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Glacier Talks About How Much Money WCW Spent For the Gimmick

$400,000.00. Further proof that WCW had more money than it had any right to have and used it horrendously. -_-


Right about the time NWO took off and the Attitude Era has just begun, there was this guy called Glacier in WCW. It was a total rip off Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat  series, but far cheesier. Needless to say, we hated the guy.

How much WCW spent on the gimmick:

“I tell people all the time, that armor all together weighs over twenty pounds. For an entrance it’s no big deal but for a three hour appearence it’s a big deal to wear it. I actually became friends with the head of AFX Studios, he was a young and upcoming artist and really creative, I introduced him to Eric and they decided to go with him for the persona’s of all four of the gimmicks and they spent a lot of money. I can confirm that I saw all the invoices he submitted to WCW and it was around…

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The Age of the Female Superheroes


famalesuperheroesA change is coming in comic books and that is the “Rise of the Female Superhero”.  Yahoo! News with Katie Couric releases a neat documentary with a chock full of interviews with industry giants like Jim Lee, Grant Morrison and many female creators Amanda Conner, G. Willow Wilson, Gail Simone and many others about the change and rise of the female superhero protagonist.

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