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MAJOR Smash Bros News!

…Just when you thought there was no one else that could surprise you by being in Super Smash Bros, LOOK AT WHO JUST GOT IN!

Now, let’s get a couple of points outta the way. Yes, Cloud has made appearances on Nintendo games before, in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts re:coded, and (and I swear I’m not misspelling or making up this title) Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and its sequel, Curtain Call. No, we have not, at this time, learned if Cloud is the winner of the Smash Ballot or if that character is yet to be announced. We also don’t have a release date for Cloud in the game, but I don’t think we’ll have to wait long…not that SOME of us will wait. ūüėõ

As for the rest of the Smash Bros related news, we know that there will be a special Smash Bros-focused edition of Nintendo Direct next month. Now, unless the next character to be revealed is Master Chief (which I sadly cannot see ever happening), chances are there’s more to this broadcast than just a single character being announced. However, if Cloud isn’t the winner of the Smash Ballot, it’s likely this is where that winner will be announced, and when the release date for Cloud and the Chocobo Mii Fighter gear¬†will be made clear.

But yeah, that’s all for Smash Bros right now…at least until Maximilian returns from his quest for the Cloud release date. lol Lemme know what you guys think of this, if you think Cloud is the winner of the Smash Ballot, and what the news next month will be. Ja n√©!

Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Games I’d Love To See Makers For

So, as anyone who follows me on Facebook and/or Twitter can gather, I have a copy of Super Mario Maker. And, suffice to say, I LOVE THIS FREAKING GAME! XD However, as I know for a fact people have already realized (because I’ve seen videos akin to this article that I am currently writing), there will most likely be copycats. In other words, expect there to be Maker games for other series. However, in this case, I say “By all means!”. The only thing I ask is that these aren’t just pushed outta people’s asses, and have the same level of care put into them as Super Mario Maker. Otherwise, what’s the point? But yeah, as long as this is likely going to be a thing that’ll happen, here’re some games I’d love to see makers for.

#1 - Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man

#1 РSonic the Hedgehog Maker and Mega Man Maker

Probably the most “DUH” worthy titles, hence why I’m putting them together. Why “DUH”? Well, because they’re both platformers, like Mario, but have their own unique flavours to them as well, and have highly dedicated fan bases. But, I think the biggest reason is a simple fact that is all too clear to said fan bases: No one at Capcom or Sega either care to or know how to make a good Mega Man or Sonic game anymore. That’s a fact that’s become blatantly clear over the past few years. And if we can’t count on them, then this is the logical conclusion, unless they want more indy titles like Mighty no.9 and Freedom Planet to steal their spotlight. And hey, Mega Man actually DID do a level creator once for a PSP title that worked out decently, so they’ve already got a system for it that they can tweak.

#2 - Pokémon

#2 РPokémon Maker

No, not making individual Pok√©mon, just making¬†Pok√©mon games. That might be going a tad bit too far. But yeah, being able to make¬†your own region with your own Trainers, Gyms, Elite 4, caves to explore, cities to visit, etc. I’d also include a means by which to have your maps and battles be shown in either the original Red and Blue graphics or in the new-school X & Y 3D graphics. Of course, like the standard Pok√©mon game only having a single save file, you should only be able to make the one Pok√©mon game.

#3 - The Legend of Zelda Maker

#3 – The Legend of Zelda Maker

Much like Mega Man and Sonic, this is another “DUH!”¬†title, but for different reasons. Specifically, though, since Nintendo has now done a Mario Maker, Zelda would be the next logical choice. Obviously, this would have to be the top-down¬†games, but I would advise making options to do them in the style of the original Legend of Zelda game, A Link To The Past, the Oracle games, Minish Cap, and A Link Between Worlds.

#4 - Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy

#4 – Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy

Yes, I know, RPG Maker. As someone who has used them, I can tell you that, as cool as they are, having an official game that’s more user friendly and available to more people in an official capacity would be great, and really, either one of these titles would be great. Maybe even both as a package deal. Hell, maybe even include sprites for other Square-Enix games¬†like Chrono Trigger, Legend of Dragoon, or Kingdom Hearts¬†for fans of those games, as a sort of Square-Enix RPG all-stars type deal.

#5 - Metroid

#5 – Metroid

Again, now that we’ve done a Maker game for Mario, let’s get the other major Nintendo titles Maker games.¬†And really, who wouldn’t salivate at the idea of making their own Metroid stages and games? Especially because it would take us back to the days where Samus rarely said a word and mostly just kicked who knows how many billion types of ass? lol I’m thinking the styles present could be the original NES version, the Game Boy version, SNES version, and the GBA version.

