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Tales of Dumbassery – Apocalypse Never

Yeah, December 21st was a doozy, eh?

Obsessed With Armageddon

Some people that really irritate me are people that are more focused with if/when/how the world is going to end than solving their immediate problems and issues. Yeah, we all heard the insane ramblings of how the world was supposed to end earlier this year. And I’ve also heard the angry shouts of those who believed in it and were left betrayed, some more so than others. But I think the most damning thing about all this is that I know that the next time a man like him to comes along, they will all fall for it all over again.

Well, I have a unique perspective on the situation: I think the people that look to the end of the world might just be the type of people that want the immediate solution to their own personal problems, the ones that don’t wanna deal with their lives. If that is the case, I have the following advice: GET OVER YOURSELVES. All of us have got problems. You want your life to change for the better? Do it yourself. NOTHING happens until you take action, PERIOD. Sure, it might not always work out, but it worked a heck of a lot better than sitting around and waiting for the sky to fall, didn’t it? Heh, as if it would, anyway-

Okay, that does not count!…Which reminds me, I really need to finish the Zelda Chronology…