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Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Favourite Damian Moments

Yeah, as you might imagine, I’m feeling just a little nostalgic for some of my favourite Damian Wayne moments, what with him dying horribly in the newest issue of Batman Incorporated. Now, I understand why a lot of people dislike the guy. Hell, I did for a long time. However, there have been some really great moments of his, be they either F Yeah moments of awesometasticness, or just plain ROFL moments. So, to help people get over the loss of Damian, and to help his detractors better understand why I liked him, these are my 5 Favourite Damian Moments.


I think this was the moment that pretty much solidified beyond any doubt why Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin were awesome. I forget exactly why they were crashing the wedding. I mean, I know there were thugs and crooks and whatnot there, but I forget the exact situation. But regardless, Dick and Damian crash the wedding, and as Damian points out during the ensuing fight, they both had a line upon crashing the doors down. I will admit though that Dick’s is funnier and maybe adds a little insight on certain lingering issues of his regarding weddings.

#2 – Damian and Stephanie in the Magic Bounce

This one was more a matter of “Which one would people kill me most for leaving out”. I didn’t wanna go the cheap way and say “Every Time Damian And Stephanie Were On The Same Panel At The Same Time”. Likewise, if I did all my favourite Damian and Stephanie moments, this whole list would be just them. So I had to pick one, and for me, this is the best one. It pretty much summarises their chemistry as an unlikely duo in that one page. Sadly, it kinda makes me wanna shake my fist at DC, as one of these characters is banned from use by writers, and one is now dead…What the frak.

#3 – Damian pwns Jason Todd

So Damian has just beaten Jason Todd in a fight (albeit with some shenanigans involved), and what does he do? He rides off on Jason’s motorcycle with the Red Hood helmet mounted on the front. This is Damian being a very blatant dick, but considering he’s doing it to Jason Todd, it’s admittedly kind of funny. Though this once again raises some questions regarding Damian, like “How the hell can he drive a motorcycle?”.

#4 – Damian Proves How Much He Cares

This one’s kind of different, because it’s more heart-warming than anything. In the first issue of Batman & Robin of the New 52, Bruce tells Damian about their family and about the deaths of Damian’s grandparents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Now at first, he doesn’t seem to care much, but then in later issues he’s seen searching through the sewers for something. And what does he eventually reveal to his father? One of the pearls on Martha Wayne’s necklace from the night she’d been shot. This was Damian proving to Bruce that he DOES care about more than just himself, and we see these two genuinely bonding as a result…although this kind of pales in comparison to the last of my favourite Damian moments.

#5 – Pretty Much All Of Batman & Robin Annual #1

If you’ve read my look at this comic, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re lazy and don’t wanna read it, here’s a basic summary: Damian sends Bruce and Alfred on a scavenger hunt around the world that allows Bruce a chance to retrace his parents’ trips across the world while Damian patrols as Batman. There’s funny moments, heart-warming moments, and lots of Damian being a badass. Also, looking back on it, I’m glad we got to see Damian done the cowl once.

So yeah, I hope that this has helped people in the wake of Damian’s death, and let’s hope that someone (Tomasi, Snyder, etc) can convince Morrison to let them bring him back so we can see more awesome moments like these. Ja né!

What I Bought Today – Batman & Robin Annual #1 (WARNING – SPOILERS)

Yep, that’s right, I’m once again taking a look at…

What I Bought Today

Thought I’d give this particular comic by Peter J. Tomasi a look all on its own. Here is Batman & Robin Annual #1.

…Technically, we see something close to this happening, so no nitpicking from me over the cover.

First off, I’m gonna go ahead and answer the immediate question raised by the cover: Why is Damian wearing Batman 666’s costume? It’s especially odd since, in Batman Incorporated, we’ve established that Batman 666 isn’t Damian, but rather his clone The Heretic. So why does he wear that costume in this comic? I………….don’t know. 😛 I have no clue, folks. I know he’s supposed to be Batman, but why this costume, I have no idea. Either there’s a lack of communication between Tomasi and Grant Morrison, or it’s supposed to be an irony type thing that’s just over my head. I suppose either one is equally possible, considering.

