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Why DO They Call It Evolution In Pokémon?

Y’know how when you’re awake at night and you can’t sleep, and your mind drifts to weird topics? Well, I was thinking last night why it is that, when Pokémon grow and change, it’s called evolution? Because it’s really not, at least not from a literal standpoint. Now, because I’m not a scientist, nor do I play one on television, and I don’t really expect very many to read my blog, I’ll simplify my terms here: Basically, evolution is the term used for when a species grows and changes to better suit their environment. It’s what a lot of people believe happened to the remaining dinosaurs that didn’t die off, and how life continued on Earth after the event that caused most of them to become extinct.

Now, before anyone goes Phoebe from F*R*I*E*N*D*S on me (and I cannot wait for that show to be uploaded to Netflix, I miss the heck outta it), I’m aware of the fact that there are people that don’t believe in evolution. That’s fine. I’m not here to start a debate over that. I’m just saying that, under that description, what a Pokémon does isn’t really evolution in the most literal of senses. Really, what’s happening is that they’re growing up, getting stronger, and at some point, developing into a different kind of creature. The biggest difference is that Pokémon seem to evolve as individuals, and with a few exceptions, have a set direction, whereas real-life evolution is done as a species and can’t be pre-determined, no matter what Brannon Braga and everyone else who worked on the Star Trek Voyager episode ‘Threshold’ might tell you, and you want more info on that, watch SF Debris’ review of the episode. Another major difference is the fact that species evolve to survive in different environments, whereas Pokémon don’t seem to have that problem, and instead evolve seemingly as a way to keep up with and compete with other Pokémon, either by becoming stronger, gaining new abilities, or changing types (for example, Mudkip evolving to become part Ground-type to gain immunity from electricity).

If that’s the case, though, why DO we call it evolution in Pokémon if that’s not what’s actually happening? Well, that’s when it hit me: Maybe they DON’T mean it in the literal, scientific sense, but the metaphorical one? Evolution has oftentimes been used as a metaphor for people growing stronger, smarter, getting new skills, and a lot of other stuff that aren’t actually covered under the literal explanation for evolution. And really, when you think about it, that’s what’s happening with Pokémon: The grow up, get bigger, stronger, faster, gain new abilities, can learn different attacks, change types, and so on. So, maybe calling it evolution isn’t necessarily wrong, just that the word is being used in a different sense.

So, does this mean that literal evolution doesn’t occur in Pokémon? Honestly, that’s an interesting question. Why DO some Pokémon have just the right types, abilities, and body shapes to thrive in different environments? Take Helioptile for example. This is a Pokémon whose typing gives it a huge disadvantage against other inhabitants of its native environment, which is generally a desert or rocky terrain. However, its abilities take perfect advantage of its environment, allowing it to become evasive in sandstorms, absorb solar energy, and so on. That seems to suggest that it evolved from a species that couldn’t survive in that environment. And then there’s Pokémon that have eerie similarities to others, like how the otherwise extinct Kabutops resembles a lot of other Pokémon that have come into existence later on. Stuff like that tends to suggest that literal evolution does exist in the Pokémon world. So, for those that maybe stay up at night wondering about evolution in Pokémon, like I did? Don’t stress too much over it, and especially don’t keep yourself up trying to figure it out, otherwise you WILL find yourselves nerding out hard over it. lol

Anyway, leave a comment below telling me your own theories on evolution in Pokémon, and maybe some ones you’d like to see Nintendo and Game Freak toss out in the future. Ja né!

The New Pokémon & Region – It’s Evaluating Time!

So, some more Pokémon for the new games, X and Y versions, have been revealed, as well as some new info regarding the region, the playable Trainers, etc. With that said, I think you know what time it is…


To start, let’s look at the official trailer to reveal all this new info.

So let’s take a look at the new Pokémon…

Gogoat is a Grass-type Ride Pokémon. Trainers can apparently ride it in Lumiose City, possibly in other locations as well. Supposedly, grabbing its horns helps Trainers connect with it, which I don’t get. I would think if that was me, I’d just be pissed off. Gogoat’s only known move is Horn Leech.

Pancham is a Fighting-type Naughty Pokémon. And yes, I know, Kung Fu Panda, hardy flippin’ har. Pancham glares at opponents to try to intimidate them, but apparently that doesn’t generally work out all that well for it…Somehow, I get the feeling Ash is catching this. Its only known move is called Parting Shot, which lowers the opponent’s Attack and Special Attack, and then makes Pancham retreat from battle.

Fletchling is a Normal/Flying-type Japanese Robin Pokémon. Friendly and popular, it can also be a fierce-ass battler. Also, it will likely be N. Harmonik’s favourite for this region for reasons that people who know her will get. Its only known move is oddly Flame Charge, which should give Fletchling an edge over those pesky Ice-types.

Helioptile is an Electric/Normal-type Generation Pokémon. By charging energy with sunlight, it doesn’t need to eat all that much. In a lot of ways, it’s the first of its kind, not just for combining Normal with Electric, but because Helioptile is the first Pokémon to have the Normal-type as its Secondary type instead of its Primary. Its only known move is called Parabolic Charge, an Electric-type move that damages the opponent, and then causes the user to regain half the damage it inflicted.

And now that all four of the new Pokémon are out of the way, let’s talk the new region: Kalos. First off, it’s based off of France…called it. 🙂 The central city is the aforementioned Lumiose City, and it seems that a LOT happens there. Also, apparently you can explore this new region in full 3D, interacting with objects and moving a full 360°.

Then there’s the new Pokédex, and I’m just saying it here, this is the single most different Pokédex I have ever seen. First off, it’s card-shaped, and has a holographic centre that appears when the two ends are separated. It’s also got three separate areas in its Regional Dex: Central Kalos, Coastal Kalos, and Mountain Kalos.

New X & Y Trainers

And finally, there’s the playable characters. Not only do I really like the looks of them, but guess what? If you don’t, you can change them. Right from the get-go, you’re allowed to change stuff like skin-tone and hair colour, you can later find new clothing and accessories, and at any time, you can then return home and change your appearance. YES PLEASE. 😀

So, that’s all for now. Lemme know what you think below, and I shall see you again as new news is unveiled. Ja né!