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My 950th Blog Post + Future Plans (FEEDBACK HEAVILY REQUESTED)

So, it’s been a while since I’ve come on here and spelled out my future plans. The main reason for that is because I realized it was basically the equivalent of making a New Year’s resolution that you know you’re unlikely to make stick… … …So, here we are, talking about my future plans, because fuck it, I couldn’t think of anything else to do for the 950th blog post. lol

And yeah, this makes 950, which is absolutely insane to me, even if some of them are reblogged articles. I started this blog basically just to share a few random thoughts and rant about whatever struck me at the time, which is admittedly what I’m still doing, but never did I think I’d still be at this six years later. And it’s been a crazy time. I’ve talked about the Zelda timeline and tried to theorize where it all falls into place…only to then have it all spelled out for me via a book Nintendo released. I did my own internet review show…and retired from the biz around the fall of Blip. And I think I’ve had like three or four different girlfriends while working on this blog, meaning if I ever refer to her in past blog entries, people nowadays are gonna be confused as to which one I’m talking about. And, of course, the strangest thing to happen to me while doing this: The fucking cupcakes. That said, I think in terms of stuff I’ll never live down, that’s been replaced by a little incident at Mekeninzo’s apartment involving hot sauce. For those who say peer pressure can’t make you do anything, I give a hearty “Fuck you”. XD

Anyway, what’s my point to all of this? Well, just that’s been a crazy six years… … …and somewhere along the way, I got caught up in trying to be a big fucking deal. I think it was when my view counts starting going through the roof (at least compared to how I usually was), and I became more insistent on getting more articles out to get more views. I did take breaks, but those were more based on stuff going on in my personal life than letting myself not let more views get to me. Honestly, in hindsight, I think this was a mistake, and that I should really go back to just posting when I feel like posting, not when I start to see views drop. Getting a lot of views is good, but the thing is, sometimes the views were going up and down in overly dramatic ways regardless of if I was doing anything or not. Although, before you ask, the articles written by N. Harmonik weren’t part of that. That was more because she’d done so much work for me that I felt she deserved the chance to get her own thoughts out on stuff. That said, I will admit that she DID tap into fanbases I wasn’t a part of, and thus raked in her fair share of views, so I won’t lie, the idea of having her and some of my other friends who have been of help and support over the years do more articles is something I’m considering.

But, back to MY future plans, the stuff I personally am planning to do. You might be wondering where the next DC Rebirth One Year Later blog post is, for example. Well, if you couldn’t tell, I left a pretty blatant hint at the end of the last one that the next one would revolve around the Titans books. Well, basically, I decided I wanna wait for the current story arcs the books are doing to be over before tackling my thoughts on them. So, instead, I think the next one will deal with The Flash…much to my dismay. Not gonna lie, not a fan of this book, and I’ll explain why when I get to it.


I’m still in the process of writing the new version of The Intangible Starslip, which is currently up to Chapter 11. Not sure EXACTLY how long it’ll be, although I do know how I’m planning to end it. It’s just the how and when I get to that point that’s causing it to be so long. As for what I do with it after that…well, Mekeninzo was talking to me about it the other day, and eventually the conversation turned to if and when I was planning to physically PUBLISH it. At the time, I played it cool and made it seem like a plan I’d always had, but the truth is, I have no idea how I’d even go about that. I’ve never published ANYTHING. It’s been a goal of mine, sure, but it was one I saw happening in the far off future, not right now. Still, if it’s possible for someone like me to get written work out there…maybe? I dunno, lemme know what you think below.

Oh, and in regards to my 1000th blog post, yes, I know what I’m gonna be doing. And no, it’s not Bible Black again. I know there were probably some people wondering about that. However, it will be what some people will consider a controversial subject. I’m not gonna outright say what it is, although those who are in my more immediate circle of friends already know, but I will give the following hint: It’s a story that I like to personally think of as Fifty Shades of Grey done RIGHT. Again, you’ll see what I mean when I get to it.

And yes, I swear to God, at some point, I will finish Power Rangers Guardians of Gaia. XD Much like Starslip, I DO know how I’m going to end it, it’s just getting there that’s the problem, made worse by everything else that’s gotten in the way.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Leave your thoughts on my plans in the comments below (PRETTY PLEASE), I’ll see you all back here the next time I post something. Ja né!

Jyger’s Journeys In Dungeons & Dragons – Beware The Fires Of Mekeninzo (WARNING – SPOILERS FOR ADVENTURERS LEAGUE)

So, since my party just completed Hoard of the Dragon Queen tonight, I thought I’d spend tonight highlighting one of the characters in the party: Our wizard, Mekeninzo. And, based on his character and the guy who plays him, there’s only one song that best sets the tone for this article. HIT IT!

Ah, where to start with Mekeninzo? Well, first off, he’s probably the most dedicated thief I’ve ever seen in D&D that wasn’t a rogue of any sort. He simply CANNOT pass up a chest, crate, pot, or anything that could potentially house loot of any kind. I’ve honestly lost track of the number of times he’s either gotten in trouble or almost gotten into trouble because he just couldn’t help but steal stuff while we were on a job. In fact, he recently obtained a Bag of Holding, but almost lost his shot at it out of what I can only term untainted and inexcusable greed, because he tried using it to steal some gold that was lying around and kinda made a bit too much noise doing it. He was almost eaten alive for that, and while his escape doesn’t necessarily surprise me, I’m SHOCKED he managed to get ahold of the bag again, AND the gold for that matter!

Probably the other major thing most of us playing think of when it comes to Mekeninzo, and the reason for the whole Fire and Flames intro, is his adoration for fire spells. The second he learned to throw fireballs, I was almost certain I saw tears of psychotic joy in his eyes. Granted, he knows how to divert his flames so that they don’t hit us, but there’s always that sense of terror that, one day, he may just forget, or not have that option. The worst was when he found some black powder. I stayed the hell away from him for the entire duration that he had that black powder.

One running gag with Mekeninzo is that the guy who plays as him is usually late for our game. It’s not really his fault, though, ‘cuz he works through the day, and then usually has to go pick up his girlfriend, our monk, so they can both show up. So I totally get why it happens. But what’s spawned from this was a moment that has led to what I term the Dragonzord Tactic. If you don’t get the reference, in the old Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, something that would happen a lot would be that the team would be fighting a monster and getting their butts whooped, at which point Tommy would show up to summon the Dragonzord and turn the tides of battle. So here, we were fighting off this horde of monsters in a cave, five of us playing at the time, doing decently I suppose, but nonetheless having trouble with the encounter. Then Mekeninzo shows up, launches a single fireball, and the whole field of battle is just CLEARED. It wouldn’t be the last time this happened, leading me to start referring to Mekeninzo’s player as ‘Tommy’ and whistling the following:

However, for all of his hi-jinks, Mekeninzo, or rather the person playing as him, is generally the smart one of the group. I’ve oftentimes deferred to him as our unofficial leader when things got hairy, or we needed someone to make tough choices. Also, despite his constant taunting that, should things get too bad that he’d turn invisible and run off, when the time came that he could’ve, he instead turned invisible and ran around healing the wounded however he could…although, he argued that he DID technically turn invisible and run. I dunno, maybe he just likes to act macho, or he can’t bring himself to acknowledge us as more than just his companions and/or meat shields, or something silly like that. Suppose I could always ask his girlfriend if she knows what that’s all about.

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say about my party’s wizard. Got any funny stories from your own D&D parties? Lemme know in the comments section below. Ja né!