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Jyger’s Rant – Q&A

My Q&A vid is finally here! I’ll admit that not all the questions were asked online, but I still managed to get a decent enough amount to do this. Also, hints and clues regarding future plans and an upcoming character. Enjoy!

A Q&A Video For The Fans + Miscellaneous Stuff

Yep, I’m planning to do a short Q&A video. Basically just taking some time out to answer a few questions people might have about me. And who will be asking the questions? If you don’t know, kindly take the heaviest book you can find and give yourself a good thwack with it. IT’S YOU, YA SILLY PEEPS!

Basically, what I want people to do is ask me questions they’d like for me to answer in the comments section, though obviously I’m looking primarily for questions related to the blog. I guess geekier questions like “What’s my favourite episode of Pokémon”, “Who are my favourite Internet Reviewers” and the like are okay too. I’ll pick out the better ones, the ones I like, etc, and answer them in the video which I hope to have out by the start of March at the latest. So get cracking, because the sooner I have some decent questions to answer, the sooner I can get to work filming.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the next Kamen Rider Spotlight, I plan to do a list of Pokémon oddities I’ve found in my years as a fan of the games and tv show, and I’ve done THIS, my own personal fanmade ending for Botchamania. Enjoy!