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How Would I Do A Pokémon Colosseum/XD Game?

Okay, so I was watching the newest part of Chuggaaconroy’s Let’s Play of Pokémon Colosseum yesterday, and I started to get really nostalgic for Colosseum and XD. I always loved how unique those two games were, how they took Pokémon to a darker territory without getting TOO dark, gave us some unique gameplay physics, and a good story with memorable characters. So I got to thinking, how would I do a game like that if I were to make a third entry in that series? So I thought it over, and ultimately, this is what I decided on. This is How I Would Do A Pokémon Colosseum/XD Game.

#1 – More Emphasis on Triple and Rotational Battles

I think I would want the game to utilize Triple and/or Rotational Battles in the same manner that Colosseum and XD utilized Double Battles. I just don’t feel like they were taken advantage of enough in the main series, and this would be a great way for players to experience it. And that leads me into the next thing I’d do…

#2 – Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour as the Starters

I just feel like if this was a Triple/Rotational Battle game, then Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour would work best as the starters. That said, I would make it so that they could learn Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, and Water Pledge. That way, can see more usage from those moves, and would make the monkeys a bit more unique.

#3 – Have an late-teens main protagonist again

One of the reasons I prefer Colosseum over XD is the design for the main protagonist. Wes is older and a lot more unique looking than pretty much every other main protagonist in Pokémon games, and I just felt it fit the tone more. I’d wanna bring that sort of design back, but also include a female option, because let’s face it, girls play Pokémon too and it’s not fair to lock them down to the male character only.

#4 – The Return of the Shadow Pokémon

Obviously, I’d want to bring back the Shadow Pokémon, though I think I’d want to create a new team of villains, possibly one born of the CIPHER Admins leaving to form their own group (OBVIOUSLY MIROR B., I would never do a game in this series without Miror B.). Also, I think I’d want most of the Shadow Pokémon to be Unova and Hoenn Pokémon, while also taking care to include plenty of uniquely typed Pokémon, and maybe even doing up some new Shadow type attacks. I’d also want to include a Pokémon like Shadow Lugia in that it’s a massively powerful Shadow Pokémon, differently coloured than its normal form, is a Legendary, and can actually be considered horrifying. I’m thinking either Rayquaza or Kyurem.

#5 – Cameos from the new Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y

Well, it’s the next gen coming up, and XD made sure to include cameos by Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl, so why not include cameos by X and Y Pokémon? Maybe even a Triple Battle where you take on the starters as a way of showcasing what they can do.

So that’s all for now. Comment below if there’s anything you’d include, and if I think of anything more or hear good suggestions, I’ll add them to the list. Ja né!