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Tales of Dumbassery – Sleepless in SPD

Why can I NEVER seem to stop myself from saying the dumbest things on the planet? WHY??? O_O

Also, in case you’re wondering, THIS is LinearRanger’s show:

…Ja n√©!

Tales of Dumbassery – The Loading Dock Cave-in

Behold! The dumbest decision in the history of dumb decisions, told in today’s Tale of Dumbassery! And as an added bonus, you also get to hear my ultra-geeky ringtone. ūüėõ

Tales of Dumbassery – Beware the Skipping Rope Wielding 8 Year Olds

The first in a series of vlogs specifically dedicated to some of the dumbest incidents you’ve ever heard of that ALL happened to me. In this instalment, I’ll tell you all about how you should never trust evil little girls with skipping ropes.

Upcoming Vlogs – Tales of Dumbassery

So I’m just letting everybody know that at some point in the near future, I plan to release a series of vlogs known as Tales of Dumbassery. It’s basically a series of stories of some of the really hilariously stupid things to happen to me in my life, as well as some plain dumb things I’ve seen. And trust me, I won’t be making any of these up, because these are simply too stupid to make up. I may need to make up and withhold certain names in some stories, but otherwise it’s all completely true.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t this basically Spoony’s Counter Monkey show without the D&D theme?” Well…yeah, pretty much. In fact one of the stories I’ll be telling that will result in me having to change a name IS D&D related. So I don’t proclaim this to be the most original thing in the history of vlogging ever, I just wanna share some funny stories with everybody as a way to entertain and also for people that don’t know me that well to get to know me a bit more. Plus, it gives me something to do in between reviews.

So yeah, expect the first one to be up in the next couple of days or so. Ja né!

Vlog – I Have Enhanced Status…WTF?!?!

…I think I’m gonna faint. O_O

Okay, so¬†to everybody that made this possible, I cannot express my thanks enough. I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed by all of this, it’s INSANE.¬†¬†I have so many people to thank, and I know I thanked you already on Twitter, but I’m going through it again. lol I want to thank Lewis Lovhaug¬†for being such a HUGE inspiration to me.¬†I want to thank the greatest woman in the world, my beautiful new girlfriend Teagan,¬†for being such a positive influence on me this past month, I love you so much.¬†I wanna thank PinkRangerWannabe, so-shipsahoy, GracefulWitch, and so many more for helping me with this however I needed it, you guys rock. I of course have to thank¬†N.Harmonik for being a great co-star wherever possible and putting up with my bullshit off-screen, and¬†I gotta thank my Mom for filming that bit where I had the Turbo cassette “run over”.¬†I also gotta thank Annetto for letting me be a co-host on her show, however brief I lasted, and giving me some much-needed confidence AND for introducing me to Teagan.

So in short, to¬†EVERYBODY that watched my show, helped get it going, whatever, I owe this ALL to you, thank you all very much, but I’ll tell ya this: My name is Jyger85, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, baby! Ja n√©!

The Semi-Final Frontier Commentary + Thanks Doug Vlog

My first review commentary as I talk about the behind-the-scenes crap that went down in the making of this review and some additional thoughts I had on the episode itself and just why it angered me so.

Also, and I don’t know how I forgot to post this here, but here is a vlog containing¬†my immediate thoughts following the official statement regarding the Nostalgia Critic and the future of TGWTG. I apologise if I come off as a bit over-dramatic here. lol

Vlog – Scaling Back

Just a short vlog letting people know what’s new with me.

The core of it is me essentially saying that Jyger’s Rant will now be bi-weekly instead of weekly, so once every other Wednesday. So with that said, the next part of the Turbo review will be next week.

Vlog – Apparently I Suck lol

So yeah, just keeping my viewers up to date on what’s going on for this next week and also referencing just how much my ability to proof my content sucks.

Vlog – Has Saban Bought Yugioh?!

Yeah, was cruising through Twitter when I saw LinearRanger mention this, and I could not help but record a vlog.!-quot-or-something&p=3991876#post3991876

So yeah, feel free to discuss.

Vlog – Cheap Plugging FTW

Just a short vlog letting everyone know what I’m up to while also letting you in on some cool stuff. Speaking of which, here are the links to said stuff.

Oh, and the footage I used belongs to LittleKuriboh.