Anyway, those are my picks for future Maker games. Got one that’s not on here? Leave it in the comments, and we’ll see what the future has in store for us all. Ja n√©!

Jyger’s Favourite 5 – My Favourite SNES RPGs

It’s no secret, I love me some role playing games, be they Action RPGs or turn based RPGs. And to be perfectly honest, a lot of my favourites can be found on the little tyke that never stops coming, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. So in my first written edition of Jyger’s Favourite 5, I’m gonna look at 5 of my Favourite RPGs for the SNES.

#1 – Super Mario RPG

Ahh, my first turn based RPG. I would say it’s my first RPG, but because classification of Zelda games as to whether or not they can be considered Action RPGs is kinda tricky, I’m just not gonna go there. Anyway, a lot of people would argue that Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is the best introductions to RPGs for newbies, but I’m gonna argue that this is the better choice. The reason being is that a lot of people know and love Mario and having him be your guide into this new world really works to get you interested. At least that’s how it worked for me. It got so popular that people demanded a re-release or a sequel or something for a LONG time, finally getting their wish on the Wii Virtual Console…*sighs* Unlike my second RPG…

#2 – Earthbound

I’m sorry for going into a rant here, but there are days I want to strangle Nintendo for the simple fact that not only is this game not out on Virtual Console, but there is no real reason given despite the MASSIVE fanbase that keeps bombarding them with questions about it. Sure, speculation has been made, theories given, but nothing official. And we get it, okay? You took a gamble with Earthbound and due to a combination of bad timing and risky marketing decisions sales in North America kinda bombed, but the audience is here now and it would be good business. Seriously, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch either the Happy Video Game Nerd’s or 16-Bit Gems’ looks at Earthbound, though I personally suggest both. The whole story regarding this game and what exactly went wrong is told there.

#3 – Lufia 2

This is another game that was covered by 16-Bit Gems, and thank God for that. Lufia 2 is a game that was just¬†out-shined¬†by the shit-load of Square and Enix RPGs at the time. It was a wonderful combination of a lot of the things that made games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest work, while also adding some Zelda inspired dungeon crawling and puzzle solving, and even a monster training portion that could potentially be considered a precursor to¬†Pok√©mon. Seriously, it’s not the greatest RPG for the system, but it is worth checking out. Sadly, it’s also not on Virtual Console, though there was an Action RPG version of it……which is a rant for another day. -_-

#4 – Seiken Densetsu 3

This is a game I didn’t discover until MUCH later, for very a obvious reason: It never came out over here! Luckily, a group online did a translation of it that is available to anyone looking for it, though because it’s the morally questionable route, I can’t actually say where it is. Just trust me, a simple Google search will likely uncover it. Anyway, Seiken Densetsu 3, or Secret of Mana 2, is a really awesome Action RPG with plenty of replayability due to being able to choose which of the six protagonists you play as and which become your two travelling companions later on. A must play.

#5 – Final Fantasy IV

A huge cast with their own unique characteristics, a plot with twists and turns that will constantly keep you on your toes, and a musical score that no Final Fantasy game should be without, Final Fantasy IV (and yes, I call it IV even though it was called II on the SNES, and we’re just not going to get into that right now!!!) is a really great game for anyone that enjoys those things. Of course it also has decent gameplay that people that loved the classic Final Fantasy games will dig. And on top of all of that, it gave us a meme that resulted in the naming of one of the greatest internet reviewers of all time.

The Spoony One

So yeah, that’s my list of favourite RPGs for Super Nintendo…and I can already tell someone’s gonna ask why Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger isn’t on there, and I will get to that topic at some point. Until then, feel free to discuss. Ja ne!

Speculations on The Spoony Experiment

I’ve been doing a lot of speculation regarding the current storyline taking place on The Spoony Experiment, although as of recent eps, I think it might be safe to refer to it as The Sephiroth Experiment, but I’ll get to that. But yeah, these are a few speculations on plot points that have occurred and how it’s all tying together, and possibly where it’s all leading. Also, this will obviously have spoilers for people who haven’t been watching for a while, to which I only grant a single chance to turn back.

Read a book people, I’m the goddamn SPOILERS!!!

…Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s start off with a big one. Oh, and please remember that I could be WAY off with any of these. It’s just speculation.

