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Can ‘Civil War II’ Redeem Marvel’s Most Controversial Crossover?

‘Civil War II’ will arrive this summer… and bring with it the baggage of Marvel’s most controversial crossover.

Source: Can ‘Civil War II’ Redeem Marvel’s Most Controversial Crossover?

Jessica Jones

I think I will too, someday.


Here’s another show I can add to the list of things I’m considering watching in the future. Even though I saw a trailer for it when I saw Mockingjay Part 2, what really caught my attention was when I noticed how people on the internet were making a big fuss over David Tennant as Kilgrave. I know people love talking about villains, but I don’t see this kind of reaction very often. People were going on and on about how utterly vile and depraved he is, how he’s one of the most terrifying villains in TV history, how he makes their skin crawl after just a few seconds worth of screen time.

So after hearing all of that, I decided to do a bit of research, and I quickly discovered that Kilgrave isn’t the only memorable part in Jessica Jones. Apparently this show has also gotten quite a bit of attention for the brutal…

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