you run into a caster who flies out of your smashing-reach and starts pelting you with fireballs, you’re gonna have a bad time.  It’s all about diminishing returns – each barbarian you add to the party after the first is going to have less of an effect than the last, because they’re not bringing anything new to the party.  The more diversified a party is, the less likely it is that they’ll run into a situation in which they are at a disadvantage.

In Final Fantasy IX, the first four permanent party members constitute the classic RPG party: a thief (Zidane), a warrior (Steiner),  a wizard (Vivi), and a…

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Digimon Questionnaire: Who Would Be Your Partner?

So, to finish up my current Digimon kick, I thought I’d ask everyone who reads my articles the obvious question: Who would your partner Digimon be? You can also add information, like what its various forms would be, what kind of Digivice you’d use, and so on. And if you need help, you can go on Wikimon, they have every Digimon and who they can Digivolve to and from (though for English fans, you might wanna know ahead of time that each Digimon is listed primarily by their Japanese names, but you can still find them by their English names just fine). For example, let’s say I chose Agumon as my partner. His forms would probably be as follows:

Baby – Botamon
In-Training – Koromon
Rookie – Agumon
Champion – Greymon
Ultimate – RizeGreymon
Mega – VictoryGreymon

…Or, let’s say I picked Veemon. Then it’d probably go like this:

Baby – Chibomon
In-Training – DemiVeemon
Rookie – Veemon
Champion – Veedramon
Ultimate – AeroVeedramon
Mega – UlforceVeedramon

But let’s say you wanted something a bit more unconventional. You could say something like this:

Baby – Jyarimon
In-Training – Gigimon
Rookie – Hagurumon
Champion – Omekamon
Ultimate – SuperStarmon
Mega – Justimon

Anyway, that’s all you gotta do. Lemme know who you’d choose in the comments below. I can’t wait to see who you guys pick. Ja né!

Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Shamelessly Oversexualized Female Digimon (WARNING – NOT A KID FRIENDLY ARTICLE)

…Before we start, I’m just gonna say this: I know that, in some versions of Digimon, they’ve stated that they don’t have actual genders. Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on that, because we’ve clearly seen Digimon of male and female appearance and mannerisms that were in love. And even if it’s just how they’re created to look and act but, in the end, lack any real form of genitalia, those designs are still apparent, and hoo boy, have some of the female Digimon been clearly drawn to appeal to, at the very least, older kids going through puberty. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the 5 female Digimon I believe to be among the most shamelessly oversexualized of them all. Oh, and I should clarify that the reason I thought of this is because I’ve been on a huge Digimon kick after seeing the Season 2 finale of Digimon Fusion, and looking back on it all made me realize all of this.

#1 - Angewomon and LadyDevimon

#1 – Angewomon and LadyDevimon

I suppose I should’ve put Angewomon by herself, since she’s probably the first one people think of when it comes to sexualized Digimon, but I felt that her and LadyDevimon should be put in a duo because…well, everyone remembers their cat fights. lol Also, as if that wasn’t enough, we also now have them fusing, and…well, just take a look at their DigiFuse. lol

Yeah, there’s no fucking way they didn’t know what they were doing with that sequence. XD

#2 - Rosemon

#2 – Rosemon

Admittedly, there’s way worse than Rosemon…at least in terms of initial design. Then they gave her an attack where she gets naked and projects energy from her body. THEN she got pretty bad. lol Plus, there’s the whole whip thing, which some have taken to mean she has a bit of a dominatrix side, although that never really stuck with me much. What DID stick with me is when they changed her attack name from Rose Rapier to Rose Spear… …Guys, she’s clearly using it like a sword. The only reason you changed the name is because rapier sounds like rape. Grow up, it’s the name of a frigging sword.

#3 - Laylamon

#3 – Laylamon

Before anyone says anything, I would just like to point out that I am not getting these images off Google, nor are they fan-art. This is official artwork I found off of wikis. So, lest anyone think I’m being silly and just basing this off other people’s interpretations of the characters, I’m not. This is all legit. Anyway, just the fact that Laylamon’s (Lilithmon in Japanese) name suggests an element of dark temptation is enough to know exactly what she’s all about, but toss in the fact that she’s the literal representation of lust in the Digital World, and you’ve definitely got an idea as to what this character would be doing if this wasn’t a kid’s show. Plus… … …could that top POSSIBLY plunge any more??? o.O

#4 - BioLotusmon

#4 – BioLotusmon

Again, BioLotusmon’s look is kinda sexual, but she’s not that bad. However, much like Rosemon, she has an ability that… … …well…

Of course, I should note that a big part of this has more to do with Nanami, the human behind the Digimon, who was definitely a huge source of the eye candy that season. But, since they’re pretty much one and the same, and I’ve never see BioLotusmon outside of being Nanami’s Digimon form, it remains kinda linked to her. Also, yes, her name is BioLotusmon, I don’t care that they called her BioRotosmon in English, because rotos is a corruption of the word lotus, so why not fucking call her that, unless you’re stupid and didn’t understand what the hell they were saying in the original Japanese version…but that’s a rant for another day. lol

#5 - Venusmon

#5 – Venusmon

…Be honest, this is probably the single most blatant of all the sexualized Digimon out there. Let’s just go through the check-list, shall we?

  1. Massive cleavage showing
  2. Legs exposed
  3. Skin smooth and shiny enough to see one’s reflection
  4. Wearing a thong, choker, and long gloves and boots
  5. Plenty of official artwork showing the exact curvature of her breasts and ass

The only thing missing is that her boots aren’t spiked or anything like that. I have no idea how that was missing from the overall design. Also, I get why her eyes are covered for her character background, that she can tell a human or Digimon’s true character without looking at them, but it feels like that’s another part of the puzzle left out in terms of making her look hot, ‘cuz hey, who doesn’t like admiring a girl’s pretty eyes? Oh, but before you suggest that she’s just an eye-candy Digimon with no real power, oh no, she has power. In fact, a pretty useful one. She’s able to calm and tame ANY Digimon, no matter how cruel or vicious. Evil Digimon must hate her to a HUGE degree.

Anyway, that’s it for this look at Digimon boobs and butts. LOL Lemme know if there’s any big ones I missed in the comments. Ja né!

Batgirl #43 Preview

… … …Okay, I’m beginning to notice a pattern with the Batgirl book as of late: One issue, they’ll tease something horrible that I absolutely hate happening, and then the next issue, everything turns out to be fine. I swear to God, though, if they reveal that Jo is actually Velvet Tiger right after the announcement that her and Alysia are getting married… …the only way that they can recover from that is if it pushes Alysia closer to Babs and THEY get together, because clearly Alysia has a thing for redheads. lol Anyway, enough gun-jumping, here’s the preview for Batgirl #43!

  • Tech genius Luke Fox has brought his startup to Burnside, and he seems to be hiring all of Barbara’s friends…but not her! Unfortunately, someone else is setting up shop in Burnside as well…the mysterious Velvet Tiger!

These ‘Power Rangers’ Villains Probably Won’t Be In The Reboot