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How Would I Rebuild The DC Universe From Scratch? – The Legion of Doom, Darkseid, The Secret Society, And More

Welcome back to How Would I Rebuild The DC Universe From Scratch. Nowadays, this is more me venting ideas for fanfics. Though, to be perfectly honest, with some of the crap I keep hearing about the insane decision-making by the heads of DC, Dan Didio in particular, rebuilding it from scratch might someday be necessary…Anyway, thought this time, I’d talk more villains and villainous groups. So, let’s start with…

No, not THAT Legion of Doom! lol

For these guys, they’d be the group of villains that are meant to be the answer for the Justice League, the villains meant to take them all down. Lex Luthor would be the founder of the group, although operating from out of prison just to be all the more awesome and show that he can. Parasite would be the counter for Superman, Giganta would be Wonder Woman‘s opposite, and Joker would act parallel to Batman. As for the others, they’d be dependant on who was on the League at the time (Professor Zoom for Flash, Sinestro for Green Lantern, Amazo for Cyborg, Despero for Martian Manhunter, Lady Shiva for Black Canary, and so on).

The Crime Syndicate of Amerika would pretty much function as it always has: The alternate reality versions of the Justice League of America and the Justice League International. Again, its roster would depend on the members of the JLA at the time. So in other words…

Ultraman – Superman
Superwoman – Wonder Woman
Owlman – Batman
Johnny Quick – The Flash
Power Ring – Green Lantern
Grid – Cyborg
White Martian – Martian Manhunter
Scream Queen – Black Canary
Sea King – Aquaman
Angelique – Hawkgirl
Blue Bowman – Green Arrow
Breakdance – Vibe
Vamp – Vixen
Fiero – Fire
Frostbite – Ice

…and so on. lol Heck, I might even throw in a few extras as henchmen, just for the sake of having a wide array of characters, which is actually why Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths is N. Harmonik’s favourite DC Animated Movie, as well as one of my favourites…In fact, note to self: Review Crisis on Two Earths one of these days.

The ruler of Apokolips, I’d wanna bring Darkseid back to what he does best: Tear down everyone and everything in his way to find the Anti-Life Equation. Yeah, I know, it kinda makes him one-note, but to be perfectly honest, with all the secret organizations with their complex plans and bull-crap reasons for the things they do, it’s actually refreshing to have someone like Darkseid around. Now, I’m sure with that reasoning, people would want the classic Darkseid look back, but I dunno, I actually kinda like his new look…That is, his look in Justice League Origins, not his recent issue of Villains Month where his revised origins are that he was just a farmer who hated the Gods, which is so fucking stupid I could scream…but I digress. Also, to further his schemes, he’d be running THIS little group…

For the Secret Society, I’d wanna go back to the original idea behind them, that they were put together by Darkseid. Its inner circle of members, would probably be some of the most powerful, influential, and dangerous villains on Earth, who would likewise not care much if humanity fell. Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, Black Hand, Poison Ivy, and Black Manta would make good choices. Naturally, they’d come up against the Justice Leagues on occasion, while Batwoman would personally be investigating them and trying to find the ties between them.

Sinestro would go back to being the instrument of fear in the universe, a former Green Lantern now seeking to kill every Green Lantern he comes across. He’d be coming to Earth to take on the Green Lantern stationed there, while the Sinestro Corps would only make occasional appearances, most of them involved in war with the Green Lantern Corps in the deep reaches of space. As for his costume, I think I’d wanna use the one he wore recently after merging with Parallax at the end of Wrath of the First Lantern.

For Amazo, I think I’d want to go back to basics and have him be an android that can copy the super-powers of his foes. He’d primarily be a foe of the whole Justice League, but he’d also come into conflict with Cyborg specifically from time to time, trying to prove the superiority of androids to cyborgs. As for his appearance, I think I’d wanna go with the modern look in the comics. Tempted as I am to use the look he has in Justice League Unlimited, this one just barely edges it out.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Lemme know what you think about these choices, and I’ll see y’all next time when I take a look at certain stories that I might wanna loosely adapt for fanfics sometime, what I’d change, what I’d keep the same, etc. Ja né!

What I Bought Today – Nightwing #14 and Catwoman #14 + HeroClix!

So yeah, this week’s comics were…well, I kinda suspected this was gonna be the odd week out. The comics aren’t overly bad, just one is filler and the other is just plain weird. Let’s start off with Nightwing #14.

Not really sure why they’re fighting in rain on the cover since they don’t in the comic, but hey, still an epic shot.

Again, this is not a bad comic, I can see the good in this book. The problem is that this is very much a filler story to try to keep the reader’s attention until the Nightwing tie-in with Death of the Family. Lady Shiva kicks the crap outta Nightwing because he’s still hurt from his fight in Nightwing #12, but he manages to stop her from assassinating her targets, a group from the S.E.C. having a meeting (which happens to include his new love interest), only to find out that she didn’t have to kill them, only delay their meeting and force them to call it off. For some bizarre reason, Dick thinks that it was Joker that hired her…I don’t know why. Yeah, it was kind of a swerve to learn it was really Penguin that did it, but Joker would make ZERO sense. I will say that the ending is actually an effective cliffhanger that leads into Death of the Family and will make Dick’s own part in that story quite personal. Not much else to say, really.

…In hindsight, I probably should’ve known this would be a weird ass comic just from this cover. lol

Catwoman #14…Yeah, I think I’m gonna be dropping this one. Admittedly, it’s WAY better than when Winick was writing it, but I’m honestly not sure what to make of this. It’s just…WEIRD. It’s not as bad as Catwoman #13, and we at least see that the weird ass chess game was Joker’s idea, which makes it a bit more forgiveable if we know a psycho thought it up, but it’s still weird. I will say that it’s great seeing the Joker flashback where he talks of his past and you don’t know if he’s telling the truth, if he’s lying, or if his mind is making it up. Classic Joker. Otherwise, it came of as a very strange title to me, but I suppose it’s possible it’s just me, so if you feel like checking it out, by all means. Again, the quality has grown by leaps and bounds since Anne Nocenti took over, so that should entice people to check it out.

Speaking of Catwoman, I picked up one of the Batman HeroClix today, and lo and behold, it was in fact Catwoman. I’m still hoping to get ahold of the Stephanie Brown Batgirl figurine, and of course I also need to learn to PLAY the flipping game, but still, I find the figurines kind of neat and at least make for cool collectables.

I could seriously kiss the person who decided to include her Electro-Magna-Gooperangs as an ability. XD

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Next week promises to be FAR better as Batman Incorporated #5 and Talon #2 come out. Until then, ja né!