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Possible Recruits For The All-New, All-Different Avengers

So, I was thinking while reading the preview for All-New, All-Different Avengers that was released on Free Comic Book Day about potential additional recruits to the team. Of course, I don’t expect new members to jump in RIGHT AWAY, that’d be ludicrous. Rather, this is me thinking ahead one or two completed story arcs. Now, with that said, one has to wonder what the criteria for being a member of this team is. Well, as is the case for five out of seven of the members (possibly six, we’ll see), it seems to be characters that have taken up legacy hero names, like Thor, Captain America, etc. There also seems to be an emphasis on newer, younger characters, with Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, and Nova all being teenagers. So, with that said, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea as to a few newer characters who could conceivably join this new Avengers team. And before you ask, I think I’ll be leaving Captain Marvel and Ant Man out of this, simply because, while they ARE legacy heroes, I think I’d prefer them to be on a team of their own with a few more of the veterans. So, with that said, here’s a few could-be Avengers we might someday see on this team.

Nomad, AKA Ian Rogers

Nomad, AKA Ian Rogers

Well, he’s mostly been working with Sam in All-New Captain America anyway, right? Why not have them working together as Avengers? Besides, as someone trained by his adoptive father, Steve Rogers, Ian is more than capable of holding his own in any fight, and would be an asset to the team. On top of that, we could have a story involving him nowadays that isn’t “OH MY GOD, IAN’S DEAD! HE’S DIED IN THE LINE OF-” “Actually, he’s alive.” “…Are you sure? Because it looked like-” “He’s standing right over there, dude.” Seriously, that kind of repetitiveness is just annoying.

Hawkeye, AKA Kate Bishop

Hawkeye, AKA Kate Bishop

As a member of the Young Avengers, as well as the Secret Avengers, Kate Bishop already has more than enough credibility to join a team like this. On top of that, though, I think it would be VERY interesting to see her on the team, considering that Miles Morales is a member, and he used to date the Ultimate Universe version of Kate, until it was revealed her family were members of Hydra and she kinda ended up getting him and his family kidnapped. So yeah, would make things kinda awkward, but in a good way.

Power Man, AKA Victor Alvarez

Power Man, AKA Victor Alvarez

Another actual Avengers member, the new Power Man could prove the member with the most raw power if he joined this team, with only a couple of contenders. If nothing else, his ability to absorb chi from his environment gives him a different method of power from the others, giving additional variety to the team, plus he can mimic the skills and fighting styles of just about anyone he trains with, so he’d make for a very well-rounded fighter as well. The only thing he’d really need to watch out for are bio-electric jammers, which are able to inhibit his overall power.

Roberto Reyes

Ghost Rider, AKA Roberto Reyes

…Okay, admittedly, this one is based more out of curiosity. Specifically, it seems there are a HUGE contingent of Roberto/Kamala shippers, to the point where Marvel actually seems to be having some fun with the concept in a romance comic set in Secret Wars. Now, the canonicity of this is maybe a touch in the air, but imagine if they were on the same team and whether or not anything would wind up happening between them. Though personally, I think she maybe has a bit more in common with Miles Morales, but that’s just me. On top of that, his hellish power-set, near-identical to that of the first Ghost Rider (save for that duplication trick he can do), would most certainly come in handy in plenty of situations.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now, at least fitting the theme I mentioned. Got one I didn’t think of? Leave it in the comments below, and we’ll see how the team grows and develops following Secret Wars. Ja né!

Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 DC/Marvel Team-Ups I Would LOVE To See

So, the days of DC/Marvel crossovers kinda feels LONG past, where we’ll likely never see them again, save for one company buying out the other, or someone obtaining the rights to both. But, if the two companies ever DID manage a crossover, there are some characters I would LOVE to see team up. Now, because we’ve already seen some characters interact before, I’m gonna try to keep this list devoted to ones that never have before, but I might let one slip that either I didn’t know about or just wanted to see so badly that it overrode that. And, me being me, expect a lot of superheroines. lol So, let’s not waste any time and get the obvious one outta the way…

#1 - Spoiler and Spider-Woman

#1 – Spoiler and Spider-Woman

Yeah, zero surprises with this one, huh? And yes, I HAVE seen the fan-art of Gwen with Batgirl, don’t worry, we’ll get to HER in a sec. For now, I just feel from a personality, fighting style, and equipment standpoint, these two are probably a tighter match. Hell, their costumes are even really similar, and they’re both blondes. The only major thing throwing off their combo is that only Gwen has superpowers, but as seen when she teamed up with other superheroes, that doesn’t do much, if anything, to hold Steph back.

#2 - Birds of Prey and Fearless Defenders

#2 – Birds of Prey and Fearless Defenders

Really, I think THIS is where Babs is best suited: With the Birds of Prey, teamed with The Most Fabulous Fighting Team Of All, the Fearless Defenders. My God, the awesomeness of this team-up would be AMAZING, but more than seeing them kicking ass and taking names, I would love to just see them doing some post-battle chillaxing at someone’s pad or something. Also, while they aren’t in the picture, of course I’d want Huntress in there on the Birds side of things, and Dani Moonstar and Elsa Bloodstone with the Defenders.

#3 - Superman and Hulk

#3 – Superman and Hulk

Okay, I know for a fact these two have met, but I don’t know if they’ve ever actually teamed up. That said, I have an AMAZING idea for why they would team up: Basically, Superman and Hulk have to go and save Sakaar, which has been taken over by Brainiac…I’ll leave ya with that thought. XD Now, this next one is another team-up of teams, but the second isn’t really so much a “team” as…well, you’ll see.

#4 - Teen Titans and Hawkeye, Ultimate Spider-Man, Nomad, Ms. Marvel, and X-23

#4 – Teen Titans and Hawkeye, Ultimate Spider-Man, Nomad, Ms. Marvel, and X-23

Why these five heroes with the Teen Titans? Well, because they’re all simultaneously younger heroes and successors to previous heroes, which is what the original Teen Titans were made up of. Granted, one of them is from the Ultimate Universe. Still, I just think it would make a nice team-up of the younger heroes from both worlds in this crazy world that’s seemingly out to get them.

#5 - Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel

#5 – Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel

I don’t know if this team-up has ever happened before or not, but if it hasn’t, it NEEDS TO. lol Seriously, the leading ladies of DC and Marvel. I would thoroughly enjoy watching these two interact, not to mention kick the asses of anyone foolish enough to try to take them on. Hell, I would FAR sooner read a book about these two teamed up than frigging Superman and Wonder Woman, which focuses primarily on their relationship that I have no idea why it’s still going on, if for no other reason than we’ve clearly established it is leading to bad stuff happening.

So, that’s my list of team-ups. Who would YOU like to see in a DC/Marvel crossover? Lemme know in the comments below, and I shall see ya’ll next time. Ja né!