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Mew Giveaway!

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I am giving away one Mew from the EB Games/Gamestop Pokémon 20th anniversary event. The Mew is level 100, has the synchronize ability, and only has the move “pound”. The code is only redeemable in X/Y/OR/AS.

In order to enter, you must simply like this post, comment on it (so we have your email if you win) and follow our WordPress blog! This contest is NA only. Should you win, you will receive the code via email or Twitter DM.  The giveaway ends Monday at 11:59 PM.

And that’s basically it! Let us know if you would like us to do more giveaways as well!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Batman and Catwoman – Wrecking Ball by Madilyn Bailey

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! And, in honour of that, let’s look back to the days when a bat and a cat as a couple was the most romantic thing EVER. ❤