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What I Bought Today – The Best of Superman DVD

So, went to Wal-Mart with Mom since she was outta pop, and while I was there, a DVD managed to catch my eye, so here I am talking about…

What I Bought Today

So, what did I buy today? Why, it’s The Best of Superman on DVD!

Since I didn’t see this on store shelves until recently, I’m gonna assume this is to further the Super Fever caused by Man of Steel. So, what’s on this two-disc set? Some of Superman’s greatest animated adventures, from Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, Super Friends, and even the original 1941 Superman animated short, The Mad Scientist. It’s amazing how much awesomeness is packed into this set. Granted, I would’ve put a few less Super Friends cartoons on here, but that’s only because I REALLY don’t like that show, but I recognize that not everyone has seen it and there are likely plenty that did like it.

“I’ll be watching you, Luthor.”

I do have to applaud them for putting the three-part pilot of Superman TAS, The Last Son of Krypton, on first. It’s probably one of the best retellings of Superman’s origins ever, and this coming from a guy that didn’t really watch much of that show back then. My other favourites on here are The Mad Scientist, For The Man Who Has Everything (note to myself: read original comic), and The Doomsday Sanction.

I do feel like they could’ve put some extras on here, like interviews with the people who made the various shows, and maybe even a few more episodes, like Knight Time and Hereafter, but ultimately, I do feel that I got a good deal for less than 17 bucks. Still, things to keep in mind for a possible second volume…Though that reminds me, I have something I’ve been putting off reviewing for a while now, don’t I…? 🙂