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What Do I Listen To While Writing Power Rangers Guardians of Gaia?

So, I’ve been writing my Power Rangers fanfic for a while now. Between the two ‘seasons’, the story is currently resting at 26 chapters long with 170,556 words. In other words, it’s the largest single project I’ve ever done, unless you count every article on my blog and add them all up together. However, one thing I’ve always liked to allude to is what I’m listening to while writing certain scenes. So, I’m here now to set the record straight as to exactly what I listen to as I write Power Rangers Guardians of Gaia.

Now, obviously, while writing action scenes, I listen to a lot of Ron Wasserman. If you’re unfamiliar (which you shouldn’t be if you’re an old school PR fan, but it CAN happen), Wasserman did a LOT of the classic songs for Power Rangers, including the original Go Go Power Rangers, and came back to do the Power Rangers SPD theme and a demo for Power Rangers Mystic Force. He also did a number of remakes of his classic songs, which he released as Power Rangers Redux. Luckily, a lot of Wasserman tunes work perfectly for certain scenes of my fic. For example, in Chapter 9, ‘Knight of the Wind’ (which is also a song I listen to sometimes when I write Patrick in action, FYI), when Pat is making his big comeback against the monster, this is pretty much the intended tune to play along with the scene:

When the Wizard Ranger, who has plenty of gold on his suit and fights a lot like a combo of the Gold Zeo Ranger and the Solaris Knight, leaps in to help the team, a lot of times I listen to this:

And so on. However, on top of a lot of those themes, there’s also a mashup produced on YouTube of one of Wasserman’s songs that I’ve become rather taken with and listen to a lot…

Also, just the instrumental of Welcome To The Family on its own is a great song for writing PR action scenes to. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up one of my favourite things to listen to while writing people kicking ass, and in particular during the opening to ‘Guardians of Gaia, Awaken! Part 2’: The soundtrack to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, specifically…

Or hey, remember the two part finale to Season 1, ‘Into Darkness’, when they charged the Blots on horseback?

I also sometimes listen to music from Super Sentai. For example, in ‘Sisters’, there’s a moment where Layla and Madilyn team up to fight a monster, and for whatever reason, this was what was playing in my head as I was writing and I HAD to put it on:

Then there’s that scene in ‘Always A Ranger Part 3’ where…well, I don’t wanna ruin it too much for anyone who hasn’t read it, but let’s just say that the Gaia Rangers band together with some new allies to fight a horde of monsters led by Dradarius himself, and I HAD to use this song. And you’ll have to forgive the quality, since there was never an official release of this, though there IS a piano cover on YouTube…

And during the fight scene that followed THAT up, I listened to THIS awesome mashup:

But enough of the action scenes, let’s talk about some of the other moments in the fic. Now, this is a case where I wish there was a lot more of the background music for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers available, but unfortunately, for whatever reason, many of those were never released to the public. So, a lot of times, I gotta go outside the box with other stuff. Now, obviously, for moments like Dradarius sitting on the Dark Throne in the Abyssial Fortress, there’s only one theme that could fit the scene perfectly, which thankfully IS available, and has actually been covered and remixed a few different times on YouTube:

However, for other moments of the villains plotting or being menacing, particularly Walker and Darkea, I find myself listening to this more often than not:

And that’s not the only scene I’ve used music from Kingdom Hearts for. For example, remember that heart-breaking scene from ‘Sisters’ that I thought people were gonna kill me for? Well, here’s what I was listening to during that sequence. By all means, re-read that scene with this playing in your headset:

I actually use that for a lot of sad scenes, especially those centered around Layla and Madilyn. And remember in ‘Indigo Nightmare’ where the team entered the Well of Regret? Well…

Anyway, that’s enough of Kingdom Hearts. For other emotional scenes (not necessarily sad), like Drayden and Nikki’s talk in ‘Crying Out For Mummy’, here’s a nice little tune I like to pop in and listen to:

And lastly, for relatively silly moments, like when Madilyn is being…well, Madilyn, here’s a pretty on-the-nose song that I turn on:

So yeah, that pretty much covers everything, other than a few random songs I listen to here and there. Lemme know what you think about this unofficial soundtrack for my fic, as well as if you ever do the same thing while writing or drawing or the like. Ja né!
















…Oh, and last of all, for the Lightless showing up in the next chapter…well… … …:)







My Thoughts On The Wrecking Ball Phenomenon

So, one thing I’ve noticed in regards to popular music of the past year was that Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball was apparently one of the most iconic songs of 2013, if not the single most iconic. Now, I know a lot of people are immediately thinking stuff like “No wonder 2013 sucked”, “Maybe the end of the world SHOULD’VE come at the end of 2012”, etc. However, I’ve done some analysis on the Wrecking Ball phenomenon, as it were, and I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that may shock and surprise many, but here we go: Wrecking Ball, for what it is, is NOT a bad song.

Now, here me out here. When I say that Wrecking Ball isn’t a bad song, I am NOT saying it doesn’t have problems. In fact, having listened to the song a number of times, both by Miss Cyrus and in various covers, parodies, mash-ups, and remixes, I’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest problem the song has is Miley Cyrus herself. I’ve made it clear that I’m not fond of listening to covers, remixes, and even downright stolen lyrics on the radio when they come in massive clusterings, but I DO enjoy cover bands on YouTube. As such, I HAVE heard a number of covers of Wrecking Ball, and I can say as clear as day that this never should’ve been a Miley Cyrus song. The song should be a ballad, that simple. Can there be different takes on the song in different styles? Sure, but the primary version of the song that everyone should know should be a ballad. And I know I’m probably not surprising many when I say this, but Miley Cyrus, in the image and direction that she is taking herself these days, cannot deliver on the type of song Wrecking Ball should have been. On top of that, the infamous music video did not help matters.

So, if I was asked to summarize: Because the version of Wrecking Ball most well-known to the public is tainted by Miley’s vocals and the bizarre imagery of the music video, the song is believed to be poor. The reality is, when presented appropriately, the song can be anywhere from good to great. So, if you ever find yourself humming the song, don’t feel embarrassed. You are simply enjoying the song as it should be, rather than how it wound up being presented to the public.

And if I still haven’t convinced you, I suggest you listen to the covers by chestersee, Madilyn Bailey, Justin Ward, the trio of Andy Lange, Andrew Garcia, & Josh Golden, the ‘YouTube Orchestra’ version (which NEEDS to be a thing) made by Raheem D, and a few others. Just give them a chance, and see if you like it any different when done by different people in different styles. Ja né!

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