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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – Big Game Spot

… … … … …

… … … … …Holy shit, they’re really doing Dimension X for this movie. o.O I mean, I kinda gathered they might be from the last trailer, but it never really hit me, and that’s because none of the other Ninja Turtles movies have EVER done Dimension X. It always seemed like it was just too outside the realm of possibility to do, and they’re doing it. And, I’ll be honest,¬†I’m actually a little more hyped for this movie than the first one, mainly because they seem to be openly embracing the insanity of it all and are doing something none of the other movies have done up until now. So…yeah, if I have the money, I might just go check this out.

…Also, Krang totally needs to try and steal the Statue of Liberty. XD

NXT Champion Suffers Ankle Injury at Live Event; Status to be Updated Monday

Hopefully he recovers soon. ūüė¶


NXT held a live event Friday night in Nashville, TN.  At that event, it appeared that NXT Champion Finn Balor suffered an injury to his leg or ankle.  Today, WWE.com issued a short note to confirm that the NXT Champ is indeed injured and will at least miss tonight’s live event in Indianapolis, IN.

Dr. Chris Amann, WWE’s physician, noted that Balor suffered an ankle injury that will keep him sidelined for at least one event.  He noted that Balor will undergo further testing and evaluation on Monday.  Balor, in the meantime, is at least in good spirits.  He took to Twitter and asked why everyone was so serious, as shown below.  Here’s wishing the NXT Champ a speedy recovery.

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Batgirl: Family Business

The HQ.Remixed!

The Batgirl of Gotham‚Äôs trendy burg Burnside is causing all sorts of calamity in ‚ÄúVolume 2‚ÄĚ of her best-selling series.


The Bat-Family has been in some dire straights of late. After the recent climax to the long-brewing ‚ÄúEndgame‚ÄĚ storyline in the¬†Batman¬†monthly¬†that finally saw the end to Dark Knight‚Äôs epic confrontation with his arch nemesis the Joker, it appeared that Batman had fallen, and although Bruce Wayne has emerged with no memory of his time as Gotham City‚Äôs sworn protector,¬†the task of maintaining order has been duly accepted by members of Batman‚Äôs extended family.

51Fi5lxcGBL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgBatgirl Volume 2: Family Business is available now.

Among those caped and cowled is none other than Batgirl¬†aka¬†Barbara Gordon who has moved to one of the city‚Äôs more up-and-coming boroughs Burnside and streamlined her adventurous ways though keeping he faith as is evidenced in¬†Batgirl¬†Volume 2: ‚ÄúFamily Business‚Ä̬†by the creative team of¬†Cameron‚Ķ

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