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Mega Evolution In Pokémon & Who I Think Should Get Them

So, the biggest piece of news regarding Pokémon X & Y as of late HAS to be the reveal of Mega Evolution. If you haven’t been paying attention as of late…well, remember that image we saw of Mewtwo‘s new form? Yeah. Apparently Mewtwo and several other Pokémon have the ability to use what are referred to as Mega Stones to Mega Evolve in battle. This new form of evolution is only temporary (I believe it wears off right after the battle, not sure) and grants new abilities, stats, and types to the Pokémon. Besides Mewtwo, the others that have been confirmed to have a Mega Evolution form are Blaziken, Lucario, Ampharos, Mawile (THANK GOD, and both its normal form and Mega form are now Steel/Fairy), Absol, and Kangaskhan (well actually, it’s more like the kid grows enough to get out of the pouch and help Mommy fight, effectively giving Kangaskhan two attacks). I’ve noticed that a pattern exists with these Pokémon, in that they’re all unable to evolve otherwise since they were either fully evolved or could never evolve in the first place, and all of them were introduced in Generation III or lower, with the exception of Lucario who was announced long before Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out.

All of these Mega Evolutions look and sound great, and even people who don’t like the idea of Mega Evolution are glad that they’re implementing something new to the mechanics of Pokémon. So I was thinking, who else should get Mega Evolutions? Because they’ve already hinted that there are still a bunch more to come. So, here’s what I got for my list of Pokémon I’d like to see get Mega Evolutions.


Man, the original Water/Ground-type kinda got left in the dust a bit, huh? Other than having Water Absorb, it doesn’t really have much going for it that you can’t get out of the others, best examples probably being Swampert or Seismitoad *ducks Ice Punch from Poliwhirl*. So here’s what I had in mind: What if, upon Mega Evolving, it got Sap Sipper? Seriously, all of a sudden, Quagsire would be able to absorb attacks from the one thing that would normally have 4x advantage over it, the one thing that actually is super effective against it, and actually increase its Physical Attack from said attacks. You’d be horrified of what was unleashed upon you.


Because we’ve already made Chuggaaconroy happy by making to out of six of his Emerald team Mega, why not shoot for three? XD Okay, seriously, here’s why: As I’ve made mention to before, while Slaking has Legendary level stats, it only attacks once, then loafs around for a turn before it can attack again. By Mega Evolving, it could shake free of that ability, or maybe gain a new Ability that lets it attack two turns in a row before loafing for a turn. Because two is fine with those kind of stats, honestly.

…No, seriously. Imagine if these two had the ability to Mega Evolve together and become a badass while keeping their cuteness? Think about it, they’re basically designed to work as a team in the first place. With their powers combined into one Pokémon, Plusle and Minun could be near unstoppable. And yeah, I know this is basically DNA Digivolving, but let’s be honest, Mega Evolution is already Digivolving, we might as well go the whole ten miles with this. lol Other duos could get ’em too, like Illumise/Volbeat, Seviper/Zangoose, Electivire/Magmortar, and so on, but I’d hold back a generation before going all out with the various Jogress Evolutions.


Yeah, if you’ll recall, I mentioned before how this poor bird drew the short end of the leak with Game Freak. I don’t know what Farfetch’d did to deserve being left behind, while the other four must-trade-for Pokémon from the original games (Mr. Mime, Jynx, and Lickitung) all got new forms and ways to be useful in the new generations, but I think six generations is long enough to get left out of all the fun. Besides, two other Pokémon on my 10 Pokémon That Got The Shaft list are getting evolutions.

I honestly cannot imagine them doing Mega Evolution and not giving one to Charizard. It’ll be either X & Y or whatever the heck Generation VII is, but it WILL happen. And of course, it would have to become Fire/Dragon upon Mega Evolving. There’s just no way to avoid it. To be honest, I think all three Kanto Starters should get one, but of all three, I think Charizard is the most likely to actually happen. And speaking of Pokémon that could become Dragon-type after Mega Evolving…

Little known fact, Gyarados was originally supposed to be Water/Dragon in the old games. The reason they didn’t do it is because the only Dragon-type attack then was Dragon Rage, which did a set amount of damage, and the Water-type would make the Ice-type damage Gyarados would receive be just neutral damage. That means it wouldn’t have any exploitable weakness, and in the old games, that would make Gyarados far too big a destructive force. But we’ve gone beyond that, and there really is no reason to deny Gyarados any longer.

…Hear me out, people. While I personally feel that the other Mega Evolutions should follow the pattern it has been on thus far, I think giving one to Pikachu would be a good idea. Why? Well, for starters, it hasn’t had much new to work with since Volt Tackle, and it shows when the newest move Ash’s Pikachu learned is Electro Ball. Speaking of which, you know how Ash’s Pikachu refuses to evolve because he wants to stay as he is? Well, Mega Evolution is only temporary. That’s the loophole. That’s how you finally get something new and AWESOME outta Pikachu.

So, there’s some Pokémon I’d like to see get Mega Evolutions in the future. What would you like to see get a Mega Evolution? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see who gets their wish in X & Y. Ja né!

Chuggaaconroy’s Pokémon Colosseum LP Team – It’s Evaluating Time!