The book opens up with Batman kicking the snot outta some guy in an armoured suit that spews flames, who turns out to be a major pussy and starts crying and begging that Batman not tell his Dad about this. We then cut to-Oh hai Alfred! You’re looking quite lively today! This tells me that either Alfred does in fact survive the ordeals of Death of the Family, or this story takes place before his kidnapping. Either way, he’s one of the best parts of this comic, with the dialogue between him and Bruce being HILARIOUS. And there’s plenty of these two together, since it seems that Damian’s in London and has set his father up on a scavenger hunt of sorts to reconnect with his family roots, something that Damian has recently been learning the importance of. But it turns out to be a trick of sorts, as while he does have this plan set up, he also has never truly left Gotham and is using this time while Bruce and Alfred are away to patrol solo as Batman, though I personally prefer to refer to him as Batman Jr. in this costume, named after one half of the Super-Sons.

Meanwhile, a member of the GCPD by the name of Detective Pierce is feeling pissy because people keep referring to her as part of the “Bat Backup Brigade”. Batman Jr. doesn’t exactly help matters by pulling a double yoink on some evidence taken from a crime scene. Seems something chewed through the gas lines so that gasoline could be syphoned away with ease. As Bruce and Alfred continue on their scavenger hunt, Damian sending them clues while appearing on a green screen to make them think he’s overseas, Batman Jr. heads out the next night in the Batmobile…and it’s at this point I gotta ask a question that has bugged me for some time regarding Damian: How the fuck can he drive?! Now, I don’t mean how does he know how to drive, I can buy that. What I mean is, how the fuck is he physically able to drive? He’s kinda small. Unless he’s pulling a Short Round from Temple of Doom where he’s got boxes stacked on the pedals, this doesn’t seem physically possible.

Anyway, Batman Jr. delivers a purse snatcher to Commissioner Gordon, who is able to tell from his voice that it’s Robin (he’s kinda obscured by the light of the Bat Signal, otherwise it’d be a bit more obvious), but this backs up my theory that there’s not much communication between Tomasi and Morrison since in Batman Incorporated #7, we see that Damian is able to imitate his father’s voice perfectly to trick the Batcave’s voice recognition security. Whatever, small nitpicking aside, we see more of Bruce going on his scavenger hunt as it becomes clear he’s revisiting some of the locations travelled to that would have sentimental value to them and, by extension, to him. It really is touching to consider how much time and effort Damian had to put in to make all this work.

The next night, Batman Jr. saves some people from a burning building and finds the fanged culprit responsible for biting into the gas lines, as well as his partner. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s pansy man from earlier’s daddy, who also has a giant fire spewing robot. Luckily, he turns out to be as big a pushover as his kid, and Batman Jr. brings him down. The next day, Damian meets his father, who tells him he’s well aware that Damian was patrolling solo and using green screen, but he’s not angry. Rather, he’s proud of his son for what he did for him, and has learned at last that he can trust him. I like this, it kind of reminds me of a situation that came up with Tim a few years ago.

This comic is awesomely entertaining. If I HAD to nitpick one other thing besides what I mentioned, it’s that this again is very clearly a Damian story that is also starring Bruce Wayne, not a story starring Batman and Robin equally. I’m hoping it’s something they work on, otherwise the title becomes too misleading. Otherwise, the story is great, artwork is great, and it had a number of ROFL moments for me while reading, so yeah, definitely a recommended comic, especially for those who aren’t too keen on Damian and want to see the better parts of his personality shine through.

Anyhow, next week we return to Earth-2 to see the début of Dr. Fate, we watch Batman fight the League of Smiles in Detective Comics, and because I’m honestly curious as to what the hell they’re gonna do with this, we’re gonna take a look at Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1…Why do I get the feeling this is gonna be one of those hard to forget comics that are either really good or REALLY bad? Ja né!