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Batgirl #43 – Move aside, ‘Jumping The Shark’, here’s ‘Suplexing The Tiger’

…Y’know what, I could give my full review and thoughts on this…or, I could just geek the fuck out over the most insane thing that happened. Show the image.

… … … … …Batgirl just suplexed a tiger…She got behind, wrenched her arms around, and tossed a mother fucking TIGER over her head to the floor. Feels like there should be an appropriate one-liner she should’ve said there. What could it be… … …?

Thanks, Paul E! XD Anyway, so yeah, we have Jumping The Shark, Nuking The Fridge, Frying The Coke, and now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Suplexing The Tiger. Thank you, Babs Tarr, for that. All you need at this point is a microphone to drop. LOL