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Deadpool (2016) Romance/Drama Movie Trailer

I-I didn’t make this. I just thought this was fucking brilliant and wanted to share it with the masses. Enjoy! XD

Batgirl #47 Preview

Okay, this isn’t a complaint, more-so just something that’s kinda bugging me: Why doesn’t Babs just TELL her dad the truth now? Not only is there little to nothing he can say about it, given the situation, but it would benefit both of them, as she’d have someone on the inside at GCPD and Powers, and HE’D have someone in the Bat Family who firmly recognizes him as an ally. I just don’t get why she can’t be honest with him, and the only reason I can think of is because Bruce is coming back and the status quo will be returning to normal, and having that revelation now would off-set that. Yay, status quo. -_-

*sighs* Whatever, tangent over. Here’s the preview for Batgirl #47.

  • Batgirl’s about to lose the greatest weapon in her arsenal…her mind is failing her! Is her ragtag group of allies enough to pick up the slack?


Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!

Yeah, this is kinda Momma’s Boyish of me…and I don’t really give a shit. ūüėõ So, I thought I’d go ahead and post that my mother turned 60 today. Apparently, she’s actually kinda happy about that, or at least not being 50-something anymore. Don’t get how that works, but whatever. And, because 60 is a big age, a time to reflect, I thought I’d go ahead and share the last photo thus far that our immediate family took together.

There we all are. Of course, that’s my mom in the centre of the front row, with my dad to her left, and my sister, Sandra, to her right. And, in the back row, going from right to left of the photo, are me, my eldest brother, Randy, and my other brother, Aaron. Don’t we all look happy and dignified? And then, five seconds after the picture was taken, I made a¬†comment about how, because of Randy’s¬†baldness and Aaron’s ever-growing¬†bald spot, that I’m the only Phillips brother left with a full head of hair, and then…well, everything just kinda fell apart. XD

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Please feel free to include birthday wishes for my mom, and…well, this is usually a Mother’s Day thing, but…well, it can apply here too, Hit it, Al!