The Adventures of Superman – The Sound of One Hand Clapping (Review)

“You’re nothing. You’re a goofy idea that only a child would think is cool. I’ve only known you a few minutes and I can already see that the only certain thing about you is the uncertainties. You’re just another nobody in a silly costume, killing innocent people to hog an imaginary spotlight. There is no audience watching you, Joker. No one but you, and you’re clearly already bored. Any writer could write you, any actor play you, all they need to do is make up their own version and people will applaud. But no one will ever actually applaud YOU.”

…Man, Joker’s been punched in the face so many times by Batman that he’s probably got his permanent fist-mark in his cheek, but THAT must’ve left a mark! XD

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This March sees the release of Batman vs. Superman. To celebrate, we’ll be looking at some iconic and modern Batman and Superman stories over the course of the month.

Max Landis has a relatively unique path to writing for Superman.

Landis is one of the most striking young writers to emerge from Hollywood in quite some time, making a strong impression through his collaboration with Josh Trank in the low-budget found-footage superhero film Chronicle. Landis has diversified somewhat since that original screenplay; a filmography that includes films like Mr. Right, American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein suggests that Landis’ interests lie more in unconventional pairings than in the superhero genre itself.

The Joker's gags really bombed... The Joker’s gags really bombed…

Nevertheless, Landis is a writer who does seem fascinated with the mechanics and underlying logic of superhero storytelling. A year before the release of Chronicle, Landis put together a short film…

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