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Updates on Progression of Infinite DC – Wonder Woman + Trailer + Special Sneak Preview

So, I thought I’d give an update on what I’m doing with my Wonder Woman fanfic that I’m writing for National Novel Writing Month. I’ve posted a few here and there on Twitter, but I thought I’d give a bigger one here, plus a special sneak preview of the fanfic! So, let’s get the ball rolling.

So, first and foremost, at the time of writing this article, I have written 12,789 words so far. So I am a little behind, but I will catch up, I’m not too worried about that. Still plenty of time to get caught up, and it actually helps a bit that I currently have little to no life. lol Anyway, for those that don’t know about the subject matter, here’s a trailer I did on YouTube for the fic…

All images belong to DC Comics, and the music is Those Chosen By The Planet – Remastered, originally by Nobuo Uematsu, and the Wonder Woman theme, performed by The Boomsters. Anyway, here’s the synopsis that you can read on my novel’s page on NaNoWriMo

Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, and princess of the Amazons. She was granted life by the Greek Gods of Olympus themselves, and gifted with abilities that made her the greatest of her people. Now, she is an ambassador to the world of men, and a champion of equality, truth, and justice. She is Wonder Woman.

However, she’s rapidly running out of time, as a vision from approximately two weeks in the future tells the tale of a zombie apocalypse that is set to begin in Washington, D.C. Sure enough, the dead are beginning to rise again, from zombies of the worst men the world has ever produced, to undead beasts stitched together as crude, nightmarish creatures. If the events of her vision come to pass, there’s nothing she can do to save the capital of the United States. Thus, Wonder Woman must find the cause of the apocalypse and stop it before it happens, or the land of the free will fall.

So yeah, it’s technically another zombie apocalypse story…sort of. Where it’s different is that most zombie stories take place during or after the zombie apocalypse. This is about Wonder Woman trying to stop the zombie apocalypse before it happens, which will include an actual time and date at the beginning of chapters and after break lines to reference the ticking clock leading to the events of her vision. And for those wondering how Wonder Woman fits into a zombie apocalypse story, it’s very simple: Her sources. She has regular contact with people who work with the government, she can speak with the Greek Gods, she’s even been to the underworld to talk with Hades, which is where the souls of the dead go. So really, when you think about it in those terms, she’d actually be one of the first DC superheroes to respond to a plague of zombies.

In addition to the powers I listed previously, I’ve decided to have her bracers limit her overall strength and speed, and that removing them grants her the full potential of her power, though without the berserker stage that’s in the comics

As for other characters aside from Wonder Woman that will be appearing, as you could gather from the trailer, antagonists will include Grundy, Giganta, and Captain Nazi. As I alluded to on Twitter, Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele will be brought back as zombies, as it’s all part of Captain Nazi’s plan. Given that this is a zombie story involving DC Comics characters, you can probably guess who one of the major villains is. Steve Trevor and Etta Candy will be giving aid to Diana by giving her information through their government connections. Hades will be begrudgingly helping Wonder Woman, as it’s the only way to regain control of the underworld (seeing as how looking over said underworld is kind of his job, and if the souls of the dead stop going there, he’s kinda screwed). Hippolyta will be making appearances, as will Artemis and Philippus. By the way, seeing as how Gail Simone wanted to have those two get married in the comics, and Dan Didio was actually on board with it (Yeah, I know o.O), Artemis and Philippus will be a married couple in my fic. Superman and Batman aren’t so much in the story as they are alluded to a few times, though I have considered having them appear in nightmare fuel visions (by the way, I have considered making this a Rated M story for, just so you know). And there will be other characters who pop in from time to time, but I think I’ll keep them to myself for now. ^_^

Hades, as he will appear in my story

Anyway, with that all out of the way, here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come. Just remember, I’m constantly making additions and revisions, so this might change by the time it’s ready to be posted, but here’s a look at Chapter 2 of Infinite DC – Wonder Woman.

