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Okay, I posted this on Facebook and Twitter, but there’s actually more room to go into detail about it here, so I’m gonna ask that you guys give me some input and your own thoughts as to whether an idea I have for a story sounds solid or not. It’s one that’s been bouncing around in my head for the past year, but for various reasons, including my lackluster history with my own created characters and stories outside of fanfiction, I’ve kinda been arguing back and forth with myself if it sounds good or stupid and if I should bother trying to do anything with it. So far, anyone I’ve asked about it has given positive responses, but I’d just like to ask more people about it.

Here’s what I’ve got so far: The world is populated by anthropomorphic creatures (think Sonic/Star Fox/Bucky O’Hare/etc.). It’s made up of various nations that range from predominantly one race of said anthropomorphics to being a melting pot of various creatures. With that said, there’s a bit of a class system in place nonetheless, with the Simians being considered among the more intelligent in that they were able to create more advanced technology. But all of that changed when they tried to create a cure for a disease outbreak…and ended up making it worse, creating large, bulky monstrosities with less (or in some cases zero) fur, lacking basic intelligence, and basically becoming the equivalent of zombies on steroids. The working term I have for them now is the Hairless…because, as you know, I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan. lol

What’s worse is that this condition could be spread via exchange of bodily fluids. In other words, getting bitten by one and having their saliva enter your bloodstream, or perhaps getting their blood into an open wound, and you will become one. So now the world has become a bit overrun by these monsters, and the people left are having to rework their cities a bit to keep them out as best as they could. Unfortunately, they’re still having to send parties out for recon, the collection of resources, and other reasons, meaning they’d have to be armed and trained to deal with these creatures if necessary. Meanwhile, most of the major governments have lost their leaders, and those trying to pick up the slack have their own varying ideas on what to do with the current situation, ranging from “Let’s dedicate as much of our efforts to slaying the Hairless” to “We should hold defenses and keep them out to eventually starve themselves” to “Let’s put all the blame on the Simians and let them clean up their own mess”. Needless to say, there’s a massive political mess at the moment.

So, yeah, it’s basically Sonic the Hedgehog meets The Last Of Us meets Attack On Titan, with even a little Game of Thrones-esque politics thrown in for flavour. Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments section below, if it sounds like a solid idea for story, as well as anything you personally would add/subtract to what I’ve got so far. Ja né!

Upcoming One-Shot Fanfic – ‘Have A Holly, Harley Christmas’

So, I’ve thought about doing a Christmas themed one-shot for my Infinite DC fanfiction line for a while now, but I wasn’t sure who to choose as the main protagonist. Today, I made the official decision, and have started writing what I plan to release for everybody sometime on the week of the 25th, so allow me to reveal said protagonist. Her name is…

Granny Goodness! Dun-Dun-DUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!

Nah, but I probably should someday, just for the lolz. No, it’s actually…

Harley Quinn

Inspired by the recent Harley Quinn #0, written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, which debuted at #2 on the charts for November (beaten only by Scott Snyder‘s Batman, which is pretty amazing considering that book regularly sells around the 120k range), this one-shot fanfic on will feature a fourth wall breaking Harley as she’s got the Christmas blues. Why? Well, let’s find out by reading this short preview to the story, ‘Have A Holly, Harley Christmas’…

Harley sighed, sitting alone in her apartment, feeling unusually depressed for someone as bubbly as herself. It was doubly unusual considering that Christmas Eve was tomorrow. However, try as she might, the blonde ex-psychiatrist just couldn’t seem to bring herself to get out of her current funk. She just sat in the dark and dank apartment, wearing a black and red hoodie with matching yoga pants, listening to the sounds of Gotham City‘s night life, the carollers down the street, the-

“Would you knock it off, already?!” Harley yelled, looking seemingly at no one. “I’m bummed out enough, I don’t need someone narratin’ my misery to me!”

Harleen’s shoulders slumped. Of course, she hadn’t wanted to snap at the narrator, but-

“Yes I did!” Harley cried incredulously, springing to her feet. “How am I supposed to feel happy, anyway? I’m on the run from the law, hidin’ out in this stinkin’ hole of an apartment, I barely have enough for a halfway decent dinner tomorrow, and everybody I know is either outta town or behind bars…especially the one person I wanted to spend Christmas with the most.”

The one Harley wanted to spend Christmas with the most? And just who could that be? Perhaps a secret lover? Maybe Poison Ivy?

Harley’s eyes narrowed in irritation toward the narrator. “…Mistah J, ya doofus. You haven’t even introduced Ivy to your continuity yet, remember? That’s like saying I’m gonna run into Stephanie Bro-“

Of course it was The Joker. It was ALWAYS The Joker. The one man she wanted to spend Christmas, nay, her entire life with. Sadly for Miss Quinn, though, the Clown Prince of Crime was locked away in Arkham Asylum, far out of her reach.

“Tell me about it,” Harley muttered. “I was gonna have the perfect Christmas with my puddin’. We were gonna have presents and cake, canoodle under the mistletoe, maybe even shoot up a couple o’ bums down the street that were mean to me the other day.”

