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Digimon Adventure DM Chapter 3 Preview

So, I thought since my Digimon fic is making progress that I’d post an early preview of Chapter 3. Enjoy!


WOULD YOU TWO KNOCK IT OFF?!” the two heard a rather terrifying voice boom out, looking to the edge of the roof to see Neilina standing there with a vein in her forehead threatening to turn into a bolt of lightning, Lopmon perched nervously on her shoulders. “Seriously, you’re both lucky your little fight is in an abandoned part of town!”
The two boys quickly parted, turning away from each other in a huff as Neilina sighed in exasperation. “Look, we’ve got enough to worry about without fighting with each other. I suggest the two of you stop bickering like children and focus more of that energy on fighting Digimon crossing into our world.”
“Sorry, but I do things my own way,” Yuji commented. “Besides, you want kids who will do what you tell them? There’s plenty more of us around town.”
Satoshi’s eyes widened a bit in shock. “There are?”
“What, did you think you were the first kid she gave a Digivice to?” Yuji scoffed. “Sorry to burst your bubble, ‘Goggle Boy’, but you’re really not that special. Neilina’s been recruiting for, what, at least a few months? Gotta be about a half a dozen of us by now.”
Satoshi’s jaw dropped for a second, but he quickly recomposed himself. “If that’s true, then we need to get everyone together to take down the Digimon coming over!”
“They’re not ready,” Neilina interjected, looking away. “Some of them don’t want to fight, and others are…doing other things right now.”
“…’Doing other things’?” Satoshi inquired, confused.
Yuji shrugged, walking away. “Gotta say, Neilina, you’re not very good at this whole child-soldier-recruitment thing…”
Lopmon practically stared a hole through Yuji at this comment. “Neilina is NOT recruiting child soldiers!”
“It’s an army of children!” Yuji retorted as he stopped walking, a small crackle of energy running through his Digivice. “That’s pretty much the exact definition of child soldiers!”
“You make it sound like they don’t have a choice, though!” Neilina argued, the screen of her Digivice DM going to static for a moment.
“Oh, please!” Yuji growled, looking suddenly furious. “You handed v-pets out willy nilly, never once telling the people you were giving them to what they were getting into! Then, AFTER they’re already linked to a Digimon, you give a little speech about how they need to help, and like puppets on strings, they do as they’re told!”
“I AM NOT A PUPPET!” Satoshi shouted, not noticing a small spark leave his Digivice.
“Uhh, guys?!” Gabumon tried to speak up. “I don’t think you know this, but something weird’s going on with-“
“And another thing, at least I’m TRYING to help out instead of just running around being a jerk!” Satoshi ranted.
“Yeah, ‘cuz that’s ALL I do!” Yuji roared, getting face-to-face with Satoshi again. “I don’t try to help people, I don’t stop Digimon that pass between worlds, I just run around giving wedgies all day!”
“Both of you, time out!” Neilina yelled, slapping hands on both of them.
BUTT OUT!” Satoshi and Yuji shouted, just as all three Digivices suddenly released a mass of energy that knocked the kids to the ground.
Satoshi groaned, grabbing his head as he sat up. Looking up in the air, he watched in horror as the sky itself suddenly had a small tear ripped into it, releasing gusts of wind that pushed at the three kids and their Digimon. Within moments, not one but three figures began to emerge from it, all looking to be small, stout, ogre-like Digimon of varying colours.
“…Okay, THAT one’s on us,” Neilina muttered with a gulp.


And that’s all for now. Lemme know what you think in the comments, click the logo below to read what I’ve got so far, and also let me know if there are any other Digimon you’d like to see in future chapters. Ja né!

Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Favourite Rookie-Level Digimon

Y’know what I’ve researched a lot lately, considering how long it’s been since I last did so? Digimon. lol Welcome back, I am looking at my 5 Favourite Rookie-Level Digimon. Same rules apply as last time, plus I should add that redesigns are counted along with the Digimon posted. So, if Agumon appears on this list, I mean both the original, the 2006 redesign, and the one from Re:Digitize…So, speaking of whom…lol

#1 – Agumon

Basically Digimon’s answer to Pikachu, Agumon is the mascot for Digimon. What was smart, however, is that he wasn’t over-exposed in the anime. He actually spent quite some time off of it before coming back for Data Squad with a fresh new look and attitude. He’s also frequently been one of the first Partner Digimon in a lot of the games, as he’s able to Digivolve into a wide array of Digimon, though obviously, the most notable of these is the Greymon family line. His finisher is a giant fireball he spits out of his mouth called Pepper Breath.

#2 – Gomamon

Who didn’t love this guy, honestly? Gomamon may not have the most useful of attacks, his trademark one being the ability to call his Marching Fishes to attack foes or ferry people across the ocean, but he’s got a never-say-die attitude that’ll cause him to throw himself at enemies with everything he’s got. Plus, he’s got an optimism and sense of humour that just makes him a ton of fun to have around.

#3 – Guilmon

I can actually do a pretty good Guilmon impression, just throwing it out there. lol Originally designed to be an improvement of Agumon in every way, though I’m not so sure if he ever really got there. Despite being a Virus-type Digimon, he’s actually a very kind and peaceful Digimon, protecting his friends with his Hazard Claw attack, and his finishing manoeuvre, the Pyro Sphere.

#4 – Biyomon

Biyomon pretty much IS the bird Digimon archetype. She (or he, in some versions) can Digivolve into most of the popular and powerful birds out there. But, on her own, she’s pretty tough and supportive of her friends, protecting the weak and innocent with her Spiral Twister technique, which shoots a spinning green flame at foes foolish enough to become oppressive in her presence.

#5 – Gaomon

I’m sorry, Gabumon! I wanted you on the list, but Gaomon JUST edged you out, so I guess Gabumon can be considered #6. On his own, he’s a skilled boxer, taking down opponents with his Gao Rush, Rolling Upper, and Double Backhand attacks. In addition, he can Digivolve into many beast Digimon, including the Gaogamon and Garurumon family lines. He’s also extremely loyal to his friends and allies, and even if they sometimes annoy him, he will not hesitate to give a black eye to anyone who threatens them.

So, those are my favourite Rookies, and next time, we will be Digivolving into Champions. Ja né!