Diana wanted so badly right now to have some sort of gag for her ‘companion’ as they approached the location of one of the few known gates to the underworld, hidden in the hills outside of Washington, cloaked by magic against anyone with the vision to see through it, or the knowledge of its presence. Adolf had not shut up the entire trip there, and while Wonder Woman had been blessed upon birth by Aphrodite with a near-endless amount of compassion, the former leader of the Nazi regime was testing it. A LOT.

“Peh, ‘warrior women’,” Hitler spat. “You are inferior beings created by pagan ‘Gods’. If you had been at war with my regime, we would have left you a bloody smear on your little island hideaway, which is the ONLY reason you still exist today, in the wake of our righteousness.”

“Yes, the Nazis were VERY righteous,” Wonder Woman replied sarcastically. “Which is why you’ve been rotting away in the deepest, darkest corner of Tartarus for the past 70 years or so.”

“Make no mistake, small Amazon,” Adolf growled, “I WILL have revenge for the indignities I’ve suffered in both my life and my afterlife, including on you.”

“First of all, I’m nearly twice your size,” Diana countered. “Second, revenge isn’t exactly befitting the supposedly righteous. Third, SHUT UP!”

“Or what?” Hitler mocked. “You’ll knock my head off my shoulders? I’m dead, what do I care? I’ll bite your feet clean off, and let you die from the infection!”

Diana scowled as the gate came into view. Normally, this gate would require a blood sacrifice in the light of the full moon to pass through. However, due to Wonder Woman’s status with the Gods, she was allowed free passage whenever she wanted. It wasn’t a problem with any of them for her to be allowed free entry, since the underworld wasn’t exactly a place she liked to traverse to regularly.

As she came within a few feet of the gate, however, the ground began to shake. It caused the ground to crack slightly, and Diana knew in her gut that this was NOT a tremor. She looked around for the cause as Hitler stumbled about clumsily. Picking the undead Nazi up, she found a stone slab and tied him to it with the Lasso of Truth.

“Hey!” Hitler yelled. “What do you think you’re doing?! I’m completely helpless here!”

Diana shrugged with a smirk. “You’re dead, what do you care, remember?”

Adolf was about to snap back, but soon found himself shrieking like a child as a giant monster burst out from the ground. It looked like a gigantic black spider with its eight legs replaced with at least a dozen massive, slime-covered tentacles, huge red butterfly wings attached to its back. It let out a loud, shaky shriek that sent chills all across Diana’s bones.

“Oh, it WOULD have tentacles,” Diana observed as the beast hovered off the ground. “And somewhere right now, Supergirl is giggling at me, I’m sure.”

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this brief preview of Infinite DC – Wonder Woman, and with any luck, I should be done in time for the end of November. Ja né!

Earth-2 #6, World’s Finest #6, and Detective Comics #14 (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Yeah, decided to do all three comics I bought today at once. Otherwise, it just feels like I’m whoring these out for more views…which, don’t get me wrong, I can at times be something of an attention whore, but even I have my standards. So anyway, let’s start off with the book I couldn’t seem to put down every break at work today, Earth-2 #6.

One issue I always have with the covers for Earth-2, Hawkgirl‘s weapons. SHE DOES NOT USE A PISTOL IN THE COMICS.

I am continuously baffled by the fact that A) This remains the best comic I read the first week of every month, and B) That the person who wrote this also wrote Cry For Justice (or as I like to call it, Gay For Vengeance), James Robinson. I guess it just goes to show that anyone, ANYONE, can create pure crap sometimes. But yeah, this one concludes the battle with Grundy, which really, the only problem I have with that is that it ended rather quick. Just three issues. Then again, maybe that’s just the perspective of someone who actually really likes Scott Snyder‘s habit of doing LOOOOONG story arcs. Also, I gotta admit, the way that Alan Scott defeats him is REALLY clever: He flies him into orbit and hurls him to the moon where The Grey can’t reach him, and because they invested so much in Grundy, that screws their whole plans.

