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Snyder Leaving Batman for Detective Comics

Yeah, as someone who recently had to cut the number of comics they get in half, I might just be right behind ya on that one.

Geeks And The 503

Batman-Greg-CapulloWe already knew that Greg Capullo was leaving the title at issue #50 to move on to creator owned project. According to Comic Book Resources, Batman is going to start a bi-monthly schedule where Detective Comics will stay a monthly title.

According to a report from Bleeding Cool, “Batman” will move to a bi-monthly schedule starting this summer. “Detective Comics,” however, will stick to a monthly schedule. It is unclear which issue of “Batman” will be Snyder’s last.

The report claims Snyder will have more freedom to work with the character in “Detective Comics,” which allows for more creative storytelling than the event-driven main title.

As someone who runs a razor thin budget, this means I’ll most likely be dropping the main Batman title, and go over to Detective which is monthly – plus still get Scott Snyder doing the writing. I just can’t afford an extra Batman…

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