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Talk Poké To Me

… … …So, you know that video I shared of Steven Stone singing Talk Dirty?

Well, ever since I saw that, I’ve been wanting to write new parody lyrics to the song. So…yeah, I’m doing this again. Steven? Get Razz~y on it. 😛

I’m that Surf that you get on, inter-regional
First class seat on my Lapras, riding comfortable
‘Cause I know what the ‘mons them need,
Kalos to Kanto
I got Jynx Heart Stamps on my passport,
You make it hard to go

Been around the world, don’t speak the language
But your ‘mons don’t need explaining
All I really need to understand is
When you talk Poké to me
Talk Poké to me
Talk Poké to me
Talk Poké to me
Get Razz~y on it

Confirmation of New Megas In Pokémon ORAS And More! It’s Evaluating Time!

So, in addition to some more news we’ve received, there was a trailer confirming all the stuff I talked about this past Friday. Enjoy!

Before we recap some of the info I’ve already discussed, let’s take a look at the new Mega Evolutions, including two that weren’t covered in the trailer, which means…



As covered before, Mega Beedrill remains Bug/Poison-type, it gains the Ability Adaptability, and gets physical Attack and Speed boosts. Mega Pidgeot keeps its Normal/Flying-type, gains a boosted Special Attack, and the Ability No Guard. Mega Steelix and Mega Glalie keep their respective types (Steel/Ground and Ice), while Steelix gets Sand Force and a cool new crystalline appearance, and Glalie gets Refrigerate and becomes the new focus of my nightmares. Seriously, look at that frigging thing…O_O But yeah, no known stat changes yet.

Flying On Mega Latios & Mega Latias

So yeah, we can fly now. 😀 And keep this in mind: When you’re flying, the camera stays behind you. That means they had to remap the ENTIRE OVERWORLD MAP for when you’re airborne. I do wish you could do it with more than just Mega Latios and Mega Latios, but at the same time, I get that it would take time to make a sprite for EVERY Flying-type or Pokémon with Levitate, so I’ll take what I can get. I’m hoping this method of travel eventually replaces the usual function for Fly, though they would either have to make it available later than usual or make a system where you can’t land in certain places until you’ve physically been there on land or water.

The PokéNav Plus

Something I failed to touch base on last time was the new version of the PokéNav, called the PokéNav Plus. It’s pretty much an upgrade of the original in every conceivable way. For full information, click here to check out’s coverage on it. As for basic summaries, the DexNav is used to locate and interact with Pokémon in your area in ways you’ve never been able to before, like being able to register Pokémon you see in the Pokédex without having actually battled them, and finding Pokémon with their Hidden Abilities. The AreaNav is an advanced (no pun intended) map with tons of information on the various Routes and Towns, as well the Secret Bases, Berry Trees, Trainers, and so on found in said locations, and includes the return of the Trainer’s Eye function. The BuzzNav is basically a TV (or YouTube, I guess), with various shows that give info on different Pokémon, locations, and characters. Finally, the PlayNav allows you to access the Player Search System, Pokémon Amie, and Super Training functions from X & Y.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Leave a comment below on what you think of all this news, and we’ll see what else develops between now and next month, when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come out. Ja né!

Two Possible New Mega Evolutions In Pokémon ORAS + New Legendaries Found…In The Sky??? (UNCONFIRMED)

So, there’s been a new batch of supposed CoroCoro leaks that have surfaced. Now, these leaks are usually fairly solid, but until they’re confirmed by Nintendo, these will have to be marked as unconfirmed. Mostly, the leaks talked about Mega Latios and Mega Latias, which we’ve actually known about for like a year now, and it also mentioned how you can find the Legendary Dragons Dialga, Palkia, Reshiram, and Zekrom in this game. Now, the remakes have oftentimes had new Legendary Pokémon added, but here’s where it gets…weird. According to the photos in this leak, the Dragons are actually found hovering over otherwise unreachable islands. How do you reach them? Well, apparently you can ride Mega Latios and Mega Latias on the overworld through an item called the Eon Flute, and that there’s actually a few Pokémon you can find in the sky, which I assume are basically Wild Sky Battles. Again, this is something that could very well turn out to be a hoax, so take that for what it’s worth.