If I had one legit complaint about this comic, it’s that after the battle, GL tells Flash and Hawkgirl that when the real threat they’ve all been warned about appears, he doesn’t need them. Kinda seems at odds with the character. The only thing I can figure is that this first victory has made him overconfident, which I suppose is perfectly natural, or it’s a smokescreen to hide that he doesn’t want to risk anyone else’s lives. Either way, suppose it’s a minor hiccup, and I’m still very much intrigued to see what happens next.

Sadly, the cover’s somewhat lackluster…kinda like the fight. :\

Next up, World’s Finest #6…Okay, here’s a problem I’ve had with World’s Finest. It’s not that I don’t like this comic, I really do, but if I had to isolate my issues with the comic, it pretty much centres around Power Girl. And no, it’s not the costume, I’ve already given my 2 cents on that matter. MY problem is that she’s constantly mentally undressing men, dressing all sexy to get their attention and use their talents to try and find a way home, and despite her wearing a less revealing costume, it’s CONSTANTLY being ripped to shreds. There’s sexy and she knows it, and then there’s THIS kind of thing.

Fortunately, this issue doesn’t focus on her all that much, instead focusing mostly on a confrontation between Huntress and Robin. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat underwhelming, considering. I do like the point where Damian notes that Huntress’ style resembles an odd cross of his father’s and Catwoman‘s and you can feel the gears in his head start to turn as he’s starting to figure out just who she is. Of course, I had to facepalm hard at the end when it appears that Huntress is going to tell him everything, leaving me to wonder “If you’re just going to tell him everything now, why the secret to begin with?” Anyway, it was okay, but I’ve seen better out of this series and I’m hoping they go in a better direction soon.

…Lucky bastard…T_T

And finally, Detective Comics #14, wherein one of the villains/supporting characters in this arc is Poison Ivy…and I’m just going to say this right now, you know how a lot of guys that watched Batman: The Animated Series had major crushes on Harley Quinn? Well, I kind of had my eye on a different villainess then, and I gotta admit, every time Poison Ivy shows up in something Batman related, even that stupid-ass Batman & Robin movie (Bat Credit Cards, anyone?), my interest increases. A LOT. XD

Anyway, this issue picks up after an assassin tries to kill Bruce Wayne. Although he’s perfectly capable of defending himself while still making himself seem weak and lucky, Penguin takes out the assassin for the good publicity. Naturally, Bats isn’t all that happy with that, but soon finds he actually needs to return the favour in a sense when he discovers that Poison Ivy, who recently was booted off the Birds of Prey after threatening to kill them all, is going to attack a paper mill partly owned by Cobblepot, thus endangering lives, including her own.

Naturally, Ivy tries to use her mind control kiss to make Batman do her wishes, but he has long since prepared a defence against that. However, it seems that Penguin has set them both up and kidnaps Ivy. What follows is a REALLY bizarre twist as Clayface arrives later to demand that Batman tell him where Ivy is, and what he’s done with his wife…HUH? We see in a back-up story afterwards that shows that Ivy did in fact break into Arkham to break Clayface out, saying they were going to get hitched, but…HUH?

Seriously, WTF?

Anyway, Detective Comics has proven to be much improved the past couple of issues, and a lot better than what Batman: The Dark Knight has provided, but it can still be better. Also, I have a slight issue with the story, but it’s actually not a problem contained within this one issue of this one series, so I’ll save it for another time. World’s Finest, I really wish they would write Power Girl a little less like an object. And finally, Earth-2 proves to be one of the best comics going right now. The team needs to form and form soon, but otherwise it’s just a TON of fun. And next week promises to be a ton of fun too, as next week I look at Batman, Batgirl, and Batman & Robin #14. And NO, I will NOT be picking up Suicide Squad, I am not quite THAT desperate to pick up as many Death of the Family tie-ins as possible. Ja né!