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Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Favourite Champion-Level Digimon + Thoughts On Digimon Fusion Thus Far

Before I begin, I thought I’d share my early thoughts on Digimon Fusion, as I didn’t get much of a chance to watch it in the original Japanese. I can sum up my thoughts thus far in two words: It’s good. Not great, not bad, good. And frankly, that’s all I really ask for. It does not need to be amazing. If it’s a good season, then I will enjoy it. And there is a lot to enjoy here. It’s a fresh new take on a lot of the concepts for Digimon, and the dub has a lot of classic voice actors back for another go. Yeah, there’s stuff like bad jokes that I’m sure were added for the dub, and a few name changes, but that’s been here since the beginning, and it’s not the worst I’ve seen out of this series by far. There is one thing about the show that kind of irritates me, though, and it’s actually ironic when you consider the top for this and the past two Favourite 5’s, but Digivolution levels are all but completely ignored, as we see the group take on a heard of Mammothmon in the first episode. And I know it’s not the first time they’ve done something like this, but guess what? It bothered me then too, so don’t think that earlier seasons are getting any kind of special treatment. Otherwise, though, no major complaints.

So, with that outta the way, let’s take a look at my 5 Favourite Champion-Level Digimon. And considering the pattern I’ve gone on with the last two, I think you can tell who is first up…

Agumon Shinka!Greymon!

This was actually a really hard choice, as I like Greymon and GeoGreymon a LOT. Heck, I even kinda like the new one in Fusion. But, while I believe GeoGreymon is the most powerful Champion-level of the Greymon family…Yeah, I gotta give the nod to Greymon. He’s just got the more ageless design of the bunch. Plus, tell me you don’t immediately hear Brave Heart in your head when you look at this guy. lol Anyway, Greymon’s finishing blow is a giant fireball he wheezes out of his mouth called the Nova Blast.

Veemon Shinka!Veedramon!

Seriously, WHY??? Why not the Veedramon line for the show instead of ExVeemon and its evolutions? Did you just want to keep it different from the manga? ‘Cuz I got news for ya: Different is not inherently better, not everybody read the manga, and the ones that did spent most of the time watching Veemon’s evolutions and going “Why isn’t Veedramon here?!” Anyway, Veedramon is a hell of a hard-hitter, able to stand up against Ultimate-level Digimon at times, and finishes opponents off with the V-Nova Blast, which is a large blue flame in the form of a V-shaped arrow.

Salamon Shinka!Gatomon!

Okay, I want every single woman reading this that watched this show back in the day to be honest with yourselves: You wanted a Gatomon as a kid. XD And I don’t blame you! She’s so cute and adorable, but she’s a Champion-level, so she can hold her own against Greymon. So, opponents best not take her lightly. Best case scenario, she’ll knock you out with her Lightning Paw. Worst case scenario, she’ll brainwash you with Cat’s Eye Hypnotism.

Gotsumon Shinka!Monochromon!

I remember being a kid and wishing Monochromon were a Chosen Child’s Digimon. So, of all the ups and downs of Adventure 02, I at least got to see just that, as a little girl in Mexico was teamed with a Gostumon who Digivolved into Monochromon…Speaking of which, now that they’re going back and retelling the old series in RPG format, they need to do a game for Adventure 02 where you create a character that was involved in the battles near the end when the Digimon kept coming through to our world. That’d be AWESOME… … … …Oh yeah, and Monochromon’s finisher is the Volcanic Strike, a series of fireballs that blast targets to bits, and that’s if they’re lucky when they get hit.

Gabumon Shinka!Garurumon!

Like with Greymon, I wanted both this and Gaogamon on the list, but when I think of which one I’d rather ride into battle, it’s Garurumon, hands down (Man, I’m nerding out a LOT in this article, lol). He’s just a lot swifter and ferocious-looking, not to mention that when he fights in the water, he’s essentially a torpedo. Its final attack is the Howling Blaster, where Garurumon breathes out blue flames, which, for anyone that doesn’t know this, burns MUCH hotter than red flames. How much more? Red flames will burn your body. Blue flames will outright melt or incinerate it. Get the idea? Good. Moral of the story: DO NOT FUCK WITH GARURUMON.

Anyway, that’s it for this Favourite 5. Next time, the D.N.A. reaches Full Charge as we Digivolve into Ultimate! Ja né!