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Digimon World: Next Order for PS Vita HD Screenshots here!

Is Ronda Rousey our Captain Marvel?


Following rumors, and some great fan art, posted online that suggest Ronda Rousey could potentially having a chance at playing the upcoming Marvel character, Captain Marvel AKA Carol Danvers – with her solo movie set for a 2nd November 2018 release – I thought I’d weight in on the conversation with my own opinion on whether or not the UFC badass and all round awesome celebrity personality should play one of Marvel’s strongest female superheros.

I would first like to say that everything you read in this article is pure speculation and/or rumors and that, upon the time that this was posted, Rousey has only been rumored to play the part, she is not in talks with anyone at Marvel officially or been cast for the role.

Now to get to what I think about this news, I honestly like it. Whether you’re a fan of Rousey or not, it…

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America vs. The Justice Society Review


It’s time to look at a very interesting Earth 2 story. I haven’t read almost anything with these guys except for the very old comics from way back in the day. This was an interesting way to find out about a lot of their adventures since then as the danger comes very close to home in this personal arc. I always root for America in films, but can I really root for them over my favorite heroes?

The plot is fairly straight forward. Shortly before dying, Batman gave his diary to an old scientist, who gave it to the newspaper to publish. The diary told a very frightening story about how the Justice Society actually worked for Hitler and the Nazi’s in World War II and have been covering it up ever since. Naturally, the Americans are outraged and decide to take the heroes to an unofficial trial to hear…

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