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Batman 49 review


BM-Cv49-ds-8d00dFor the last 9 months Jim Gordon has acted as Batman while an amnesic Bruce Wayne is living a normal life. It’s been a great story, with a fun alternate take on the Batman mythos and a lot of personal themes going on behind the story. Mr. Bloom is a very threatening villain and he just seems to get more and more dangerous with each issue. In the last entry, everything went from bad to worse, and it seems that Jim was killed in the chaos. Bruce came to a realization at the end of the issue – the realization that Gotham City needs the real Batman. This review will contain spoilers, but the ending isn’t much of a surprise once you start reading this comic anyway.

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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo Officially Leaving Batman

I hope the rumours are true about them eventually teaming back up on Detective Comics.



The rumors have been swirling, and now it seems to have come true.  We knew that artist Greg Capullo would be taking at least a hiatus from Batman, which is not surprising since he has been the sole artist for going on fifty issues.  It has now been made official by Newsrama that they both are going to be moving to greener pastures.

The team will finish out on issue #51, which closes right after the finale to the most recent storyline that comes with an extra sized issue #50.  The run has been extensive, going since the New 52 relaunch began in 2011.  This has brought Snyder and Capullo through the Court of Owls, Night of Owls, Death of the Family, Zero Year, Endgame, and now the recent run of Jim Gordon as Batman.  Synder has additionally acted as a leader in Batman Eternal and Batman & Robin Eternal…

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