In addition to that, though, we’ve got two new Mega Evolutions possibly confirmed, Mega Pidgeot and Mega Beedrill, and WOW, we’re going WAY back with these two, huh? I mean, these two and their earlier forms were on a LOT of people’s early (and sometimes not-so-early) teams in the original games. Anyway, let’s take a look at these two, although since they’re unconfirmed, I’ll spare you the evaluation time. lol

Mega Beedrill

If Vespiquen is the Queen of the hive, Mega Beedrill is clearly the King. Just look at this thing! Forget Twineedle, this thing’s signature move should be called Quintuplet Needle. If this thing was available back in the old days, it would never leave people’s teams. Apparently, its type remains Bug/Poison, but it gains the Ability Adaptability, meaning attacks it uses that are the same type as itself get even MORE power, and its already decent physical Attack and Speed are given boosts. I do hope, though, that if this turns out to be real, that Butterfree gets a Mega Evolution as well.

Mega Pidgeot

Mega Pidgeot is definitely a welcome surprise. And Goddamn if I haven’t been waiting for Pidgeot to get something new and awesome to make it useful. Here’s the thing that people have gotta be kicking themselves over, though: Ruby and Sapphire chronologically take place at around the same time as Red and Blue. That means that, if Mega Evolution had been a thing since the first games, Pidgeot would’ve had the ability to Mega Evolve since the beginning. Anyway, Mega Pidgeot keeps its Normal/Flying-type, and it gains a boosted Special Attack and the Ability No Guard, meaning both it and its opponent gain 100% accuracy for ALL of their moves.

Anyway, lemme know what you think of these, if you think they’re bogus, and which Pokémon you’d like to see Mega Evolve in the future. Ja né!

What Needs To Be Done If Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Are Remade

So, a ton of hints have been released here and there that Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire may be finally up for remakes in the near future. Personally, I would LOVE this, but at the same time, I also gotta address some of the things they need to change, besides the obvious (Gen III mechanics switched to Gen VI mechanics, 3D graphics, etc.), as well as some stuff they need to add to the Pokémon found in the game. So, let’s take a look…

#1 – New Mega Evolutions

Specifically, Sceptile and Swampert need Mega Evolutions. Why? Because otherwise, Blaziken has an advantage over the two that might lead to too many players choosing it to start off with. Otherwise, the only other two I can think of that really NEEDS one are Sableye, as Mawile has one and it’s its version exclusive counterpart, and Gallade, as Gardevoir has one and it’s its alternate evolution. Speaking of which…

#2 – Additional Pokémon For The Hoenn Dex

Not too many more, mind you. Mostly, just some of the Pokémon that evolve to and from ones already in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. In other words, Pokémon like Gallade, Probopass, Chingling, Magnezone, etc. Also, thinking maybe Houndour, as it became a version exclusive counterpart to Electrike in X & Y, Eevee, for kinda obvious reasons, and Snubbull, so that there’s some more pure Fairy-types. Otherwise, all of the Fairy-types in Hoenn are dual-types.

#3 – Bring Back The Contest Halls

Much as I like the Battle Tents, I also love the Pokémon Contests, so I think I’d wanna compromise by bringing back the old Contest locations, but have only some of them be in place of the Battle Tents, while the Contests and Tents not in their original locations go to other towns that have neither.

#4 – Incorporate Some Of The Emerald Changes

Since the games would be remakes of the originals, the core story would have to be the same as the original two as opposed to Emerald, but some changes they made in Emerald would be welcome as well. For example, making Juan the Gym Leader, Wallace the Champion, and Steven the final optional boss could work. A few of the aesthetic changes work too, like replacing the Machoke movers at the beginning with Vigoroth (‘cuz I’m sick of the Machoke my chicken joke). Also, some of the new locations like the Battle Frontier, Faraway Island, and Naval Rock could be awesome to see.

#5 – Change Up Some of The Teams/Rival Encounters

I would like it a lot if you had more battles with Brendan/May and Wally throughout the games, as they’re supposed to be your primary rivals and you hardly ever encounter them in battle. Would also be nice to have team-ups with them in Double or even Triple Battles. Would also be nice if they got full teams of six and having May’s starter and Wally’s Gardevoir be able to Mega Evolve. Likewise, the Gym Leaders and Elite Four could use some change-ups to their Emerald version teams. Maybe replace one of Roxanne’s Geodudes with a different Rock-type, Flannery’s Numel could be swapped out for Houndour or Vulpix, Phoebe could have Dusknoir and Shedinja instead of the second Dusclops and Banette, Glacia could have Froslass and Glaceon instead of the second Glalie and Sealeo, and Wallace’s Gyarados could Mega Evolve. The only other major team changes I would make is that I would give Maxie a Mega Houndoom, Archie a Mega Gyarados, and Steven a Mega Aggron.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Leave a comment below, lemme know what you think of these changes, add any of your own, and so on, and let’s hope I’m correct and that Ruby and Sapphire will be remade soon. Ja né!

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