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Am I Going To Boycott Marvel Comics?

…So, the CEO of Marvel may have ticked off a few people. If you don’t know what’s going on, here’s the short version, as best as I can shorten anyway: Isaac Perlmutter, the chief executive officer of Marvel Entertainment, recently made a $1,000,000.00 donation to a foundation that supports American war veterans. Now, that might not seem like it’d be all that problematic…until you learn the exact foundation in question: The Donald J. Trump Foundation for Veterans, an organization run by a racist, bigoted douchebag trying to garner support for his quest to become President of the United States, and who currently has petitions being organized against him to deny him entry into various countries. In fact, as I understand it, there are some vets who have openly stated that they do not WANT Trump’s money, and given how foundations like this usually work, it’s uncertain if war veterans will ever actually see a penny of the money raised, and thus you have to ask if this donation on Perlmutter’s part was actually to support them, or Trump.

In the wake of this, a number of people have suggested the idea of outright boycotting Marvel, and some may already have. Now, I’m not gonna try and tell people what they should or should not do. If they wanna boycott Marvel, that’s their choice, and frankly, there’re a lot worse reasons to do it over. However, I think these people are sort of neglecting something: The decisions of the CEO of a company do not speak for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who works for said company. In fact, one thing I can’t seem to get confirmation on is if this is his own money he’s donating, or Marvel’s money, which would make a difference, because if it’s his, then the only person this involves is him. If it’s Marvel’s, however, then yes, he would’ve had to have gotten permission from Marvel’s board of directors, which reflects a bit more on the company. But even then, like I said, it doesn’t reflect on EVERYONE in the company. Don’t believe me? Here is the exact reaction of the first person I thought of when I heard this news, transcribed from her Twitter account: G. Willow Wilson.

“So I was actually at dinner in Burbank with some Marvel folks when someone texted us news abt Perlmutter’s donation to Trump’s fundraiser. I sat there in stunned silence for a solid minute. I do have thoughts–many thoughts–but the people who have mentored and sheltered me at Marvel deserve to hear them first.”

Since then, Wilson has gone onto her Tumblr account, gwillowwilson.com, and stated that “The irony that Ms Marvel was launched on Perlmutter’s watch–while Donald Trump would like to prevent Muslims from even entering the United States–was not lost on the mainstream media, nor on me”, but that “frustratingly–boycotting books you love will not take a single dime out of Perlmutter’s pocket, much less out of Trump’s. It will, however, kill the books”. Furthermore, she stated “I am going to continue to work on Ms Marvel, for the following reason: I have never, in my entire career, seen a character and a story light people up the way this has, and I need to see it through a little longer. (Unless of course I get fired for talking about this shit, in which case, it was nice meeting you all.)”. There’s a bit more to what she said, and I highly recommend you read it all here.

So, where does that leave yours truly? Will I boycott Marvel? Well, the answer for right now is no. However, you can be sure that I’m not sticking around for Perlmutter. I am sticking around for the writers I like, for the books they write that I like, and for the characters, specifically one that has quickly become one of my all-time favourite heroes, Ms. Marvel. However, I’m gonna be keeping an eye on this situation as best as I can. And I’m just gonna say this: If I find out that G. Willow Wilson has been fired for going on her own personal forum and giving her honest opinion on this situation, then I’m going to walk. That is the line for me. I will say that this doesn’t affect whether I’m gonna go see the movies or not, since the Deadpool movie is being done by Fox, and as I understand it, Marvel Studios is kind of its own thing now. Don’t ask me to explain how that works. The point is that whether I go to see a movie with characters created by Marvel will depend on if I personally want to see it and I have the money, which I recently mentioned is gonna be a little tight for me in the future. Oh, and before you tell me terrible things that Fox and/or Marvel Studios have done in the past, lemme remind you all that if you boycott EVERYTHING with a bad past and run by people who have made questionably ethical decisions, you would never buy comics from any publisher, watch movies from any studio, buy products from any company, you probably wouldn’t even have or use a computer, and you might not ever be able to listen to your favourite songs the same way again. JUST SAYIN’. lol

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter. Lemme know what you think about all of this, and we’ll see how things develop from here. Ja né!

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