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What I Bought This Past Week – Nightwing Annual #1, Superman Unchained #4, The Movement #6 (WARNING – SPOILERS)

So, been to Heroes’ Beacon a couple of times in the past week or so, and got some comics, so I’m taking a break out of writing Infinite DC – Wonder Woman for National Novel Writing Month so we can take a look at…

What I Bought This Past Week

First off all, before anyone asks, NO, I did NOT buy the Zero Year tie-in issues of Green Arrow and the like. Why? Well, because there’s only maybe one or two of the non-Bat Family titles involved that interest me with their stories, and the Bat-Family titles involved…I thought we’d already established their back-stories, how they connect to Batman, and so on during their #0 issues. And frankly, at this point, I’m more than a little sick of massive crossover events involving books unnecessarily. I get that it’s done to get more readers on certain books, but for those that already are, it’s interrupting the stories they had going at the time, and for the ones that don’t, you’re not giving enough reason for them to start reading. Hate to break it to ya, DC, but I do not care what Jason Todd was doing during the blackout that The Riddler caused, AT ALL. The only ones I’m SLIGHTLY tempted to buy are the Action Comics tie-in (it’s Superman vs. a giant storm, leave me alone), Detective Comics (James Gordon taking on a gang working for the Black Mask), and Green Lantern Corps (John Stewart is one of those characters I like, but don’t know TOO much about their back-story before becoming a superhero). Either way though, someone has to tell the major comic book industries that the massive crossover events have to be used sparingly, and that tie-ins to other stories have to do more to entice readers, and there just has to be more of an effort placed into them. Want an example of a good tie-in book to another story? Let’s look at Nightwing Annual #1.

Although really, I kinda wanna call it Nightwing and Batgirl #1

This is actually a tie-in to Batgirl Wanted, a storyline that I’m actually skipping. However, since Kyle Higgins doesn’t delve TOO much into the part of the story that makes my brain hurt the worst (namely Commissioner Gordon being written like a dumbass), instead focusing on telling a good Nightwing/Batgirl story that just happens to take place during this tough time in Babs’ life, it works. We also get a villain that I feel isn’t highlighted very much as the main antagonist: Firefly, complete with a new person behind the mask with a new back-story that…well, isn’t as good, and comes at the direct expense of the old one, but is still decent, and comes complete with a new, badass-looking costume. We also get a touching, at times tragic look at Dick and Barbara’s history and how it always seems to be wrong place, wrong time with them, but how they always will care deeply for each other and have the other’s back when they need it most. It’s a good read, especially for Dick/Babs shippers who want a dose of ‘the feels’.

The Movement #6 was pretty good, and I feel makes up for a problem we had last time with Tremor. It turns out that she told Katharsis that she wanted to quit because it was becoming clear that the group wasn’t doing enough to help people, particularly poor Burden, and after Vengeance Moth and Virtue break up the fight between the two, Virtue actually orders the two to go have, as Tremor calls it later, ‘Dessert Diplomacy’, while she deals with Burden, doing what she can with her powers to alleviate him of his inner fears. But he’s not the only one afraid, as it turns out that Tremor is scared, too. She’s scared for Katharsis’ soul and how stained it’s gotten, and it turns out that so is Katharsis sometimes, so they call a truce and make up. A good issue to develop the characters a bit, which is something I feel this series needs more of. After all, if DC and Gail Simone want people to buy this book, then obviously, step one HAS to be to get them to care deeply for these characters…Oh yeah, and Mouse got the shit kicked outta him, which’ll lead into the next major story arc as the team tries to take on The Graveyard Faction.

Look out! He has a paper doll, and he’s not afraid to use it!

Superman Unchained #4, THANK GOD IT MIGHT NOT ONLY BE A 9-PART SERIES! I’m sorry, I know I keep harping on this, but Goddamn it, this is the best frigging Superman story going right now, if for no other reason than it actually FEELS like a Superman story. The characters are as they should be: Superman does what he can to stop the bad guys, but will alter plans to keep as many people safe as possible, even at risk to himself. Lois Lane is smart and quick on her feet, able to survive the worst scenarios thrown at her using her own natural abilities and without the need of any powers, abilities, or a mask (yes, I will be ranting about THAT soon). Jimmy Olsen is Superman’s pal who, despite being a little annoying, I actually feel some connection to in this series. And Lex Luthor is…well, Lex Luthor. He’s the evil genius that’s at least a step or two ahead of everyone else, and is just that perfect blend of insane and brilliant. Add in Wraith, who is the government fail-safe against Superman that still wishes to help him, and Ascension, the high-tech criminals out to bring the world to its knees (and for the most part seems to be succeeding), and this is a hell of a story. But like I said, it MIGHT not be a 9-part series. I’ve been hearing conflicting reports, but from what I can piece together, Jim Lee is only in for 9 issues, and Scott Snyder is currently playing it by ear how long he wants to stick around for. If he decides 9 is enough, then they’ll probably either assign someone else to it, or cancel it. So, what does the future hold for this book? I don’t know, but for now, I’m hoping Snyder sticks with it, because this is the Superman book we’ve needed since the New 52 started. Still, if it doesn’t, at least something AWESOME came out for Supes for his 75th Anniversary.

