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Where’s The Fair Use? #WTFU

… … …Just show the video.

So, as you may or may not know, because I don’t know how long some of the people who read my blog nowadays have been doing so for a long time, I used to be an internet reviewer on YouTube. I wasn’t very good, and I’ll be the first to admit that, but having been one for a short time, and also having made videos on YouTube in general, I know what everyone in this video is going through. In fact, part of the reason I don’t make videos on YouTube anymore (aside from lacking any kind of movie maker outside of YouTube’s own pathetic one) is because I’ve been taken to the point where I’m scared to death to post anything on there anymore, partly because I don’t want my channel and all the videos I’ve favourited taken away to where I have to start over completely, and partly because I never want to have to sit through that stupid fucking video from the Happy Tree Friends ever again, which is so bad that it actually ended up on an episode of Animated Atrocities!

In fact, because I’m SO scared of that happening, most times, when I see a copyright claim on one of my videos, I just delete it. I don’t even WANT to go through the stupid processes that YouTube makes me go through anymore. It’s why you’ll see a lot of older articles on my blog that used to have videos present that don’t anymore…Well, that and the videos once being on Blip, which no longer exists.

Still, I think we should probably remember that it’s not entirely Hollywood or various companies and corporations that are at fault here. One of the biggest contributors to this rising issue is the simple fact that YouTube isn’t monitored by a human being. And if you want proof of that, here’s one of the more hilarious stories I’ve heard recently regarding copyright claims.

If we’re to believe this story, and trust me, I do, that means we can never be 100% sure who is making these claims from one to the next: An actual human being from an actual company, or YouTube’s automated processes. I’m almost certain that it’s the latter in this case, by the way, because as bad as things have been over at the WWE, I sincerely doubt that they’re so desperate as to claim ownership and monetization from something like this. But even if it’s the latter, there still may be no way to dispute it. How do you dispute something with a robot who believes there’s nothing wrong with what it’s doing?

Still, there is one good thing about this: With things growing to this point, where now everyone is talking, sharing stories, and just overall laying out how utterly broken the system is, MAYBE we’ll see some improvement. Until then, lemme know what you all think of this, if you have any similar stories, and let’s just make it clear that this has gone on long enough. Ja né, and where’s the fair use?

Where are the old reviews?

Well, it happened. YouTube sent a second strike my way, meaning that my channel is now one strike away from being taken down. As a result, in order to protect my channel from being taken away, I have now removed every last one of my videos that had any kind of copyrighted content whatsoever, including all of my reviews that were on the site.

Luckily though, I still have them saved to my external hard-drive and was planning to eventually release them all onto Blip anyway. Until then though, any and all links to the old reviews and several of my other more well known videos like the Goseiger Zords To The MMPR Theme and Ghiraham is F***ing Creepy  are officially GONE. Thank you so-called believers in fair use.