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What I’m Playing: Pokken

Robin Writing

3You guys, it’s so cute. No you don’t understand! Weavile is the best!

I never thought I would like Weavile. In the Pokemon games, you can’t catch Sneasel until you’re at the Elite Four’s friggin doorstep. And its moveset leaves a lot to be desired. (No physical ice moves? But its special attack sucks?)

But then I played Pokken. I chose Weavile as my partner because I tend to go for the speedy types and it looked fun in a gameplay video I saw. I figured I would end up switching out for Charizard or–

Nope. Eff that noise. Weavile is my guy.

So real quick I have a confession to make. I suck at fighting games. I haven’t played one since Soul Caliber II. Which I sucked at. But you know, I’ve been dreaming about a Pokemon battle game since I was a wee eight-year-old. There’s no way I’m…

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