Why Are All DC Superhero Intros The Exact Same Now?

Has anyone else noticed how Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl all have pretty much the same opening sequence for their shows? If you don’t know what I mean, allow me to demonstrate. Here’s the opening for Arrow…

…and now The Flash…

…and now Supergirl.

…Yeah, they’re all pretty much the exact same intro. Why is that? And furthermore, whatever happened to shows having opening credits sequences? You know, like this…

Now, I get why one would be like this. It’s pretty different, and therefore would stand out. But when ALL THREE are like that? And Supergirl isn’t even being shown on the same channel as the other two, although we are apparently getting a team-up with her and Flash…which could result in some AWESOME team-ups and crossovers down the line, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m just saying, why can’t Supergirl’s opening credits look more like THIS…

Or Flash look more like THIS…

Or Supposed-To-Be-Green-Arrow-But-Is-Really-Batman-To-The-Point-Of-Reusing-His-Villains like THIS…

I dunno, maybe I’m just outta touch. What do you guys think? Is it better the way it is now, or am I onto something? Lemme know in the comments, and we’ll see what the consensus is. Ja né!


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  1. Because that’s how DC Comics have intro’d every issue of their comics for a few years now. “Barry Allen was doused with a bottle of chemicals and hit by lightning making him the fastest man alive. He is THE FLASH”. It harkens back to the “every issue is someone’s first” idea of comics as you try to build an audience. And, it worked for 6 seasons of The Adventures of Superman.

  2. Good point! 🙂 Still, I wish Legends of Tomorrow’s intro didn’t solely focus on Rip Hunter, takes a bit of the “team” feel out of the show.

  3. Since Signal Watch hit the nail on the head about why the intros are like that… I’ll tackle why there aren’t ‘credit sequences’ anymore… and it’s money related. The shorter the intro sequence, means extra seconds go to advertisers. Hell it’s why most shows don’t get closing credits, they get them flashed across the bottom of the scene.

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