Anyway, that’s it for what I bought this and last Wednesday. Check in next time in a couple of weeks for more comics. In the meantime, I gotta get back to writing Infinite DC – Wonder Woman, as well as blogging on a couple of other issues that have come up for me recently. Ja né!

The New Batwing’s Secret Identity Is…!

So for a few months now, fans have been trying to guess at the identity of the new Batwing. For those unaware, the past few issues have been sort of about the fall of the current Batwing, David Zavimbe, which will conclude this Wednesday as a new Batwing will take over. This new Batwing will look like THIS…

The New Batwing

But who is the individual behind the steel cowl? Well, word as of late has been that it’s someone very close to the Bat Family, meaning this won’t be a completely new face. So, given that this is the Batman of Africa, close associate to Batman, and given what we already know about this transition, the true identity of the new Batwing could only be…


…Yeah, okay, you saw that coming a mile away. Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone.

So who is the new Batwing? Well, there’s been a lot of speculation, from Timothy Fox to Jean-Paul Valley. One site seems to suggest it’s Stephanie Brown, which would amount to the greatest trolling on Earth and would actually make sense considering her history, but I somehow I don’t really think so, if for no other reason than I doubt very much that suit was made to fit her dimensions.

Me personally? My money’s on Tony Stark. After seeing Marvel event comics regularly be just about the good guys fighting each other, he decided to switch teams to DC and join Batman Incorporated, where they actually fight villains…and then to find out that the Trinity War event comic coming up apparently features members of the Justice League and the JLA fighting each other, so…yeah, kind of a wasted effort.

Admit it, he does kinda look like Iron Man in that suit.

So, what are your thoughts? Post them below, and we shall see if we find out Batwing’s true identity in a couple of days. Ja né!

…It better be Tony Stark. lol

What I Bought Today – Nightwing #16, Batgirl #17, and Batman & Robin #17 (WARNING – SPOILERS)

Yep, time for even more of…

What I Bought Today

So, let’s not waste any time and kick off with the book I ordered from last month, Nightwing #16.

So yeah, while Batman escapes Death of the Family with none of the members of his family dying, Nightwing can’t exactly make the same claim as it relates to the folk at Haly’s Circus. To put it bluntly…

So yeah, Haly’s Circus was blown up, all the circus performers were infected with Joker Toxin and probably died, I think the only person close to Dick who’s not a Bat Family member who didn’t die is Sonia Branch. So basically, Nightwing has had to watch as everything he’s been working toward in the past 16 issues went up in a flash. Where the hell does he go from here? I have no idea, and I can’t wait until next week to find out, but I still got two more comics to talk about.

Batgirl…This felt weird for me. Not just because Gail Simone is tagging out for Ray Fawkes for the next two months, but because Ed Benes is tagging out as penciller for Daniel Sampere. Good news is we don’t have the artist from the Valentine’s Day special here, and while it feels odd having a completely different writing and drawing team for this issue, Ray Fawkes is still pretty good. This issue shows Barbara healing from the events of Death of the Family, trying to bring down Joker’s accomplices as well as track down her psychotic brother, James Gordon Jr.  She also comes face to face with a villain named Firebug, who is apparently a pre-existing supervillain whose identity has been taken up by three different people over the years. Hopefully we get some goodness outta this guy.

Batman & Robin was frigging bizarre. Reason being, it’s all about Bruce, Damian, and Alfred going through horrific nightmares in the wake of Death of the Family. I will note some confusion regarding this issue as it was originally slated to have something to do with the 300th Anniversary of Gotham City. My guess is that was the original idea for this issue, but it was scrapped in favour of this. Not really sure what happened there, but this does result in some seriously frakked up imagery. Damian has nightmares of his Wayne and al Ghul sides arguing it out, Alfred dreams of blowing the Joker’s head off with a shotgun, and Batman dreams of making a little kid boat with his parents that his rogues gallery tries to take out. I could analyse this stuff way more in-depth, but really, I look at this and I feel sad since all the signs are pointing to this being one of if not the last time we see Damian in Batman & Robin.

Well, that’s all for this week. Next week, after I get my filling at the dentist’s office (my first cavity at age 27, I think I’m doing pretty good ^_^), we check out how Dick is trying to recover from the events of Death of the Family and get our first look at the new big team on the block, the Justice League of America…So where the hell is my Justice League of Canada? I’ve already got three members picked out: Let’s Player ProtonJon, Internet Reviewer Phelous, and WWE Hall Of Famer Edge. 😀 Ja né!