Harleen groaned, turning to a corner of the room with strips of measuring tape stuck to the walls and floor. “I even measured out the perfect little space to put a Christmas tree. And I don’t even have that, ‘cuz God forbid, I piss off you-know-who…”

Suddenly, as these words passed through her lips, it was as if someone lit a firecracker in the former Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s brain. As she stared at the vacant spot for her Christmas tree, the idea in her head was finally enough to bring a smile to her face. A smile devoid of sanity, mind you, but a smile nonetheless, and perhaps if Harley Quinn could just be happy for the holidays, then all would be right in the world.

“That’s it!” Harley cheered. “I’m gonna swipe me an artificial tree!”

…Or not.

…So, as you can tell, I take more than one pot-shot at myself with this one. lol But yeah, decided Harley should be breaking the fourth wall with this story, because honestly, I think it works REALLY well for her as being similar to Deadpool in that regard. She’ll have a lot of the zaniness that she’s known for, and will be wearing a costume that pays homage to various versions and interpretations of the character throughout the years. And don’t be surprised if one or two other Gotham rogues show up for some of the fun, thought probably not the ones you’re thinking of.

So many different looks. This is gonna be tricky. lol

So, what do you think of this? Lemme know in the comments below, and we shall see what becomes of this fic around Christmas. Ja né!

Tales of Dumbassery LIVE – Montreal Prank By Dumbass

For my first ever LIVE show, Poliwhirl and I decided to take a look at a story that just made me facepalm again and again until I had a giant hand-print in my forehead.

Special thanks to Wendy Thibodeau for allowing me this opportunity, as well as Anthony Rouse for recording while I was up at the front of the classroom, and to N. Harmonik for finding this horrible story and bringing it to my attention. lol

Green Defender Bio

So for the past little while, I’ve been doing a superhero story on deviantArt called Green Defender. And no, it’s not a comic book, because I can’t draw worth shit. Seriously. Also, I don’t have a PayPal account set up yet, so I can’t hire an artist, and I’m not gonna ask so-shipsahoy to draw an entire web comic just for me. So yeah, it’s just a typed out story. But because I don’t cover all of GD’s backstory right away and because people might be interested to see what he looks like, I thought I’d post a bio here.

Now again, because I can’t draw worth shit, I used Hero Machine 3.0 Alpha to put together an image of Green Defender that I would be satisfied with. Also, I’m aware that the logo is an obvious Nightwing rip, that’s because I couldn’t really find a logo that I was satisfied with, and the one I thought up when I was pretty much the Superman logo with a GD instead of an S, so the Nightwing logo is pretty much a place-holder and I decide on a better logo, kinda like how Power Girl‘s old costume had that hole in the chest.

Name: Geoffrey Hicks
Alias: Green Defender
Age: 25
City: St. Jean
Operates out of: An abandoned lab

Bio: When Geoffrey was 16, he was involved in an accident where his science teacher, Doctor Randal, lost control of an experimental ‘green voltage’ that cost the life of Doctor Randal and infused Geoffrey with the voltage itself. Shortly after, he realised the electricity was sent out through his hands to anything he touched. Deciding to run away from home out of fear of harming his parents, he was soon met by a woman named Tina Cade, a billionaire who works with superhuman youths that enlisted him into a new school to hide his status as a superhuman and made him a part of a team called the League of High School Superheroes. After graduating, he returned to his home-town of St. Jean to see it had fallen on bad times with crime rates increasing drastically. He now takes up the mantle of St. Jean’s only guardian, protecting it from the everyday thugs to mobsters to even menaces like the twisted Haphephobia.

Personality: Geoffrey tends to try and be an optimist in defiance of the things happening around him, regardless of how horrible. However, he does have self confidence issues since he’s just now becoming a solo hero. He has learned as much as he can about science from Doctor Randal’s notes left in his own private laboratory, and has since studied in the ways of the greatest detectives and tacticians in the world. He has trained in Muay Thai kickboxing and Judo. He personally abhors the use of guns and lethal force, believing that even the worst of the worst need to at least be given a chance.

Powers: Geoffrey’s body is empowered by experimental green electricity that is channelled through his hands. By wearing gloves, he keeps it from constantly electrifying anything he touches but can still send out electrical blasts and shields by specifically willing himself to do so. He can also heal his wounds by absorbing standard electricity through his hands.

Equipment: Geoffrey’s utility belt generally contains a number of smoke pellets, tranquillizer darts, and various antidotes and sedatives made to combat the effects of Haphephobia’s often-times toxic touch. He also carries a grappling hook gun as he does not possess the ability to fly. His cape is made of a material that is completely bullet proof.

Weaknesses: While the green voltage is seemingly never ending, using too much of it at a time can be exhausting. Getting wet can overload the electricity in his body and cause harm to him, meaning he can’t go underwater without a dive suit of some sort, and cannot use his powers once underwater.