Batwoman Part 2: Revenge of the Suits… or WTF You Made The Old Creative Team Quit So That THIS Story Could Happen? Really?


Hey guys, remember when I wrote that post about how great the Batwoman series was and how Kate “Batwoman” Kane and her fiancée Maggie “Captain of Major Crimes with Gotham PD” Sawyer worked together in the story and how Kate didn’t do that lame cliché “noble sacrifice” of giving up her relationship because obviously Maggie is a grownass woman who can make her own decisions? ‘Member that? Yeah, scratch that.

The Switchover
For Volumes 5 and 6, Marc Andreyko takes over writing duties from J.H. Williams III who quit because the suits at DC wouldn’t let him tell his story the way he wanted.

Volume 5&6 Here is the result

The style of Andreyko’s run is much more cartoony. And I don’t just mean the artwork. The world feels much less grounded and the characters far less fleshed out. Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I just automatically hate…

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