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DC Rebirth – Action Comics And Detective Comics Returning To Their Old Numbering

… … …Kinda. lol

Okay, here’s what’s happening: While every other book in DC’s line-up will be getting brand new #1’s as part of the big DC Rebirth event, Action Comics and Detective Comics will not. Instead, their previous numberings from before the New 52 (Action Comics was at 904 and Detective Comics was at 881) will have the books from the New 52 and onward line-up added to them, meaning we’ll see Action Comics #957 and Detective Comics #954 in June…which is kinda cheating, but whatever. They’re still technically the 957th and 954th issues of said books, not counting #0’s and Annuals…I think. lol

I should also note that these two comics will be among the books getting two issues per month…which may or may not screw with plans I had, but whatever. The point is, if we assume they’ll both be shipping 24 issues per year, then that means they’ll both hit #1000 in a mere TWO YEARS. That is kinda fucking insane, and probably a big part of why they went back to the old numbering. As far as I know, we’ve never seen a legitimate #1000 in comics EVER, so this will be a big history-making moment. And if Scott Snyder really IS going to Detective Comics, I can’t wait to see what the frickety frackity hell he’s got planned for #1000. XD

As for the other books in the line-up, here’s a link to the rest. I’ll be giving my overall thoughts on it soon enough, but for now, you can check it out. I should note, though, that at least two books have been announced to be released post-Rebirth that are not shown in the line-up, so if you don’t see your favourite comics on this list, or ones you were hoping to see, don’t worry just yet. For now, though, lemme know what you think of all this, and we’ll see how things develop. Ja né!














…Also, I wanna know right now which one of you mother fuckers keeps buying the Red Hood books to the point where RHATO is getting relaunched. lol j/k

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If You Focus On The “Super” Then You Will Never Understand The “Man”

“You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.”

Those two sentences sum up why I chose All-Star Superman for The Greatest Moment in Comics. Two simple sentences that not only define what makes Superman a great character but what makes me understand him on so many levels. It is a scene in a book that is filled with great Superman moments, in a series already full of those. It is a scene that is quiet and subdued in an issue of a comic that is equal parts dialogue and equal parts action. It is a moment that helps you remember that though he is “Superman”, it really is the “Man” aspect of the character and not the “Super” that makes him incredible. His endless compassion and love for humanity is what makes him great…

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