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What I learnt reading ONLY Batman for 31 days



In January 2016, I put myself in self enforced exile in Gotham.

31 days of sodden alleyways, low level hoods, inept criminals and bloodshed. I was dragged back to Crime Alley innumerable times and forced to look at Bruce’s grumpy lower face; again and again and again. Batman’s been a part of my life since watching the 60’s series as a child, but I’ve never really asked myself why I’m as fascinated with him as I am. So I decided to dig deeper, by reading LOTS of Batman. Imaginatively I called it #Batmanuary

This is what I learnt:


Batman is always late, and always seconds away from death

Universally: Batman is late, every criminal was there a millisecond ago, they are always in the back of the frame … getting one up on him and he’s always on the back foot. I get it, there needs to be suspense and…

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Happy Birthday Bill Finger

WOW, he would’ve been 102 today. o.O


Bill FingerToday would have marked the birthday of American comic book writer Milton ‘Bill’ Finger, best known as the (belatedly acknowledged) co-creator of the Batman. Bill was born in Denver, Colorado in 1914, his family moved to New York where Bill attended the De-Witt Clinton high school in the Bronx, where he graduated with honours in 1933. He met fellow Batman creator Bob Kane (also a De-Witt graduate) at a party, who later offered him a job as writer for newspaper comic strips Clip Carson and Rusty.

After the significant success of National Comics’ (now known as DC) Superman character in 1938, Bob Kane conceived a new character ‘The Batman’, Bob Kane’s original sketches of the character were shown to Bill who recalled that he looked very much like Superman, red tights, a domino mask and two very stiff looking wings. It was Bill who suggested that the domino mask be…

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