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Batgirl #43 – Move aside, ‘Jumping The Shark’, here’s ‘Suplexing The Tiger’

…Y’know what, I could give my full review and thoughts on this…or, I could just geek the fuck out over the most insane thing that happened. Show the image.

… … … … …Batgirl just suplexed a tiger…She got behind, wrenched her arms around, and tossed a mother fucking TIGER over her head to the floor. Feels like there should be an appropriate one-liner she should’ve said there. What could it be… … …?

Thanks, Paul E! XD Anyway, so yeah, we have Jumping The Shark, Nuking The Fridge, Frying The Coke, and now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Suplexing The Tiger. Thank you, Babs Tarr, for that. All you need at this point is a microphone to drop. LOL

The Joker’s Origin: Why He Doesn’t Need One

By W.T. Bane

In recent weeks, rumors have surfaced about the potential origin of the new Joker in the DC Cinematic Universe. More specifically, (Potential Spoiler Warning! if rumors are true) that he is none other than one of the former Robins, most likely Jason Todd.

You can read the extensive fan theory that originated from Reddit in this link.

I’m not here to debate the merits of this yet to be proven fan theory. Honestly I hope it isn’t true. Because quite simply, the Joker works best when given as little background as possible and if this theory does pan out, it just nicks away at another great piece of the puzzle that is the Joker, and takes away from the mystique of the this great character.

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Superman #43 Review: Just when Lois and Clark were getting close again…


superman 43 review

Superman #43 showed us the events that lead up to Superman’s secret identity being revealed to the world, and is the penultimate issue of the “Truth” story arc. So let’s dive into Superman #43!

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