So recently, Chuggaaconroy finalised his team on his Let’s Play of Pokémon Colosseum. And because I have no life and was bored one day, I decided to do some in-depth analysis of his team. So with that said, you know what time it is!

It’s Evaluating Time!

So, let’s kick off with Emile’s starter, Saikou.

#1 – Saikou

Known as the Big Good of his team on TV Tropes, Saikou the Espeon started off Emile’s team along with his Umbreon, Baggage. However, Baggage sadly stayed true to his eventual name and only served as a temporary member of the team until the final member of the team joined. Saikou generally puts up Reflect screens, blasts opponents with Psychic-type attacks that can also confuse, or teams with Pokémon that use Earthquake and puts up Protect to avoid being damaged himself. Saikou has weaknesses to Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks and his low physical defence have led to many occasions where he’s taken massive damage, but his high-speed and special attack have conversely given him plenty of opportunities to dish it out as well.

#2 – Corona

Known as The Hero of the team, Corona the Typhlosion was Snagged as a Quilava from Rosso in Phenac City. His general tactic of go in, maybe lay down a Sunny Day, and starting hitting hard with Flame Wheels has pretty much become a staple of Emile’s game plan in battles. It might seem rather basic, but it’s worked rather efficiently thus far. Of course, he still struggles with Rock, Ground, and Water-types, and pairing him with Marshall, Emile’s Quagsire, can be potentially troublesome. However, he still does what he can to mow down the competition, and does it pretty well.


Considered The Lancer of the team (although for a time considered The Big Guy), Marshall the Quagsire was Snagged from Divel in Pyrite Town. His immunity to Electricity, his Water Absorb ability that causes Water-type attacks to heal him instead of damaging him, his fairly well-rounded stats (minus his speed), and Surf and Earthquake attacks that hit both opponents on the field make Marshall a major player on the team. Really, the only thing he needs to worry about is Grass-type attacks, but Emile’s usually smart enough to keep him off the field for those. He’s been involved in a couple of funny moments in the LP, not the least of which playing unintentional accomplice to the stupidity of Dakim’s Camerupt. Oh, and as an amusing aside, the second best choice for his nickname was Tim. Why? Because HE’S SO HAPPY! XD

#4 – Affection

Termed The Chick of the team, Affection the Misdreavus was Snagged from Vant in Pyrite Town. Affection’s placement on the team occurred during an absolutely hilarious run through the Pyrite Colosseum where her opponents repeatedly attacked her with moves that didn’t affect her. Now admittedly, Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to Normal and Fighting-type attacks, and Affection as a Misdreavus has Levitate, which makes her immune to Ground-type moves. However, the opponents didn’t attack her with ineffective moves one or two or three times, but TWELVE TIMES throughout that entire episode. She also knows Pain Split, which has made Snagging Pokémon MUCH easier for Emile. Sadly, 3rd Gen game mechanics and the lack of her evolved form hold her back a bit, but considering that she’s currently been attacked on nearly a couple dozen occasions at this point and walked out unscathed, I think that more than makes up for it.

#5 – Walnut

The Big Gal of the team, Walnut the Forretress (don’t look at me like that, the fans came up with these) was Snagged from Vana in the Shadow Pokémon Lab. Walnut is the physical wall of the team, possessing a large number of resistances, is immune to Poison, and only has one weakness: Fire-type moves. But like with Marshall, Emile is usually smart enough to keep Walnut away from Fire-types. She can also poison opponents badly with Toxic, Protect from attacks and team-mates’ Earthquakes, and, if worse comes to worse, can go boom with Explosion and take her opponents with her. Walnut is definitely not the type to crack under the pressure of battle…I should never make puns in these. -_-

#6 – Granbull

Considered The Smart Guy of the team, Granbull (does not have a nickname at the time of this writing) was Snagged from Tanie in the Shadow Pokémon Lab. As the final member of the team, Granbull is the one with the most to prove. He possesses the most physical power of his team, as showcased with his Strength and Earthquake attacks. Granbull’s only major problem is Fighting-type moves, though he does suffer from low speed (albeit not nearly as much as Marshall). Granbull’s first battle as a member of the team sadly didn’t go as well as Emile was hoping, but he’s since picked up the pace.

So, this is the part where I gotta look at the strengths and weaknesses of this team as a team. Between the six of them, they possess seven immunities: Normal, Fighting, Ground, Water, Poison, Ghost, and Electric-type attacks are all completely ineffective to certain members of the team. Also, two of the members have Protect, and two have Earthquake, so Emile can dish out massive damage on the opposition with little risk to his team. Having said that, Saikou and Affection are both weak to Ghost and Dark-type moves, and Quagsire and Walnut have x4 weaknesses to Grass and Fire-types respectively. While Saikou and Corona have good speed and Affection has decent speed, Marshall, Granbull, and Walnut are all relatively slow. Marshall is usually wearing the Quick Claw, which allows him to move first on occasion, but it’s impossible to predict when this could or could not work.

Ultimately, I feel that Emile has a good team. Is it his greatest team in his Pokémon LPs? I’m inclined to say no. I think that his Crystal run had a much better team. However, it should be noted that Emile is severely limited by the choices available in this game, so with that said, I feel that this team is pretty good. We’ll see how it plays out as time goes by, and also what Granbull’s eventual nickname will be. Ja né!