Burton is working for Sephiroth

This one should be obvious. At the end of part two of the Final Fantasy X-2 review, Sephiroth appears by Burton, and we see in the Skullduggery review that he’s gone missing. He mysteriously returns at the beginning of part three of the FFX-2 review, but it’s clear that his programming has been altered. Also, we see that upon seeing Spoony, something called the Geostigma¬†Protocol¬†has been engaged. I’m not entirely sure if this means that Spoony has Geostigma or that it’s simply a codename to link it to Sephiroth, but either way it’s proof that Burton has been¬†reprogrammed¬†to work for Sephiroth, and if that one doesn’t sell you on that theory, this one should.

What Spoony is seeing isn’t real

For anybody that saw the ending of the Game Over review, you know what I’m talking about. If not, I will explain: At the end of the review, Spoony comments on the lameness of the plot and how the villain sends the protagonist into a virtual world to remain until he goes crazy. As soon as he mentions this, he sees the ankh, the symbol of the Avatar, and we are treated to some Grade A nightmare fuel. In case it was moving to fast for you to catch the whole thing, allow me to slow it down for you.

This seems to suggest that Burton has placed Spoony in some type of virtual reality that is subjecting him to instances that are driving him further into his insanity and rage, and once he started to realise it, was shocked back into his virtual prison and set back on course. But what’s the purpose of doing this? Why subject him to all of this? Well, that leads into the next point…

Sephiroth is using Spoony to drop Meteor on the Planet

Okay, for those of you that don’t know Sephiroth’s backstory, I suggest that you go read up on it. A great summary can be found here:

If you don’t want to read about it, I will state the one thing about his story and his goal that most matters here: In Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth planned to drop Meteor on The Planet, thus damaging it to such a degree that the Lifestream would have to emerge to heal the damage, at which point he would situate himself in the¬†centre¬†of the impact zone and merge with it completely, thus becoming a god. This seems to suggest that in the TGWTG universe (that Spoony’s show still takes place in, despite being fired), there is a Lifestream running through our world as well. However, rather than use Black Materia to call upon Meteor, Sephiroth seems to have utilized a different method: I believe he is actually using Spoony’s anger as a power source to drag Meteor towards the world. And because Spoony is currently residing in his virtual prison, he is completely unaware of what’s really going on…although it seems that someone has tried to warn him.

The Guardian and Sephiroth are NOT working together

Okay, I don’t want people to think that I’m suggesting the Guardian is a good guy hear. He very obviously desires to destroy and have people bow to his feet. However, I’m fairly certain that his goals conflict with Sephiroth’s. What makes me say that? Well, after rewatching the ending to the Ultima 9 review and the little Mass Effect 3 spoof that’s done there, the red and green endings seem to suggest that Spoony would cause the destruction of the world. As I pointed out before, Sephiroth’s character is not that of someone who just wants to destroy the world, and Noah Antwiler knows that better than anyone. Instead, I’m pretty sure that the Guardian is instead out to destroy and conquer and also to screw over Sephiroth’s plans.

So all of that put together, I’m pretty sure I can come to the following conclusions for what’s to come…

Spoony is going to review Final Fantasy XIII

This is what this current storyline is leading up to, no doubt. Noah has gone on record as saying that Final Fantasy XIII is, in his opinion, the worst Final Fantasy game ever (with possible exception being FFXIV, but let’s face it, EVERYONE hated that one lol). Plus, there’s the simple fact that Sephiroth gave him the case for the game, Burton was shown holding it at the end of the Game Over review, and it was inside the Armageddon spellbook when the Guardian gave it to Spoony. It clearly plays a role in Sephiroth’s plans, and as I alluded to before, they seem to be to bring Meteor down and merge with the Lifestream, thus becoming a god. Only by realising what’s been happening to him and breaking free can Spoony hope to stop him.

The three endings the Guardian shows won’t end up happening

Okay, I’m pretty sure the colour coded endings parodying Mass Effect 3 was just a joke, but even if it isn’t, I doubt very much any of them will be what actually ends up happening. I just feel that Noah is a bit smarter than to actually do that, or at least if he were to he would have some kinda follow up to it that doesn’t make it the end. Rather, his statement at the end of the Ultima 9 review and the look of determination in his eyes seem to suggest that he will find the fourth way out of this, stop Sephiroth, and save the world.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Again, I could be VERY wrong in a lot of my speculation here, but it is just speculation, so don’t rip me to shreds if things don’t play out like I said. Ja ne!