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Nindies Wednesdays — They Will Be Here Before We Know It…

Can’t wait to check out Freedom Planet and Mighty No. 9! ūüôā

Jewelarchon Gaming

Our Nindies showcase this week will take a look at a few titles that are soon on the way to Wii U, as well as another Developer interview. For many fans there is an idea of game droughts that we have to contend with from time to time, but as of late, I truly believe that droughts are a matter of perception. There are plenty of games available to play on WIi U if you know where to look! The eShop is a great place to start.

It looks as if Freedom Planet will finally be getting its long-awaited release on Wii U tomorrow. The developer, Galaxy Trail, shared the wonderful news via Twitter. Freedom Planet, of course, is a game that has been featured in several Nindies@- events with Nintendo and Damon Baker, so it’s great to finally see that it will be available soon.

Finally Mighty No. 9

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