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The All-New All-Different Marvel Adventure with a Secret War in the Middle

Yeah, not exactly the best planning possible with how this is happening. lol Oh well, could be worse.

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Next week my friends, next week All-New All-Different (ANAD) Marvel begins and yes Secret Wars is still happening. Everyone and that person in the corner has made a Secret Wars joke with ANAD Marvel at this point so insert your own joke here. I’m torn about how much of this I’m really planning on checking out. The first week alone for ANAD Marvel is a packed house. Many new issues for people try with multitudes of characters involved. You have Avengers #0, Contest of Champions #1, Invincible Iron Man #1, Doctor Strange #1, All-New All-Different Marvel Point One #1, and Amazing Spider-Man #1 all hitting next week. All of these books were meant to hit after Secret Wars was over but you know things happen and now Secret Wars is hanging out in ANAD land. Add in some Star Wars books and a dash of What if? Infinity and you’re…

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3 Comics Every College Girl Should Read

The Campus Voice

I love comics, but having talked to some of my fellow comic movie loving college girls I noticed many weren’t sure what to read or where to start. Comics, as we’ve talked about before, can be really difficult to get into. There’s so much history! Luckily all is not lost and comics are slowly becoming more accessible to newer fans. You can buy comics in a traditional brick and mortar comic shop, digitally through publisher sites, digital stores like Comixology, or even through apps.

Here’s a list of three comic books that every college girl should give a try. They’re a mix of genres, and publishers, but all something I believe any college girl can learn to love and love to read.

Batgirl of Burnside written by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart with art by Babs Tarr

Before DC Comics rebooted their line comics Barbara Gordon had been paralyzed by the…

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Batman Annual 2015 review


BMANN-Cv4-ds-e76b6Earlier this year, Batman died while fighting the Joker in Batman: Endgame. The same formula that keeps the Owls alive resurrected Bruce, but left his mind completely blank. No memories, no fighting skills and no emotional connection to his older self. Since then he’s built a new life for himself, a normal, relatively happy life. So what happens when this new Bruce Wayne faces off against three of Batman’s classic villains? That’s exactly what happens in this year’s Batman Annual.

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