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Early Preview of Next DCIU Fanfic: Teen Titans Infinite

When there’s trouble, do you know who to call? Yep, once Justice League Infinite is finished (which recently had its fourth chapter uploaded), I plan to do a fan fic for Teen Titans set in the DC Infinite Universe that I created. Each member of the Titans will also function as sidekicks/partners to the members of the Justice League, much like how the original team was, and will also be getting training from the League, kind of like in the Young Justice cartoon. So, who are the members? Let’s take a look.

Mia, AKA Supergirl

As I’ve already mentioned, Supergirl’s design was created by Magnacide from DeviantArt. As such, I’ve decided to get permission to use designs from Deviant Artists for two more, which I’ll get to in a bit. Regarding Supergirl, though, she is roughly based on Cir-El, but with more than a few differences to both simplify her back-story and make her different in this universe. Specifically, her name is just Mia, and the terms by which she became a Human/Kryptonian hybrid will be explained soon enough. Her power levels are more akin to Superboy’s, as she’s clearly a level below Superman, but still incredibly powerful and a quick learner with her powers.

Garfield Logan, AKA Beast Boy

Garfield Logan, AKA Beast Boy

Garfield’s back-story will be slightly adjusted in that, instead of being found by the Doom Patrol, he was found by Poison Ivy on her travels. This is both so that he can act as a positive influence on her mission that always seems to be at odds with governments that fear and hate her, but also to make a sort of flora/fauna green team. lol Anyway, his design is based on his current appearance in Teen Titans, as drawn by Kenneth Rocafort, although I’m contemplating whether or not to give him the monkey tail he has in Young Justice. I dunno, lemme know if I should do that or not in the comments. As for his personality, he’s a bit less jokey than, say, his more well-known animated counterparts can be, and instead just a very warm, optimistic, caring individual, who has a knack for knowing people’s favourite animals and helping them cheer up when they’re down. Also, HEAVILY considering having him be a romantic interest for a certain little bird to be mentioned later, because I think that’d be ADORABLE.

Kyle Rayner, AKA Blue Lantern

I decided to go with a teenaged Blue Lantern version of Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern’s sidekick. Also, as you can see, his design is also done by a Deviant Artist, this time Jarein. And much like Jarein, my reasoning is simple for why a Blue Lantern: Similar powers as Green Lantern, only not to the same degree, and possessing plenty of side benefits that could assist him. With Kyle, of course, he’s the more artistic and technically sound of the team, able to overcome his power limitations on his own through more creative uses of his constructs.

Bart Garrick, AKA Kid Flash

Bart Garrick, AKA Kid Flash

Roughly based on the Bart Allen version of Kid Flash, with just a touch of Wally West for flavour, Bartholomew Wallace Garrick is Jesse Garrick’s little brother, having taken up the mantle of Kid Flash without her permission when she became The Flash. Jokey, impulsive, and a bit of a show off, he’s nonetheless a good person, and isn’t willing to sit idly by while injustice is being performed. As for his costume, I decided to go with the pre-Flashpoint Kid Flash costume he wore, though I may add red tinted see-through lenses to his mask, like the yellow ones he had as Impulse.

Carrie Kelley, AKA Robin


In this universe, Robin is Carrie Kelley, though she carries over several traits from the Ame-Comi universe in that she’s also Jim Gordon’s niece. Once again, I sought out permission from a Deviant Artist for this design, this time Bobkitty23, who gave her a look that combines the Ame-Comi uniform with Dick Grayson’s look in the Young Justice cartoon, which, despite the lack of green, I REALLY like. Plus, y’know, she’s got pants now, so there’s that. lol Anyway, this version of Carrie is a bit more openly resentful of her neglectful, apathetic stoner parents, and while she still talks in slang from time to time, it’s a bit more updated. She also possesses the trademark telescopic staff used by Tim Drake (and later Dick Grayson in several different animated shows), as well as the Stephanie Brown mix-and-matchable Batarangs.

Jackson Hyde, AKA Aqualad

Jackson Hyde, AKA Aqualad

Jackson Hyde in this story is already aware of his true heritage, that of being Black Manta’s estranged son, and while he was initially Aquaman’s partner, he’s recently been studying various mystical arts under Doctor Fate. He’s usually level-headed and confident, able to keep his cool even under the most dire of circumstances, but possesses a terrible grudge against Ocean Master and Circe for the murder of Aquaman. As usual, he wields the Water Bearers, which allow him to focus his hydrokinesis into various forms and weapons, and can channel electricity through his fingers like an eel. For his design, I pretty much just went with the version from the comics, but with the twist that his top has a more orange shade to it, and his leggings have a more teal shade, basically to make him look more like Aquaman.

Donna Troy, AKA Wonder Girl


Finally, for Wonder Girl, I decided to create my own design, which you can imagine in your head through the step-by-step guide above. And hey, if anyone wants to take a stab at sketching it, they’re more than welcome to do so. lol Donna will still have a sisterly, almost motherly vibe to her, but at the same time, she’s interested in the outside world away from Themyscira in a way that’s a bit different from Diana, as is reflected in her costume. She’s proud to be Diana’s sister, but, at the same time, wants to create an image for herself outside of just being Wonder Woman’s mirror duplicate as a teenager.

Anyway, that’s it for the sneak peek of Teen Titans. Be sure to check it out when it comes out, and comment below on what you think of the team. Ja né!

Will & Hope – An Upcoming One-Shot Fanfic (WORK IN PROGRESS)

So in addition to my current fanfic, Tales of the Caped Crusader, I’ve decided to do a one-shot called Will & Hope. As you’ve likely guessed, it’s about a Green Lantern and a Blue Lantern teaming up to take on a foe on Earth. It’ll probably be a little on the lengthy side for a one-shot, but that’s only because I’ll be putting so much into a single chapter. Also, while it will exist in the same continuity as Tales of the Caped Crusader, it doesn’t necessarily take place directly after. Anyway, here’s the cast I have planned for now, but remember this is a work-in-progress, and can change plenty by the time it’s ready to be typed up…

The Blue Lantern in this fic is actually Wally West, AKA The Flash. If you’ve read How Would I Rebuild The DC Universe From Scratch, you should already know the story here. Basically, the Blue Lantern Corps don’t really exist yet, but Ganthet did create a few Blue Power Rings and sent them to various sectors to locate those with great hope in their hearts. Well, one came to Earth, but on its way to find someone with great hope, it was struck by lightning, which sent it crashing into Wally and the chemicals in his CSI lab. Thus, he’s granted his powers as The Flash, but he also gains several of the abilities of a Blue Lantern. Plus, his overall speed is determined by the amount of hope in his heart.

The Green Lantern is John Stewart. At this point, John is still relatively new to being a Green Lantern, having first been chosen as Hal Jordan‘s back-up. However, when a war against both the Sinestro Corps and the Red Lantern Corps calls the attention of nearly every Green Lantern, John is now the sole Green Lantern in Sector 2814. As such, he’s under a lot of pressure, and as a former US Marine, he’s used to working with a squad of professionals…Yeah, you can see where this is going. lol

Bleez would be the main antagonist. Her overall back-story would be mostly the same, except that she was only tortured and perhaps used for labour, not that she was raped. It’s my general opinion that rape in stories should be reserved for situations where NOTHING else fits into the story in place of it. In other words, there really was no need for her to be raped to justify her turn to murderous rage. Also, she would have two wings from the beginning, both bony, and her intelligence is intact from the start, as opposed to Atrocitus restoring it later on.

Anyway, that’s all I wanna tell for now. Lemme know what you think in the comment section below, and hopefully it won’t take me too long to get it out. Ja né!